Solace Launches Riding Gear – Jackets, Gloves, Pants etc: Prices Start Rs 2350

A new name, we have never heard before, Solace has shared their launch press release with us. They inform that they have launched new Motorcycle Riding Apparel which includes textile jackets, mesh jackets, leather gloves and touring pants with prices starting from Rs 2350.

The company says that they have 12 years of experience in safety and spreading biking awareness and their motorcycle gear is ‘Born for Bikers’. They offer apparels for men and women.

Here is a quick look at what is in store…

  • Defender Textile Jacket:┬áSolace claims that this is a 100% waterproof textile jacket with CE approved protectors. It costs Rs 5850


  • Sprint Mesh Jacket: It gets 100% Poly soft honeycomb mesh which is suitable for all climates. It costs Rs 5600


  • Agility Pant: This, they again claim is a 100% waterproof touring pant and gets CE approved protectors at knee and hips. Costs Rs 5400


  • Bravo Gloves: These full gauntlet leather gloves come with vented knuckles and cost Rs 2450


  • Blaze Gloves: These street gloves are also made of leather and gets knuckle protectors. They cost Rs 2350


They also have leather riding suits and other motorcycle riding apparel available. More details, complete product list and for buying anything, you can head to their official site.

Apart from this they also have a long list of dealerships available in major cities of India where you can physically check out the stuff and pay after having a trial of the same.