Stunt God Chris Pfeiffer’s Indian Debut

How many have seen this man in action? How many have their hearts in their mouths watching this invincible godfather of freestyle stunting perform? If you raised your hand, then we are sure you would not want to miss this piece of news. Chris Pfeiffer the BMW Stunt Rider is coming to India (yes……India)!

Energy drink giant Red Bull is sponsoring a weeklong tour across the country with Chris Pfeiffer performing in front of us, the deprived cadre of people. This man would be defying laws of physics in front of our eyes starting from 29th April till 5th of May in some enthralling, jaw dropping and riveting stunts ever seen in order to promote stunt riding among the growing biking enthusiasts.

Though we do not have the exact schedule with us currently but guys from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad might the lucky ones to see this wonder perform in front of them.

Who is Chris Pfeiffer? Since he was an adolescent he was addicted to bikes and machines and since then started a saga of success for this wonder prodigy. This 4 time World Stunt Riding Champion has been riding bikes since he was just 5 years old. In 1996 Chris became a professional rider and has been performing in various kinds of stunting events, championships and shows all over the world.

He has won innumerable championships and awards and even more accolades and love from people who witness him perform relentless stunts in front of them. Just to see a slight glimpse of what maniac this man is just google out his name in Images! The pics says it all!

– Saad Khan