6 Spec Differences Between Duke 390 & RC390

KTM has been a revelation as far as the affordable performance biking goes in India. They have offered two performance bikes at sheer value for money tags.


First it was the Duke 390 which walked away with the honors and it was followed by the faired RC390 recently. Both the bikes have been priced at under Rs 2.4 Lakhs on road but have different characteristics. Let us see what separates them in a quick comparo of specs…

Both the bikes are powered by the same 373.2 cc 4 stroke water-cooled single cylinder engine which produces 43 bhp of fantastic power and a 6-speed gearbox.

Differences between RC390 & Duke 390

  1. Suspension: The front travel suspension travel of the RC390, at 125mm, has been reduced by 25mm as compared to Duke’s 150mm.
  2. Wheelbase: RC390 has a 27mm shorter wheelbase than Duke 390’s 1367mm.
  3. Ground Clearance: Apart from this, RC390 has an 8.5mm higher ground clearance.
  4. Seat Height: Being a sportsbike, at 820mm, RC390 also has a 20mm higher seat height than Duke’s 800mm.
  5. Fuel Tank Capacity: This is a dampener actually! Duke 390, at 11 liters, already had a small tank capacity considering its fuel efficiency. RC390 comes with a liter less of capacity, further making your visits to the petrol tank more frequent.
  6. Weight: As expected, the new RC390, with that fairing and other stuff weighs 8kgs more than the naked sibling reducing the power to weight ratio but lets not forget that it has better aerodynamics.

Duke 390 costs about Rs 1.9 Lakhs whereas the RC390 is priced at about Rs 2.1 Lakh ex-showroom in all cities of India.

KTM RC390 vs Duke 390: Comparison

Here is a quick comparison between the two to give you a brief idea of what’s different:

Specification Duke 390 RC 390
Engine 373.2cc single cylinder, water cooled 373.2cc single cylinder, water cooled
Max. Power 43 bhp 43 bhp
Bore×Stroke (in mm) 89×60 89×60
Transmission 6 speed 6 speed
Suspension Travel (Front) 150mm 125mm
Suspension Travel (Rear) 150mm 150mm
Brakes Disc, 300mm front, 230mm rear Disc, 300mm front, 230mm rear
Wheelbase 1367 mm 1340 mm
Ground Clearance 170mm 178.5 mm
Seat Height 800 mm 820 mm
Fuel Tank 11L 10L
Weight 139kg 147kg

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