Students, Now Install CNG Kits in Your 2-Wheelers & Get Extra Marks

Barely a few days back, Mahanagar Gas Limited (MGL), in collaboration with Lovato, launched authorised CNG kits for 2-wheelers which cost Rs 15,000 per fitment and come with a gas filling capacity of 1.2 kg. The claim is that scooters can run upto 90 kilometers in 1 kg of gas and hence provides a range of over 100 kms at a per kilometer running cost of approximately 60 paisa only.

Apart from the outright cost benefits, you also help in reducing pollution (since CNG is greener than gasoline). You can read more details in our earlier story.

Now, to promote usage of these kits, according to Mid Day, Maharashtra’s Education Minister Mr Vinod Tawde has announced that students (who are eligible to ride two-wheelers) will be awarded extra marks if they install these CNG kits on their scooters. He said

“The Education Department shall give extra marks to college students who replace regular scooters with those fitted with CNG tanks. It will be like an incentive for students who contribute towards the protection of environment,”

This move will surely attract parents of these students and a big chunk of them are expected to convert their petrol-only 2-wheelers to CNG-run vehicles for these extra marks. However, no details on how will the marks be calculated or awarded have been shared.

Further, Lovato which is one of the company authorised for these kits (by ARAI Pune), will open 40 centers across Mumbai where interested two-wheeler owners can install these CNG kits. According to the newspaper, there were over 10 lakh motorcycles and 5.5 lakh plus scooters in Mumbai in March 2016. Currently, these kits have been authorised for 18 scooter models and hence it has the potential to affect over 5 lakh two-wheelers – a fairly decent size which can help reduce pollution.

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