How I got my Royal Enfield Thunderbird

I think that a Bike is one’s own personal choice. What I can like, somebody might dislike it. This is because the parameters that you set are your own. And you have to satisfactorily answer the questions to arrive at a right conclusion. eg., comfort of riding, mileage, amount of travel involved everyday, price, are you alone or are you going to carry your GF/ spouse/ Kids/ parents,

To give an example, I’ve been wanting to buy a bullet for many years now. However, someone might not see it the way I see a Bullet. Just the sheer thought of 350CC machine under you sets the adrenalin pumping.

So 2 weeks back, I went to the Royal Enfield Showroom get one and guess what – they asked me to have to wait for 6 months. So I checked the web for used bikes and I happen to come across a lot of bullets. And for some reason I preffered the std bullet.

So any other was out of question. One guy was offering a Royal Enfield Thunderbird. I wasn’t so keen on this model. But I decided to check it out anyhow. So I met him and took a test ride and oh boy it was so very comfortable. I was sold on the idea right away. However, now it wasa question of the correct price. How to get it right? As you know there is no right price for a used vehicle. If you like it, you buy it for a whatever little negotiated price.

I bought the vehicle. So now as a proud owner of this Thunderbird, I kind of rule the road. So what was it that changed my outlook from a”NO” for a thunderbird to a “YES” after just one test ride. Well, for one thing – the comfort of sitting (Posture) is so awesome for my height, plus Ihave been weight training for quite a few years and hence it is very easy for me to ride this monster.

Secondly, the price – well, its ofcourse secondary, once you’ve found the comfort of riding. Thirdly, the easy availability of the vehicle against a wait of 6 months. Fourth, the thump (sound) of the engine idlying is something only a true bullet fan can appreciate.

After buying the Thunderbird, I visited a Royal Enfield showroom just to get a feel of the bikes and boy let me tell you, I had made the right choice. The new bikes have an engine made out of Aluminium – ofcourse they give you more power and mileage, but the sound is compromised and is nowhere close to the old ones.

As there is no sure shot answer as to which bike is the right one for you. There are so many variables to be able to take care of all of them. My suggestion would be to make a list of the items that are most dear or the most wanted in a bike and then prioritise them and then You have your answer.