Speed 400 Top Speed in All Gears | Performance Details

In this quick video I share the Speed 400 top speed along with its performance in all six gears at the track…

I tested the Triumph Speed 400 on the 10th of July in Pune. The media ride included few laps at the Bajaj’s test track at Chakan, followed by an open ride to Khopoli – a mid-spot between Pune and Mumbai. Everybody was given about 4-5 laps of the circuit and the motorcycle was so involving that I requested for more.

After everybody was over, I was given another chance to ride the Speed on the track for another 5 odd laps. In all I took about 10 laps of Bajaj’s track that also has a pretty long straight patch to test the top speed of the motorcycle.

For some internal reason, shooting on the lap was not allowed by Triumph. Interestingly, we had earlier shot the Pulsar 250s on this very track last year. But anyway, let me share some performance numbers of the Speed 400 that I could achieve on the track in the following video..