My name is Gary, and I am a mechanical engineer. I was very excited the day I bought my Bullet Electra. By paying about Rs.80,000/- (excluding alloys and registration) to the agency, I was free on the roads on my brand new Electra. The new bike had 5 kms done on the odo, and I have to admit that the bike was totally powerless on the day of purchase. But the bike gains power as soon as we keep on doing more kms on it. This cycle of gaining power will go up till you have 2500 kms on the odo. The bike I bought was the drum brakes model with 350cc engine and 18bhp power with 32 Newton meters of torque, four speed transmission, 24mm Mikuni carburetor, gas shocks at back,14.5 liters fuel tank. These figures are good to impress anyone but the truth is that the bike weighs 175kg and is much higher than the standard Bullet.

The Electra Difference: The main variation between the Standard and the Electra is that latter uses TCI (Transistor Coil Ignition) which is much more reliable, durable, has lower maintainable and increases power and mileage. On the other hand the Standard model uses the old points system like in the old Maruti 800, we have to adjust it again and again, besides it’s very unreliable.

The other differences between Standard and Electra are that, Electra has gas and telescopic shocks at front and rear, much more advanced wiring and electronics, gives more mileage and power, is bigger and heavier to increase stability, has an engine cutoff switch, both mudguards are chromed for that classic look, Electra has much costly and upgraded paint used on it, Electra has better braking system at rear than Standard, Electra has a bigger coil to produce more amperes of current even at low rpms (revolution per minutes).these were the main differences between the Electra and the Standard.

Performance & Upgrades: Guys if you want a bike just for racing, then this is not the bike you are looking for. However, it has quite big figures on the chart, but its weight and gearing ratio is made such that the bike is for cruising, not for racing. The bike can take you all the way to 120km/hr (company claims 100km/hr), but stopping the bike is a big issue. We can reduce the weight of the bike and improve the stopping capacity by a few modifications. First is to install three spoke alloys (preferably Parado alloys with black finish), these give the bike an evil mean look and also reduce weight and improve performance. Then we can install a wider MRF tubeless tyre at the rear for effective braking and control. Being tubeless, it also increases the mileage and top speed. We can make the current front tyre tubeless by adding an air valve at the alloy wheel, we just have to remove the tube from it. These modifications will cost around Rs.6000 to 8000 (I got it done at Rs.8000). With my VIP number at auction, my Electra costed me about 1 lakh rupees. You can go for the disk brake version at about Rs.86000, but still it will not have alloys and tubeless tyres.

When I give the bike a test run, it seems that the take off of the bike is very slow and lacks power, this is because of the gearing ratio, which is higher for cruising. But once we get past the 40kmph speed in first gear, we have the second gear which is the most powerful gear and takes the bike to 70kmph. But one should not increase more than 60km/hr in 2nd gear, and then the third gear takes the bike to 90km/hr. Then the fourth gear is a very high ratio gear, taking the bike to 120km/hr or we can cruise on the speed of 50-60km/hr and can get a hell of a mileage.

Living with the Electra: The bike has its name Royal and is Royal. You are just not buying a bike but, you buy a history full of adventures and the brand. You also get good friendship with the mechanics because you have to visit them now and then. Another big problem of the bike is that you may be a hell of a lot experienced with the gears but will still miss them often. The bike swallows a massive 3.75 liters of engine oil + gear oil during servicing, which means your free services will cost you about Rs.600 for engine oil alone. But the customer care is commendable, I mean they are too good.

