Scrambler 400X vs Speed 400 Seat Height COMPARO [Side by Side Video]

In this quick Scrambler 400X vs Speed 400 seat height comparo video I demonstrate how high the Scrambler is against the roadster..

The Speed 400 has created quite a stir in the market with its lovely hardware, great feature set and an equally surprising price tag. The roadster is already over 10,000 bookings strong and is expected to keep Triumph’s registers ticking.

However, there is a big set of fence sitters that are waiting for the other model that has been little less talked about – the Scrambler 400X. The X brings with it a wee bit of off-road worthiness bolted on that already impressive platform that we have ridden (on the Speed).

In order to keep the motorcycle rideable on rougher roads, Triumph has increased the ground clearance of the motorcycle and that has also meant a high seat height. So, if you have booked the Scrambler (yes, bookings of the Scrambler are also being taken) or are contemplating buying one, here is a quick reckoner of how tall its seat height is and whether it will be comfortable for your height or not.

In this following quick video, I display the seat height difference of both the Speed and Scrambler side by side. Check it out..

Scrambler 400X vs Speed 400 – Seat Height Check

In case you are looking out for the differences between these two models, you can check that video out here. And the review of the Speed here.