SPOTTED: Pulsar 200 Caught ‘ON TEST’; What Now?

Yesterday afternoon, a stroll at the Pune bypass road provided us a chance of spotting this test mule of Bajaj Pulsar 200NS with ‘ON TEST’ sticker above the headlamp and company number plates.


Now, Pulsar 200NS has been in the market for more than one year and it just doesn’t appear that Bajaj will still be testing it on the roads. So, the next question arises, what could this be? So following are the possibilities which we could make out:

  1. New Pulsar: Very recently, in an interview Rajiv Bajaj has mentioned that there are two Pulsars that the company will launch this year (More Details). One, we know, is the upcoming Pulsar 375. However, the other one he said, will be smaller than Pulsar 200NS. Could Bajaj be testing that in Pulsar 200NS’ clothes?
  2. Pulsar 220NS Refesh: Considering that Pulsar 200NS has been in the market for more than a year, is the company preparing for a minor (or major) refresh?
  3. Endurance Testing: Highly unlikely that Bajaj will still be testing the Pulsar 200NS for endurance testing even after the product has been in the market for more than a year.


We tried to talk to the rider to understand if we can get some information but all in disdain.¬†We are still unsure what will be the size of the ‘smaller than 200‘ Pulsar that Rajiv Bajaj surprised everyone with. But with this catch we have become susceptible of one thing that Bajaj is upto something that might just be under test. Let us wait for more info to pour in but do share what, according to you, could Bajaj be testing on this new mule?

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Edit: A few readers have brought to our attention on the fourth possibility – a Fuel Injected Pulsar 200NS.