How I bought my bike: The story of buying my Bullet Electra comes now, I needed a bike urgently because of my college and I needed a big one because I am a bodybuilder with a big build, so I booked a pulsar 220 for Rs.10,000. After waiting for a month the Bajaj said the bike will be even more late, so I went to Royal Dealers and chose a red Electra, but the problem was that I needed a silver one (because it looks much cooler and easy to clean). So I said that I need a silver and I need a bike now, the dealer said the I can buy the red one now, they will later convert the body parts to silver as soon as new stock comes. So I got to ride both colours red and now I have silver. Guys now I am happy because it may not be the fastest or the strongest bike but surely it’s the meanest one and the biggest and heaviest one, it gives 40km/litre compared to pulsar 220 that gives only 25km/lit. Guys you should have a look on the faces of people when they see a silver Electra with black alloys, VIP number and a small thumpy silencer, they just stop for the Bullet especially girls. Not everyone can ride a Bullet so you have to be Royal to ride it, I mean the gearing system and the kick.

New models: Now royal Enfield has launched a world class range of classic models, with and without fuel injection, from 350cc to 500cc. Still this beast has its own name which is electrifying.

Bullet versus other bikes: If you choose to race then you should try it with only a Bullet, you can take down every Standard on the list but however you can’t compete with old model Bullets. It is probably so because they had bigger carburetors and also less mileage. But still if a Bulleteer like you can compromise with a less mileage then this bike is sure to take on every bike including the pulsar or Karizma. How? Well our Bullet is having the small 24mm carburetor and is 350cc and gives 40km/lit with 18bhp of power and 32nm torque, on the other hand pulsar 220 uses a bigger 32mm carburetor and is 220cc and gives 25-30km/lit with 21bhp of power and 19-20nm of torque. So the answer is simple that we can install a bigger carb, like the 32mm carb, and get more than 25bhp with a little compromise in mileage. So this bike surely can be a great deal if you are a mean biker or may be a family person or a traveller or a college punk.

About my review: I am a mechanical engineer and I have still kept my wording and explanations in the review really simple so that anyone from a pro to a simple person can know every thing about the bike to the fullest. If I had started with my technical definitions and specifications nobody would have understood any thing, after all a person reading a review is not here to do a diploma in engineering. So the above information is the best that can be delivered. But still any one having any problem or doubt, not for just this bike but for any bike, for performance or any other thing can contact me at +91 99156 27279,

Now get out there and buy one of the beasts; the Royal Enfield Bullet Electra four speed 350…made like a gun, goes like a Bullet >>> 🙂

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  1. That was simply awesome. Since i was a kid always wanted to ride the thumpy bullet. My uncle used to have a standard. So i only liked standard version which has undergone least changes due to technological advancements. Is that true that you are getting a mileage of 40 with an electra. Due to financial issues and i have to ride around 50 km a day i settled for a GS150R. I have only rode standard bullet for about 25 km. I find the above mentioned stats of each gear is quite impractical, before 50 kmph i shifted all gears. The initial two gears were so noisy even below 30, then how can it go up to 70 in second gear. Are you saying that speed by the design of gear ratio and the topmost achievable engine rpm. After getting a job i want to own this beast i just want clear my doubts.

  2. Dear Gary,

    First of all I thank u for explanation about Royal Enfield. If u can mention details of Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350cc & 500cc EFi what is the deference between Royal Enfield Electra also which is better means Electra or EFi 349cc / 449cc. I have Electra 349 cc it goes maximum speed 120 Kmph, If I use a 32 mm it will go more than 120 Kmph because u mentioned 25 bhp for 32mm carb.

  3. hi gray……..this is sonu from delhi……in your article you said “Being tubeless, it also increases the mileage and top speed.” …. so being a mechanical engineer will you explain your words …..because as much i know about bikes “tubeless tyres decrease the mileage not increase”…………
    i m waiting

  4. Hi Bulleteers, since my childhood i had a dream of riding bullet it came true one moth ago when i rode my brothers Electra 5s, since than i’m mad of owning one(any bullet other than TB)and i’m looking for a recent year mfd(2000-10)used bullet, and i’m ready to pay upto 60k,my humble request is if u come across any genuine bullet(any model) of such maintained by a single owner near Bangalore, pls do intimate me, any suggestions on buying a used bullet? then mail me to

    Thanks for your time,and happy thumping..

