SCOOP: Duke 390 Based SuperMoto Bike Spied in Germany

A spyshot from KTM Forum Europe indicates that KTM could be working on a SuperMoto bike based on the Duke. It is a delectable proposition, isn’t it??


A close look at the spy photo shows that the test bike has a splattering of parts in common with the other Duke siblings. The most telltale sign is the unique swingarm of the Duke, even though its angle has been changed slightly to increase the ride height. The test bike also features bodywork similar to that of the KTM Duke, with a camouflage pattern on top of it. One can even notice the exactly similar rear-view mirrors and the handlebars.

If the above bike does make it to the production line with a KTM Duke SM ( SuperMoto ) tag, it will feature an increased ride height accompanied by longer suspension travel. Expect it to have larger diameter tires, and all these features will certainly ensure that the Duke 390 SM marches effortlessly over treacherous terrain. You can also notice that the test bike possesses a very long seat, and an aft-mounted exhaust pipe with a heat shield. We aren’t sure if the exhaust pipe will be exactly same as the one shown in the snap; this could be an interim solution for the under-test model.


It appears there is a good chance of the SuperMotard carrying the Duke’s powerplant, with some bit of tweaking to change the characteristics. Ultimately, we might get variants of the Supermoto bike from KTM with differing engine capacities as is the case with the Duke series and the RC series.

If this happens, manufacturing of these bikes might be done at Bajaj Auto’s facilities in India, but will it be launched in our markets is a big question mark for now. SuperMoto bikes have historically been used to conquer part-dirt, part-tarmac terrains. Their nimbleness and lean build will become useful characteristics in the crawling city traffic. If you have plans for the Duke 390/RC 390, will you change your mind in favour of this new KTM?

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