Royal Enfield Takes Direct Control of US Operations; Launches Company Outlet in Harley’s Home!

They want to be the world leaders in mid-size motorcycles and this reflects in the way they are expanding in the market. In the same bid, Royal Enfield has decided to take complete control over their US operations. The company has been shipping motorcycles to the American market for the last 15 odd years but they were distributed through Classic Motor Works (CMW) located in Minnesota.

To get rid of the middlemen, Royal Enfield has set up an independent sales subsidiary in America which will directly sell to dealers and customers. This will also take care of market expansion, service and after sales service along with distribution of Royal Enfield motorcycles.


Apart from this, Royal Enfield has also launched its fully branded retail store in Milwaukee which will sell the entire lineup of motorcycles and gear. More interesting is the fact that, this is the same city which houses arch-rival Harley Davidson’s headquarters!¬†After this, they (RE) intend to launch more such flagship stores in the metro cities of the country.

Currently, Royal Enfield’s range topping model is the Continental GT and it also sells Classic 500 and Bullet 500 in that market. They also have the upcoming Adventure motorcycle Himalayan, which will be a global model.

Recently, Royal Enfield’s boss Siddharth Lal also¬†moved his base to UK for the brand’s expansion in that market. There is a lot of hullabaloo inside the company and they are very aggressively pursuing their dream of becoming a global name.