Scoop: Yamaha Scooter Ray Caught Testing

Yamaha has not talked about scooters much in India till now. However, this Auto Expo 2012 was totally dedicated to their concept scooter ‘Ray’. It was John Abraham who unveiled the prototype to the public and we all know that the scooter model displayed at the Expo was¬†extremely¬†girly and feminine.

Yamaha Prototype Scooter Ray

We have also reported that ‘Ray’ would make it during the second half in India, possibly around Diwali. Motor Vikatan has scooped the scooter under test and this proves that Yamaha has started the pre-launch testing of the scooter. Ray is expected to get a 125cc engine and would compete directly with Suzuki Swish, Suzuki Access and the likes. Thankfully, the Ray under test here is not extremely ‘pink’ and rather a regular scooter which males could also ride.

Pic Source: MotorVikatan