Royal Enfield’s Continental GT Launch in Goa Today at 7pm; Do Join Us…

We are present in Goa and spent yesterday chilling out and getting ourselves ready for a few rides on the much awaited Royal Enfield Continental GT, which are scheduled for today and tomorrow in the sylvan surrounding of this beautiful place.

Royal-Enfield-Continental-GT-Burn-Up (5)

We are all geared up and expect a thrilling time astride the best Royal Enfield ever. Today’s ride is approximately 160kms in total and you can be rest assured that Goa will witness a lot of thumpp on the streets.

Needless to say that we will be sharing a detailed report of the 535cc motorcycle soon thereafter, it is Continental GT’s launch that is scheduled today at 7:00pm which is why we are writing this article for. We will be updating all the details at our Facebook page as they happen. In case you want to be the first to know the prices, do join us here.

For starters, Continental GT aka Cafe Racer is Royal Enfield’s best motorcycle yet. It is the most technically sound as well as the fastest RE ever built by the company. We will not talk about specifications much, it is the experience which we are all set to witness and if we are impressed, we will be loud and audible!

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