  5. actually i was a little wrong….i sware and i can make upload video on you tube that electra goes to 50km/hr in first gear nd 70km/hr in second and 97km/hr in 3rd and 120km/hr in fourth…i know first i mentioned of bullet going to 40km/hr in first gear and so on in the article butt!!!!! recently after my review i came to know its capacity is more….and i do it every day……hahahaha nd thanks buddys for commenting on my fotos….

  6. and its hundred percent sure that i m getting 40km/lit mileage….but when we go racing then a little decrease in mileage is must…..and guys guess what my younger brother has got an apache rtr160 nd every time we race i leave him in smoke….hahaha after two three races he is now not asking for any races…..and today i rode a pulsar 180 17bhp model and guess whatt??….it still cant take my electra..but yamaha r15 pulsar 220 nd karizma pgm fi are still fast…but its not a racing bike remember??…but still if you guys want to race then keep in mind that..1)you must be single rider when racing,means no one should be sitting at the back seat..2)your and your opponents wieght should be almost same,imagine you are 100kg and you opponent is 50kg…ride the bike to full rpm and then change gears…

  7. aah about tubeless tires….i think you dont know the meaning of tubeless it means that tube is absent and then resulting tire is able to bond with the rim more accurately….this means better performance better mileage…..lets see this the other way round,have anybody seen the worlds fastest car with a tube tire,have anybody seen the worlds most efficient car with tube tires???….no!! absolutely not!!…becoz this is not possible…tubeless tires are far more advance compared to tube tires….i am not telling this that i have heard or read this…but i am telling this becoz i have practically experienced this..not only this!! but i have researched on the effect of different air pressures on tire…no joking!! this is true..but tyre should be a good quality one…why all automobile companies are putting tubeless tires??..becoz they are efficient…they are not putting on some small bikes becoz of their price..hope you are satisfied

  8. Gary, a Hilarious review! Had me LOL all the while reading about braking-performance-wheel modification-mileage-racing-carburetors& power etc. I really enjoyed the Mechanical engineer joke.
    cheers !!

  9. Putting Allow wheels on a Bullet is sacrilege and kills the looks of the beast. Still i’m from the old school 4 speed gearbox left-hand side brakes and kick start the electra is a reproduction Bullet not a real deal. I also hear that spares for the new engine are allot harder to come by.
    While i was in Delhi i bought a second hand 2004 bullet loved it so much i’ve taken it back to Hong Kong with me.I am 50 English living now in Hk and have dreamed of owning an old British style bike since my teens the bullet with its 1950 styling was a dream come true. during my 1 1/2 years in Delhi i stripped it down rebuilt the engine and resprayed it. I don’t think i ever went over 60 on it, you didn’t need to the bike was built to ride/cruse not just to get from A to B. British designed Indian built to me this bike is part of English and Indian folkore so glad it is still is being built.
    Still great article and a great bike i expect the Electra is a bit more reliable and i expect more in touch in its styling with the younger buyer.

  10. i agree with u tim but belive me electra IS RELIABLE…and regarding the alloys …..everyone has its unique sense of styling…nowadays even the classic american choppers have moved to alloys…nowadays here means since 1970s….sooooo…i think its time to move on with new generations and still be with the classic…also rebuit things are not good as the the new ones and not to mention the RE motors have changed alot in the engine like compressionratio nad the materials ..pistons etc…so electra is is is is is much more reliable….because if a bike can take my rough driving then it can take anyones , i mean m a fannnnnnn of this thing!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Hi folks,
    my dad s eager to get a bullet only for me,,, its not dat i dun like it but d thing is m not heavy n tall build up… cjal leave it….
    i have following queries….
    1)- NO FUEL METER…man will dat be a problem, coz i think its damn necessary..instead of AMP meter dey shud introduce fuel guage in new electra twinspark…
    2) 35+ s a must..???!!!
    3) since d bike s heavy,, will it be a problem in traffic..
    4) m a weekend getaway type rider,, so mostly in city riding..
    will it be okay for me.. M 5’7″ ft so folks PLS HELP
    fast reply.

