The Story Behind Bajaj Pulsar Ad – Hunto

The war between the two wheeler manufacturers is never ending. The war for better sales, better production and better quality is always there. Bajaj is one of the very tough competitors of every other two wheeler manufacturer as it has got many models like Pulsars and Discovers that have been outperforms for the company as far as the sales are concerned.

According to the reports at Economic Times, Bajaj auto doesn’t wish to compete with Hero Honda any longer rather it plans to take on Honda and other Japanese bike makers.

Bajaj has literally planned to wage a war on Honda and the other Japanese motorcycle makers in the sports bike segment. Economic Times states that Bajaj has already started taking baby steps to nail down their Japanese mates. The latest Pulsar Ad stating “Pulsar sells five times more than any other Japanese bike” says it all about the company’s strategy. The company is focused to nail down Honda and other Japanese manufacturers.

No doubt Bajaj is one of the best sellers as far as the sales figures are concerned. The company has identified their toughest competitor to be Honda and the employees and the higher dignitaries of the company are open about it. Bajaj Auto’s Marketing GM Milind Bade has also identified a tough competitor in Honda and said that before Honda comes and attacks, Bajaj wants to be in a strong position to ward off the threat. He further said that the company was always ahead of Honda in the terms of sales but the consumers aren’t aware of the fact and that is the main reason the Pulsar advert is so scripted.

As far as Honda is concerned; it wants to slowly and swiftly venture in to the market through its wholly owned subsidiary HMSI. In the advertisement Bajaj describes their unlimited potential and points out to the sales of Pulsar. The advert shows Japanese people saying “Hunto” which is for Unbelievable because Pulsar sells five times more than any Japanese bikes. Economic Times reports that Bajaj did start a war against their competitors especially Honda and Japanese makers.

Rakesh batra, Auto analyst, says that the real threat to Bajaj is Honda and not hero. He further said that Bajaj is concentrating on its global positioning by pitching its voice against Japanese makers which will help brand reach a global status. On the contrary; Honda did not comment but Japanese bike maker Yamaha said that it is the performance and not the advertisement that makes a bike sell. Yamaha further said that the company only believed in actions and not reactions. All in all; it looks like Bajaj has planned to take on every other manufacturer of the country. We will havet to wait and see how far this war goes on.