New Spyshots Confirm Honda’s ‘LIVO’; Will be a Replacement for Twister

So, gradually we are able to understand Honda’s upcoming motorcycles one by one. Few weeks back the company announced that they have as many as 9 new launches planned for the rest of the year, out of which one will be a revolutionary model. Here is one of the remaining eight – LIVO, which is expected to be a replacement of Twister.

Fresh new spyshots of Honda’s new commuter have been shared by and this time they have an evidence. Apart from all the camouflage, Livo name is written on the instrument cluster (Fuel Gauge) and for all of you who need a confirmation, there is a ‘Honda’ badge as well.

There is a widespread belief that Livo will be a replacement of Twister which, despite being a fantastic motorcycle, is not doing well in terms of sales. Add to it, the fact that it is an old product in the portfolio.


Frankly speaking, Livo doesnt appear to be a very interesting product with a Unicorn 160 like design and shorter wheelbase with an extra long tail. Twister was offered with disc brakes, however, this mule doesn’t ride on one. Closer look at the engine reveals that it indeed is the same 110cc motor from the Dream Series.


Considering the trend, Livo is expected to get HET, which means a higher fuel efficiency figure and at a sticker price tag of around the current Twister, it will sit over the current Honda’s 100cc cadre!