1. Tyre Air Pressure: Ensure tyre pressures are maintained at manufacturer recommended levels. Different pressures are recommended for single seat and pillion riding, observe them to squeeze out the optimum mileage. Over-inflated tyres do result in better mileage but play havoc with the ride, handling and stability, so don’t get desperate.

2. Brakes: Both the brakes should have the right amount of free play. To check that brakes are not binding, put the bike on the main stand and ensure that both the wheels turn freely.

3. Chain: The chain should be well lubricated and have the right amount of slack. You can read more about Motorcycle Chain Maintenance.

4. Air filter: Keep the air filter clean as dusty conditions in India tend to clog up the filter in no time. Change the air filter at recommended intervals and increase the cleaning frequency in particularly dusty climes. Clutch: Should be properly adjusted and have the right amount of free play. An over tightened clutch will cause it to slip unnoticeably and increase the fuel consumption while also burning it out quickly.

5. Engine: Again regular servicing and tune-ups will keep the engine running like clockwork and reduce your petrol bills. Pay special attention to cleaning the carburettor and maintaining valve clearences. Don’t neglect the spark plug, ensure it is clean, the gap is set correctly or replace it if past its prime as it’s the most crucial link in proper combustion. Most modern bikes require the choke to be used on cold starts as they run lean to meet emission norms as well as fuel efficiency requirements.

6. Engine Oil: Engine oil should be changed religiously. The oil thickens due to carbon deposits creating drag in the movement of engine internals. Running the bike on dirty oil will not only increase fuel consumption but also reduce the life of the engine.

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  • Fantastic tips Deepak. I think you should make all such posts sticky or add them in the top tabs.

  • Tarun sohal

    Indian cars are made according to the economy. As citizen feel car as a status simbol in society. No matter indian cars are made to run at a good speed but not the roads are made for these cars. looks and engine are massively good…….

  • ashwin

    thax for ur fantastic tips man ……..

  • Diganta Gogoi

    Indian cars are made according to the economy. As citizen feel car as a status simbol in society. No matter indian cars are made to run at a good speed but not the roads are made for these cars. looks and engine are massively good…….

  • manja

    hi i have tvs fiero which is 8 years old the only problem is mileage it just gives 30 please tell me as how to increase my bikes mileage……………..

    • sanat

      change ur engine oil at every 2000 kms wid oil filters is must..

  • farhad

    Bike advice is really doing a great job. Ihave bought a new bike and the advise from this is very useful to me….


  • shantveer

    i have a new suzuki GS150R the problem is the bike is not giving me the better mileage as company specified.& gear shifting method is
    is it correct to shift the gear like this,& i feel some roughness in throttling..can anybody help me to improve my bike mileage & i regularly apply the clutch & break in rinding ..is it affect the mileage down…

    • gitesh

      i want to buy a new bike .. below are my requirements
      150cc / 12bhp/ avg min 50km/ltr.
      i want to buy it on an urgent basis. pls suggest…
      also would like to know about Yamaha szx and Suzuki GS150R..which one is better as per my requirements.. please help me on the same..

      • Yamaha sz and discover 150cc would be suitable for you…I would prefer discover 150cc because of its decent mileage and performance..

    • Your third gear shift should be at near 35 and fourth gear at 40 and fifth gear at 45 and sixth gear at 50 to maintain an economical ride and conserve your fuel…:)

      • sanat

        just reduce ur gear shifting frequency,try to shift all d 6 gears at 4500rpms then see d difference..

    • sheridan

      u just bought new bike dude…complete till 4000 kms then u will see the difference!!
      new bike with new pistons, parts r new..u cant ride above 6o – 70kmph! just ride it…have a safe ride!! wear isi mark helmet!

    • Omkar

      Hey I have a GS150R from last two years And i get average around 65 to70
      my daily running is around 80 km. I will service bike regularly at 2500km.
      I suggest you if you can’t get average around 60 min. on highway .then you ask your nearest suzuki service centre for average testing & also ask him for average riding they will charge you around 150 rupee.
      try this .

    • Martian

      very wrong… i have unicorn.. it gives me 55-58kmpl… have this way…
      0-10 first gear
      10-19 – second gear
      19-29- third gear
      29-40- fourth gear
      40-52-fifth gear
      52+- 6th

      Guess u have rash driven ur bike during run-in period(1000km to 1500km)… in run -in us hud never cross 40km/hr in the highest gear…

      As u have suzuki GS150R it should give more mileage than my uni…. Also use Shell petrol… that keeps engine clean, healthy and gives long life and also extraa miles…

  • deepak

    i bought tvs sports an year ago & i m getting an average about 82km/l.my bike fulfill my requirment tramendiousely.

