Steelbird Introduces ECE 22.06 Compliant ‘Blauer BET’ Helmets Before India Mandates Them In 2024

Steelbird Blauer BET helmets are India’s first ECE 22.06 compliant series of helmets… India will mandate new norms from Jan 2024…

Steelbird Hi-Tech India (SBHT) have proudly introduced their new ECE 22.06 compliant ‘Blauber BET’ range of helmets in India. 

With this introduction, Steelbird became one of the first helmet manufacturers to introduce helmets meeting the ECE 22.06 requirements which our country will mandate starting January of 2024. 

Steelbird Blauer BET ECE 22.06 compliant range of helmets

So, moving forward from ECE 22.05, a new helmet safety standard ‘ECE 22.06’ is going to be mandated in our country starting January 2024. The new ECE 22.06 standard replaced the earlier used ECE 22.05 back in June 2020 in the European region, and has introduced some revisions and amendments to the No. 22 regulation. 

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These new revisions and amendments have brought a change to the testing procedures of the current and new helmets. While the current standard only tests the impact of a pre-set weight on specific regions such as front, top, back, side & chin guard, the new standard will add even more points of testing and will also include the twisting measurements of the helmets during impact. 

Furthermore, the helmet accessories will also come under scrutiny in the new ECE 22.06 norms. Most prominently, the integrated sun-visor now has predetermined standards that it needs to meet to pass testing successfully.

The Steelbird Blauer series of helmets are fully ECE 22.06 compliant. They are now officially available for purchase form Steelbird showrooms and/or from their official website