Steelbird Launches New Flip-up Helmet, Oscar at Rs Rs 1179

Steelbird has launched a new flip up helmet, called as Oscar. While many users say that flip up helmets are difficult to manoeuvre, Steelbird claims that their product is rather easy to use and can be operated at just the push of a button.

Steelbird-Oscar-Flip-Up-Helmets (1)

The design of Oscar is such that the chin guard can be flipped off easily and very comfortably into an open face jet helmet by just pushing a button. The whole process, as per the company, is so simple that it can be done even while riding the motorcycle. The helmet aims to provide chin and back ventilation by circulating air inside the helmet keeping the rider fresh during the harsh Indian summers.

The newly launched helmet is targeted towards youngsters who are want their helmets to look as good as their bikes. According to the company management, flip up helmets form 30 per cent of the total helmet sales and the launch of the Oscar will further help in boosting the company’s market share.

Steelbird is promoting the Oscar as an everyday helmet which can occasionally double up as a helmet of choice for adventure rides. It also comes with an anti-theft ring, air and water tight spectra guard and polyester webbing in the chin-strip for added comfort.

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Oscar helmet also features a Micro-Metric buckle which follows European designing which enables a snug and easy fit. The buckle can be opened even while wearing riding gloves.

All the helmets in the Oscar range come in matte finish in a wide variety of colors. They have been priced in the range of Rs 1,179 to Rs 1,519. Steelbird has only shared pics of this black colored Oscar.