Spotted: 3 Different Mules of RE Continental GT Caught Again; With Different Seats

Few days back, we had talked about the spotting of the yet-to-be-launched Royal Enfield Café Racer.

Royal-Enfield-Continental-GT-Cafe-Racer-Pic (1)

However, there seemed to be a question mark over the practicality of a single seater bike. Royal Enfield now seems to be in the process of shrugging it off. In the latest spotting, three GT 535s have been caught with different seating options on each!! The photo was uploaded by a watchful fan on the FB group page called Royal Enfield.

One of the three bikes is exactly similar as the ones that had been spotted earlier. The other sported different seats. As you can notice, the middle bike is not radically different from the earlier spotted ones. However, the farthest bike seems to spring up an interesting option as it has a full length seat. It seems Royal Enfield wants to market the GT 535 to a wider audience than the regular “RE Cult”.

The person who had uploaded the pictures also remarked that the Continental GT 535 possessed an 8-way adjustable foot peg. That will be a very good addition, if it makes its way to the production version.

Royal-Enfield-Continental-GT-Cafe-Racer-Pic (2)

However, our verdict on the Continental GT 535 is still divided. Have a closer look at the snaps; it appears the bikes will have their braking levers on the right side. Now, that could take the bike’s prospects ahead.

Probable Specifications and Features :-

  1. The mill will be a bored-out version of the 499 cc UCE engine that powers the Thunderbird. It will thus have a larger piston and a lighter flywheel as well, to help the tacho needle soar higher and faster.
  2. A bigger throttle body, accompanied by a remapped ECU will help it attain a true top speed in excess of 150 kph.
  3. We have been trawling around, and it seems 36 PS is quite a good approximation for the power output of the Continental GT 535. However, we have no official word on it.
  4. Let us also mention that the Continental GT 535 could very well be the lightest Royal Enfield of all times. Yes, it could be true!! Have a look at the spied photos of the bike. The design statement is minimalistic, devoid of unnecessary frills.
  5. The backbone changes !! Goodbye to the ancient single-cradle frame…Hello to the Steel Double-Downtube Cradle type frame for (claimed) enhanced rigidity, and better tendency to dive into corners.
  6. Deformities on the tarmac will be ironed out by a set of telescopic forks at the front, and another set of Paioli Gas-Charged shock absorbers at the rear. We have some apprehensions about the travel of the front forks, though. They seem too short, more prone to bottoming out.
  7. Going faster means stopping quicker as well. A full-floating Brembo disc at the front accompanied by a ByBre at the rear seems to be a potent combination. On top of that, there are the sticky Pirelli tyres. Need RE say more, eh?

Royal Enfield will definitely position this Café Racer at the top of their pecking order. Hence, the price could shoot a little upwards of the 2 lakhs mark. In return, you would get a motorcycle that does offer some seroius spunk and sparks a good bit of nostalgia for all Royal Enfield enthusiasts. And all the while, it looks so different from the current crop of motorcycles!!

Now that there seems to be the possibility of long rides with your other-half, does the Royal Enfield GT 535 excite you??