So..Will TVS-BMW K03 Get Michelin Branded Tyres ‘Manufactured’ by TVS Srichakra?

Heard of Sirac, Pilot Sporty etc? These are Michelin sub-brand tyres and they are real good rubbers to ride on! The problem with Michelin in India is that they have very limited sizes available along with the relative high cost. A report at Economic Times says that in order to meet the growing demand in the country, Michelin is partnering with TVS Srichakra tyres for a new plant inside their (TVS’) Madurai’s existing facility.

The idea is to cater to the market with new range of tyres designed by Michelin and manufactured by TVS Srichakra tyres. The final products will be sold under the Michelin brand! The plant will have a capacity to produce 3.6 million tyres per year. This will give Michelin a route to expand and also to become slightly more affordable in the market.


This also takes us to another story we did a few days back which said that – TVS-BMW’s K03 (and other bikes) will come equipped with tyres made by TVS Srichakra. Not many liked the idea very much, going by what we have seen of TVS tyres so far. (here is the earlier story)

So, does this new report hint at the possibility of TVS-BMW’s near 300cc K03 getting Michelin branded radial tyres ‘manufactured by TVS Srichakra‘? Let’s just hope so…