Steelbird Launches its Second RiderZ Shop in Delhi

Helmets and two-wheelers are two inseparable lovers! To make this love even stronger and accessible to more people, Steelbird has opened its Second RiderZ Shoppe Retail outlet at Virendra Nagar, New Delhi.

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With these RiderZ Shops Steelbird is trying to provide motorcyclists, with a range of quality helmets, jackets, gloves, goggles and pannier boxes under one roof. There are plans to introduce more new and hi-tech biking gear in the near future.

Steelbird’s products have already been available under multibrand retail outlets but the core reason behind opening a single brand store is to impart more information to the customers without compromising with other brand’s on floor time. The company plans to launch 200 such outlets in the next 2 years.

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Thanks to globalisation and liberalisation, the purchasing power and options available to Indians have increased; a lot of more powerful motorcycles have been introduced in the country in the past few years. Safety in motorcycling can be achieved to an extent with proper riding gear.

This spurt in motorcyclists has led to a huge gap in availability of proper gear. Steelbird aims to bridge this gap by providing proper technical guidance about the right product required as per the customers need.

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Steelbird is one of India’s largest ISI marked helmet brand. They also have a technical collaboration with BIEFFE, which is a reputed international brand.