    • hi rishi,

      I have a Green Bull Machismo, i ride it every day to gym and clubbing at weekends.

      if you worried about size i am just 5.5″ with a Athletic body but even if i was 5 i would always have a bull…………

      Just today on my way back from the gym I was hit by a Toyota qualis on the sides but my BULL saved me and the qualis has a bad bumper now………..

      Some people have bikes and some are bull riders………..



  12. if you want dat type of bike u shud take classic 500 ….its got fuel indicator nd its damm easy to ride nd its got enormous mileage nd power for city nd for touring nd its not as high as electra coz its wheels are small like the pulsar and apaches

  13. hi..
    thanks for those information.
    i am having bullet 350 and i want to know if i can replace carburetor with fuel injection system and if i can how ll it effect the millage and performance of my bike.

  14. Hi,

    Gary Very Nice Review Buddy & The Spokes are looking too good.

    I am going to buy Thunderbird next month so will U pls suggest me which one to buy Electra Or ThunderBird.

    Regards : Th. Vishwajeet

  15. Hi Bull Lovers,

    The ongoing discussion is really fantastic and informative. I too ownes an Electra 2008 Modl(silver colour) and finds it very hard to digest that Gary bull can touch speed of 70kmp/h at second gear!! If you touch that speed in second gear than hats off to you man…(but you should also acknowledge the fact that at this speed in second gear …the bull produce enormous noise!!).

    I also second with above comments of Rishi that its AMP meter should changed with Fuel guage meter. Practicaly all of us need Fuel meter rather than AMp meter….don’t know what other feels but personaly I feels Enfield should now bring this change in coming models…

    Now…I need some expert advise on modifying my Bull colour to full chrome (including fuel tank, headlight cover, battery and air filter cover. Guys can anyone help me as how can I get this job done…is there any place in delhi where I can get chrome/steel colour all over my bull?

    Awaiting your expert advise….

  16. Hi..
    Could you please provide me a reference of a good modifier for electra who could offer a reasonable rates. Major modification expected as of now are:
    Aloy wheel
    Tubeless tire

  17. Get three spoke parado alloys ..remember parado not rado……rado is shitt wheels…..tubeless tyres rear mrf meteor theres only one for bullet so no need to ask size shave of little of swing arm of bullet to prevent tyre touching swing arm…put new seat from dealership for excellen finish cost is 1400 only…..Silencer new with no glass wool old type small tank silencer with widet exhaust…if you cant get it any where you can get it in my city bathinda…because here bullets are common like herohonda……

  18. Hey Gary,

    superb review, good for any beginner looking out to venture into the royal enfield range.

    Are you still having the electra or have you moved to a newer version.

    I am planning to buy the twinspark electra or maybe the classic 500 which one would you suggest in terms of value for money, maintenance and ride quality

  19. by kooking at the silver electra with black alloys its superb……
    still now i loved thunderbird. by sawing your bike i think electra is better.
    is that possible to install a back rest like thunder bird in electra?

  20. hi..

    please i am still waiting……

    can anyone tell me is it possible to replace carburetor with fuel injection system…..

  21. i dont know is it possible or not. but it need extra care fo FI. Ordinary mechanic cant repair FI system. so think before go.

  22. Hi gary
    Great review and great photos with mag wheels. I am great fan of Enfield bikes even though i do not own one. One suggetion- they would have changed the signature tail end light design at least in this bike. It looks like an old army vehicle.

  23. Hi gary, Bullet Electra is my dream and i love to ride this and my dream is becoming true in next 5 to 6 days. Can u tell me please which one is better Bullet Electra 350 or Bullet Electra 5s. I am impressed with your sharing information about bullet electra please tell me as soon as possible i am waiting for your response.

  24. tell me that you want reliability and mileage or you want thump and torque along with the last engines which are stopping to be build…so sad… then choose yours

  25. Hello Gary,

    I have a bullet 350 and am planning to upgrade to tubeless tires.

