South Korea Donates 1 Lac Masks to TVS for Free Distribution in India

A South Korean social welfare organisation named Anguk Zen Center has made an exceptional gesture of humanitarian support by offering 1 Lakh masks for India. These masks are offered to TVS Motor Company and it makes it probably the first ever such private exchange.

The press report says that these are high-quality masks which are produced by BlueIndus Co. Ltd and are worth 150 million Korean Won (around 95 Lac INR). They were provided by the CEO Jeong Cheon-Sik and were shipped by Mr Yang Jae-saeng, CEO of Eunsan Shipping Air, Korea.

The consignment was handed over to Mr Venu Srinivasan, Chairman, TVS Motor Company. He is also the Managing Trustee, Srinivasan Services Trust; Chairman, InKo Centre and Goodwill Envoy for Culture and Diplomacy of the Republic of Korea.

These masks will be distributed free of cost through TVS’ company – Srinivasan Services Trust to the people of the country and will help us in our fight against COVID-19 – the pandemic that has rocked the world!

On this occasion, Venu Srinivasan said,

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and deepest appreciation to the Venerable Abbot, my revered teacher, Subul Sunim for this compassionate gesture of donating 1 Lakh masks to InKo Centre. We welcome what is indeed a most timely and valuable donation in these challenging times, when wearing masks, following strict rules of sanitation and hygiene and maintaining social distancing is the ‘new normal’.

He added that he will ensure that these masks are widely distributed to local communities across the country.