Steelbird offers New Carbon Fiber Helmet Range Starting at Rs.10,000

Helmets are the integral part of any bike and who better know the importance of helmets than bikers with a passion of speeding their babies. The stronger an helmet is the less are the chances of getting injured.  Helmets do not only save lives but also they add a sense of styling to your biking. Over the years helmets have evolved from a classic protective shield to a fashionable accessory to go with ones bike and thus many companies have turned their heads to manufacturing helmets.

Steelbird (one of the leading helmet brands in the country) has now come up with a new range of carbon fiber helmets.  One weird and not so happening thing about this new range of helmets is that they are priced way high and you will have to dent your budget as the price starts from Rs.10, 000. These days branded helmets are becoming common and thus most people don’t really mind spending high amounts of money for their helmets. Also the rate seem to be quiet good given the fact that it is a helmet made of carbon fiber and comes from such a reputed brand but still the helmets are priced way above a common man’s reach.  It is quiet a good deal for those who like to have a carbon fiber helmet for themselves because such a thing from any other reputed brand would cost lot more than 10k.

Now I am sure that you would like to know the catch behind pricing this helmet at 10k. Well there is no catch but carbon fibers are costly because of their inherent strength and ultra light weight features.  Carbon fiber is basically associated with machines and is generally considered to be very strong and resistive.  Thus if you buy a carbon fiber helmet then 100% safety can be assured in case any mishap occurs. Thus, if you are ready to spend 10,000 bucks or more for a helmet than this is a deal to cash on.