Spied: New TVS Rockz Along NH7

We just reported TVS Neo being tested along NH – 7 near TVS Motors’ plant in Hosur. Simultaneously, Mr. Diwakar, our long – term reader also clicked a few pics of another step – up scooter, TVS Rockz New also being tested.

The most catching featuring about this model is the tail light which is the same of Apache’s – The big and bold LED cluster with red cover in the centre. This is very clearly seen in these pics. This model was launched in the Indonesian market in the year 2009. This model was designed exclusively for their market which became a hit model soon after the launch.

The TVS Rockz which combines 2-wheeler technology and consumer technology which has presently become a trend amongst Indonesian customers. The Rockz boasts of a 125 cc engine which is durable, responsive and environmental friendly too. The bike doesn’t sport an alloy wheel but still houses disc brakes. That too, not one but two. Yes, both in front and in the rear as well. This is in a way surprising for me. It is a mere 125 cc scooter but still two discs for most précised braking effect. Atleast now, safety is being given due consideration in India. Happy about that! Are they trying to set benchmarks in this aspect? Whatever it is, happy from our side.

Unlike the Neo’s pics which we posted yesterday, the Rockz’s headlamp is fitted in the handle bar itself and not on the body. See the exhaust design and you’ll immediately recognize the Flame motorcycle in India. It’s got that triangular exhaust with a muffler cover. TVS Motors makes use of all products which are being sold in India either presently or something which was sold here a little earlier.

The rear portion of the scooter ends sharply. Looks like the riding position is gonna be little odd. There are chances that tall riders will find it difficult in placing their legs. Let’s now get to the most interesting part of this model .Guess what? The TVS Rockz New boasts of an Integrated Music System (IMS). This is one of the very few models across the globe to get a music system on board. TVS has taken a big step and leaped way forward by incorporating this technology. Riders will be able to enjoy their favorite music through a USB port and even access FM radio to seek information or just enjoying the music while hanging out with friends.

With a 125 cc engine, the TVS RockZ is one of the most responsive bikes in its class. Thanks to its duralife engine and 4 F engine component (RF- Roller Follower); (LF- Light Piston Ring); (TF- Teflon coated guide tensioner); (LF Advance Lub Circuit).

The RockZ also features a Anti – Theft Lock (ATL). What happens here is that the bike gets locked when it is parked in its main stand. This system can be operated from the seat lock. The Canister Shock Absorber with nitrogen offers the best of the riding position with too much of comfort provided as it is being ridden.

Here in this paragraph, go through few of the technologies that this model is incorporated with. I-econo is a technology which is used to measure the use of fuel for more efficiency and economical use without undermining engine performance, I-start is a temperature sensor technology which assists the users to save time (less than three minutes), I-space is a baggage compartment that gives the most room in a motorcycle of its class with 8.7 litre compartment space and finally i-charge is mobile phone battery charging. Finally i-glow is the keyhole which gets to glow in the dark. The TVS RockZ even has a compartment light which automatically lights up when the seat is raised.

Let’s wait for some more time till we get this scooter in the Indian market. Stay tuned with us as we throw more light on these new models from TVS.

Author – BikeAdvice.in