Seven Basic Tips on Maintaining Your Bike at its Best

These basic bike maintenance tips will help increase your motorcycle’s life and will allow it to perform to its fullest without unpleasant troubles…

Who doesn’t want a trouble free bike? Who doesn’t want a motorcycle that performs upto desired levels? But do you know, apart from the quality of parts used, there is a big role that you can play in fulfilling these desires. Here we list of some very quick and basic pointers for you to know – and they will help you in keeping your bike’s health fine!

Bike Maintenance Tips

1. Tyre Air Pressure: Ensure tyre pressures are maintained at manufacturer recommended levels. Different pressures are recommended for single seat and pillion riding, observe them to squeeze out the optimum mileage. Over-inflated tyres do result in better mileage but play havoc with the ride, handling and stability, so don’t get desperate.

2. Brakes: Both the brakes should have the right amount of free play. To check that brakes are not binding, put the bike on the main stand and ensure that both the wheels turn freely.

3. Chain: The chain should be well lubricated and have the right amount of slack. You can read more about Motorcycle Chain Maintenance.

bike maintenance tips

4. Air filter: Keep the air filter clean as dusty conditions in India tend to clog up the filter in no time. Change the air filter at recommended intervals and increase the cleaning frequency in particularly dusty climes.

5. Clutch: Clutch should be properly adjusted and have the right amount of free play. An over tightened clutch will cause it to slip unnoticeably and increase the fuel consumption while also burning it out quickly.

6. Engine: Again regular servicing and tune-ups will keep the engine running like clockwork and reduce your petrol bills. Pay special attention to cleaning the carburettor and maintaining valve clearances. Don’t neglect the spark plug, ensure it is clean, the gap is set correctly or replace it if it is past its prime as it’s the most crucial link in proper combustion. Many bikes require the choke to be used on cold starts as they run lean to meet emission norms as well as fuel efficiency requirements.

bike maintenance tips

7. Engine Oil: Engine oil should be changed religiously. The oil thickens due to carbon deposits creating drag in the movement of engine internals. Running the bike on dirty oil will not only increase fuel consumption but also reduce the life of the engine. To know more about engine oil grades in easy language click here.