Harley Street 750 Waiting Period Increases Till September

The demand for Street 750 which was launched exactly a month ago in our markets is somewhat of an eye opener. Initially it was planned that Harley-Davidson India (HD) will deliver bikes  by June but owing to higher demand the customers have to wait for an additional 3 months as the deliveries have been pushed to September 2014, according to Financial Express.


The Street 750 has already attained a local content percentage of a good 60% making the bike cheaper and a pain in the you-know-what for the good, old Royal thumpers.

The Steet 750’s V-Twin engine components and parts of powertrain are still being imported, but the majority of other bits and pieces are being sourced locally in India. The bike currently retails at about INR 4.10 lakhs ex-showroom, Delhi, and you can have it on the road and riding home for less than INR 5.00 lakhs at almost all cities of India.


So, what clicked for the Hog here? The price; for one thing, and the sheer timing. A generation fed on cable TV and Hollywood was getting up and about and they had that more important green ones in satisfactory quantities. No surfeit; mind you, just enough and a helping hand of the banks. The boys wanted a something to give voice to their cubicle-confined aspirations of cross country touring and HD stepped in to grant it. The Street 750 and the upcoming Street 500 are quintessentially Harley-Davidson but in a much more chewable chunk.

Currently, HD India has its CKD assembly plant at Bawal, Haryana and a total of 13 dealers in India. The company plans to invade the promising Tier-II cities like Coimbatore, Kozikode (Calicut), Surat and Guwahati during their next phase of expansion. Another assembly facility located in one of the southern states would make sense but as of now HD is concentrating on Bawal and trucking the comparably limited number of units to the rest of the country.

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Harley-Davidson also plans to export the Street 750 and the Street 500 bikes from India. However, as of now, the launch date of Street 500 has not been made public and we believe it will be launched sometime next year.