Steelbird Introduces Ignyte Range of Rain Gear

Steelbird, one of the country’s biggest names in riding gear and accessories, has introduced a new rain suit range under the Ignyte brand name. Designed in Italy, the Ignyte range includes riding jackets, rain coats, riding pants, gloves and shoe covers. These new rainfall centric accessories by the brand is trying to capitalise on the monsoons which have just arrived.

All Ignyte products are made of nylon and waterproof fabric. Following international standards, the accessories now give Indians the opportunity to get high quality protection at affordable prices. These will be available at Steelbird helmet shops and other high end bike accessories showrooms.


Riders can use the Ignyte jackets and pants for comfort and convenience in all riding conditions. The jacket’s waterproof liner will keep a rider dry in the rain. It will also provide warmth and comfort on cold-weather rides. Well-designed rider protection clothing keeps the rider safe from several factors such as, windburn, sunburn, exhaust burns.

Shoe Cover

These products are also breathable, lightweight and use the best quality elastic for perfect gripping. The seams too have been sealed with PU tape. They will be available in all sizes ranging from S to XXXL. The price range is as under:

  • Jacket: Rs 1,669.
  • Pant: Rs 1,319.
  • Gloves: 1,139.
  • Shoe Cover: Rs 1,349.