Suzuki Access 125 – Old vs New: List of 10 Differences & Changes

I remember the time when Suzuki launched the Access 125 for the first time. I was a cheerful teenager eager to get a ride of the new kid on the block. One thing which I liked the most back then was the refinement and the linear power delivery. That was almost a decade back (Access was introduced in 2007).

Come 2016 and we have the new-gen Access 125 which claims to gain several best in class features with which the brand hopes to catch a wider audience. Sales for the past few months have been modest and Suzuki has been struggling despite having wonderful products in its line-up. Hoping to change that Suzuki is aiming to make the Access 125 comprise of nearly 80 per cent of their total automatic scooter shares. So what are the changes in the new Access over the older one that Suzuki is betting on…

Suzuki Access Scooter Old vs New Pic

Access 125: Old vs New – List of 10+ Changes

  1. Easy-Start System: The new scoot gains a starter mechanism which Suzuki calls as Easy Start System. This button start mechanism will add convenience to your daily commute.
  2. Improved Torque: Though power remains the same 8.6 bhp at 7,000 rpm, torque has been increased to 10.2 Nm at 5000 rpm. Older Access churns out 9.8 Nm.
  3. Bigger Tyre: New Access also comes with a bigger 12 inch front wheel whereas the older one was shod with 90/90 profile 10 inch tyres.
  4. Disc Brakes: For the first time, Suzuki is also offering a front disc brake as an optional extra on the Access. The older Access comes with drum brakes.
  5. Dimensions: New Access has also grown in overall size. The wheelbase, at 1265 mm has also increased by 15 mm.
  6. Reduced Weight: The biggest change however is the reduction in weight. New Access has shed 10 kilos of extra flab and this should result in better performance and fuel effciency. The engine itself is 6 kg lighter as Suzuki told us.
  7. New Features: Lot of new features like front pocket, one touch central locking system, LCD tripmeter, odometer and mobile charging socket have been introduced.
  8. New Design: The overall design has changed and it looks retro-modern now. I believe this one should find a lot of new takers.
  9. New Colour: A new ‘Pearl Suzuki Deep Blue’ colour scheme has been introduced as the promotional colour
  10. SEP: Suzuki has also introduced SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) which allows a vehicle to be economical without compromising on fuel efficiency.
  11. Fuel Tank Capacity: Fuel tank size has reduced from 6 liters to 5.6 liters.
  12. Fuel Efficiency: We do not have the official claim on the rated fuel efficiency of the older Access. But it will definitely be lower than the 64 kmpl of the latest Access.

New vs Old: Access: Spec Sheet

New vs Old Suzuki Access Spec Comparo

Access: Old vs New: Price

The new Access has been priced at Rs 59,123 which makes it the costliest scooter in the lineup, over Swish. The older Access, which may continue to be on offer, costs Rs 56,948. Which means that you get the above features at an additional cost of about Rs 2000. All prices mentioned on-road in Delhi.

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