  • Jasim

    I had owned a tvs flame. I had finished 3 services but gets a milage of 54/litre. The company gives a milage of 70 to 80. And most of them gets it. But couldnt achieve it. I want to know the gear shifting period.

    • 2nd gear at 25 3rd gear at 32 and 4th gear at near 40 then you could surely get 80/litre…

      • Martian

        for 125cc bike this is not the correct one… thsi wil increase rpm and result in lower mileage

  • gitesh

    i am having pulsar150 DTSi.. and i am doing regular servicing every after 4-5 months. my daily an average riding is 20km. my bike got sieged and i had done my last servicing of the bike before max 5 months from the date when it sieged. i came to know that not a single drop of engine-oil is prensent in the bike. secondaly before that i observed knocking from the engine but bike was not at all smoking… is it possible that 1ltr oil will be over within a period of 5 months….

    • sanat

      obviously it may happen acc to ur riding quality..i hav a hh hunk n i change my engn oil aftr 1500kms only ,i never rash drive bt my oil quality bcoms very poor tat too in 1 n 1/2 mnths n urs is 5 months..mine daily ride is same as urs..

      • sanat

        i m using castrol power 1

      • sheridan

        ride hard or slow..oil will be the same!! u got to change the engine oil every after 2500 kms!! use good quality engine oil..for ur bike use Castrol SAE/20w40

    • sheridan

      check ur piston rings!

  • gitesh


  • Thank u mr.deepak,,ur tips really valuble..and i wld lik u to suggest a bik fr me ,,the choices are YAMAHA R15 , FZ-16,and PULSAR 150,,plz giv a good choice

    • sheridan

      what in ur mind?? average?? looks of the bike?? or budget??

  • Prem

    Sir i have an cbz xtreme my bike gives an 38 km/lit, plz tell of how i improve my mileage.till date 4200 km runs.

    • Vaibhav

      Hi Prem,
      Important thing is plz serviced your bike to the expert mechanic in private garage.. and tell your bike problems which you are facing and mileage problem also..
      Ensure your engine oil is good and air filter is cleaned.
      note down this and tell your mechanic..

      And another important thing is average depend upon the driving condition of your bike.. following are the two points to keep in mind while driving..
      1. Dont press/use the cluth unnecessarily.
      2. Shift the gear in proper timing in every 10-15 speed, dont race and speed up.
      If you look after to this above things i am sure it will improve your bike’s mileage.

      Vaibhav Undale.

  • henari

    respected sir,
    i bought a new bike R15 on 12/07/2011 please say how to maintain it so, that its mileage will increase and about its gare how to use it sir

  • Vignesh

    I’m planning to buy new CBZ XTREME with digital speedometer!! Is that bike a gud choice??

  • sportier n fr mileage……..

  • Karthik.S

    Many people follow the practice of changing engine oils at 2000-2500kms but in my experience its not suitable for all. My passion pro starts to make noise and hard gear shifts at 1000kms of new oil change. I usually use semi-synthetic oil. My riding habits are minimum 75kms and maximum 135kms every day or alternative days or twice or thrice in a week. I went as far as 300kms a day.

    I recommend for mineral oil, change it at 1000-1500 kms, semi-synt at 1500kms, fully synthetic at 4000-5000kms. If you take 150-200kms daily with constant speed of 75+kmph then may be its good to change oil at 800-1000kms. Look for increase in engine noise and hard gear shifts then let it be for another 300kms then change oil.

    Use synthetic oil if you are taking long trips like 300kms+. Carbon deposits and micro metal particles circulate within the oil and cause engine wear. So it is recommended to drain any kind of oil at 2000 or max 2500kms. One using synthetic oil for normal daily use and keep it for 5000kms+ will only cause the deposits in the oil to thicken and increase engine wear.

    frequently taking long rides at high speeds will reduce the level of oil in engine, no matter what ever oil you use. Experiment with different kinds of oils available like castrol, shell, volvoline, elf, gulf, mobil etc. and choose the best you like.


    yea definitly its usful for bikers……………

  • thanks for this useful article, i have recently purchased the Yamaha R15 V2 so I was looking for this to keep my bike at better condition.