Royal Enfield Plans Multi-Fuel Motorcycles

Royal Enfield is definitely on a roll. Latest of all the innovations is an announcement that could lead to massive fan following for this cult bike maker. In the recent held New York Motorcycle show, Dr. Venki Padmanabham (CEO, Royal Enfield) said that the company is planning a multi fuel motorcycle that could run on petrol, diesel and kerosene as well.

Well, if Royal Enfield does what it has said then this is going to redefine the motorcycle industry in India and other parts of the world. The bike maker is known for its innovation and this multi fuel motorcycle will be most prominent of lot.

Practically speaking, bikes running on kerosene as a fuel still need lot of research and development because not many motorcycles with such weird ideas have worked. Therefore, Royal Enfield should also try and improve their R&D before taking any further step on developing a multi fuel motorbike.

Interestingly, an American firm Hayes Diversified Technologies was also planning to launch a new 650cc multi level civilian motorcycle that could run on both Diesel and Aviation kerosene in the past. This attempt of Hayes Technologies somehow did not see the light of the day and was left in vain.

Any how, Royal Enfield has a better chance of succeeding and making a multi fuel motorcycle because they are reputed, have better facilities with better R&D base. Also, if this idea is a success then one can expect a lot more innovations from the company in future. Here is hoping that the bike manufacturer succeeds in its plans and rolls out a multi fuel motorbike soon.