Sai Service Appointed As The Authorized Probiking Dealer For Bajaj In Pune

Many people were taken off guard and bamboozled when they went to Shirode Bajaj at Kothrud or FC Road in Pune after 30 June as they saw the shutters down with a big note hanging which read “Shirode Bajaj is closing down w.e.f 30th June 2010 due to a major overhaul work planned”. Shirode Auto was the authorized dealer for sales and service for Bajaj ProBiking in Pune. Many people were confused and agitated as they did not have a point to get their bikes rectified. We also received questions and feedbacks from some people who were puzzled about where to go to get their new bikes serviced.

Local authorities from Bajaj informed that from 1st July 2010, Sai Service has been appointed as the authorized dealer for ProBiking in Pune. Sai Service overtakes Shirode Auto’s s responsibilities and would be in charge of service of Bajaj’s bikes which come under ProBiking (Pulsar 220, Avenger, Ninja etc). As was the case with Shirode Auto, Sai Service will provide service for ProBiking bikes at 2 outlets; one at Kothrud and the other at Shivajinagar in Pune. Sai Service will take care of all the service and spare related issues of Bajaj’s bikes.

Owners can get their remaining free and paid services done at any of the outlets mentioned. Sai Service will also take care of Kawasaki bikes like the Ninja 250R and owners can directly go and get their bikes rectified at either of the places. Sai Service is also spreading the word by sending SMSs to all the owners. For further queries owners in Pune can directly contact the numbers given below. With this change, we hope that Bajaj’s servicemanship in Pune improves and people are not taken for a ride while getting their bikes serviced.


SAI SERVICE, Kothrud: 9923208059 & 020-25438288/8377
SAI SERVICE, Shivajinagar: 9923208061, 9923208077 & 020-25520004

– Saad Khan