Ather 450X-Rival Simple ONE Launched at 1.45 Lac – Top Pointers

Simple One price is probably the only thorn in what looks like a very sorted and well-made product. At 212 km it has the largest range in the industry…

So, it was just a few days back that I talked about the maker Simple Energy as one of the most promising ones in the current electric landscape in India. The start-up has officially launched (or let us say re-launched) its maiden product – the One electric scooter.

The Simple One was first officially unveiled to the world in 2021 and it took the company almost two years to bring it to commercial production. But in case you are seeing it in bad light – let me tell you that this is much better than the largest selling electric 2-wheeler in India – which was distributed in a hush hush manner and ended up with truck-loads of problems – some of which were critical in nature. This is obviously under the hope and belief that the One that we are about to get is problem free.

simple one price

Key Pointers

  • One comes with an 8.5 kW of peak power and 72 Nm of max torque.
  • Simple claims a 0-40 kph sprint in 2.77 seconds which is fast by all standards and a top speed of 105 kph.
  • It has a claimed range of 212 km – that is the largest for any mainstream electric 2-wheeler in India.
  • Simple is powered by not one but two batteries – one fixed 3.5 kWh and one removable 1.5 kWh. This gives it a combined capacity of 5 kWh.
  • The downside, however, is that at 134 kilos, the scooter weighs a lot – significantly higher than most rivals.
  • Charging times are just a shade below 6 hours.

Simple claims that One is the only electric scooter that comes with a Thermal Power Management system that has been developed in collaboration with IIT-Indore. This is one of the reasons of the delay of the scooter.

Simple ONE Price

One EVRs 1.45 Lakh

Add another Rs 13,000 for the charger and you will have to shell out a total of Rs 1.58 lakh to get the scooter home. This, I believe, has taken into consideration the new, reduced FAME subsidy. For the dual-tone color, pay additional Rs 5000.

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Bookings & Deliveries…?

Simple says that it has received over 1 lakh pre-bookings in a matter of 18 months. It will cater to these bookings first and deliveries will commence from 6th June onwards. Bangalore will be the first city to go operational and Simple has set a target of 40-50 cities in the next 12 months and will spread across 160-180 retail stores.

Like the 450X that is probably the most sorted electric 2-wheeler in India currently, One promises a lot. It will be interesting to see how Simple approaches the One and what lies ahead…