    Can you please give me the brand/make of the rims you used and also which MRF tyre you have used for both front and rear wheels?

  26. Hello My Friend Gary,

    I have mailed you about the manufacturing of bullet 350 4s and still I have not received any response from your side. Please help me to buy bullet 350 4s, in delhi i have talk to a dealer and he said bullet 350 4s is no more. Please can u help me to buy this beast. I am crazy about this beast. Please respond at my mail id. I m waiting …….


    @ Atul Chaudhary : Yes that’s true that the electra 4s models are no more available and it has been replaced by the 5s twinspark model.

    @ Abbas : I tried checking with multiple dealers for the availability of tubeless tyres for bulet electra (19″ or 18″) from a trusted brand. But none of the renound companies manufacture the tubeless tyres for Bullet yet (Gary, plz correct me if I am wrong). For the alloys, I recently got Parado Alloys 19″ fitted in my new bullet electra 5s. But, there is a cosmetic problem in them, as bullet has now changed the chain location from left to right side, but the alloys were manufactured for the models having the chain at the left, which results in placing the wheels with opposite spoks direction. Parado has yet not updated them. I would advice you to wait for a while to get it rectified instead of ending up as an unsatisfied customer after investing that amount.

    • Buying new electra will come in 5 to 6 days so had to ask that my local dealer zip saying that alloy wheels don’t come with black finish and also is indori dolki good could any 1 tell wher i can get a good customizer in nashik also nice review Gary

  28. Hello Atul,

    Unfortunately this is true, this bike has been discontinued. Unless you can find someone who has an old stock (highly unlikely), you are out of luck. The only Electra available now is the twinspark one.

    I faced the same dilemma as you when I went to buy a Bullet 350 earlier this month. It has been discontinued and now it comes with new UCE engine. I decided to buy a 2nd hand one, so I bought a 88 model bull and overhauled it. It cost me as much as a new one, but it works as a new one and feels great.

    So you will have to make a choice on either buying a new model or getting hold of a 2nd hand one. Just remember that both bikes are very different.

  29. Hello Arun,

    Thanks! My bullet is 350 88 standard model with left hand side chain, so should be good for me:-). What would you suggest for tyres?

  30. Hi All,

    I ve just bought a new RED ELECTRA TS…So far I was passionate about only cars and not shown much interest in two wheelers. Now after owning a RE i completely fell in love with it and like to drive it as much as i can. I m a slow driver goes only upto 50 – 60 km/hr.. Any suggessions at wat speed levels i should shift the gears for better mileage (5 gears).. Thanx.

    • Hi Vimal,

      I also have a 5s bullet electra but whenever i apply fifth gear, the speed which i observe is not les than 60km/h. There is no way u can increase the mileage in this bike as u need to apply clutch every now and then in cities but if u ride it in highways then this is the best machine that u can get.Believe me i drive 44 kms everyday and come thru toll bridge which connects delhi and noida and everyday i touch 13km/h speed on that.Bullet is no doubt a nice bike but the maintenance is very high.It takes a lot of money out of ur pocket but riding a thumper is amazing.

  31. Hello Gary, it’s great to run into another Enfield enthusiast but there’s a couple of points I’d disagree with you on ( no hard feeling’s ok ? ) . Alloys are great for tarmac but are a bloody pain to ride on if you choose to go off road a bit. Spoked or wire wheels as they call it are much better for rough uneven roads . I’d consider any bullet giving more than 35kmpl running lean as optimum tuning results in fuel returns between 30 and 35 kmpl. As for Bullets giving Karizma’s or Pulsar 220’s a run… no way ! They’d leave us in the dust with better power to weight ratios, higher compression ratio’s and better gearing ratios and power delivery across the rpm band. By the time we really get thumping they’d be long gone ; ( .
    Dont mind my saying so …and to make up for my negative comments you can have a copy of Peter Snidal’s Enfield manual if you dont have one already. Happy motorcycling always mate 🙂 !!

  32. hey bro……..

    gud resarch …… i m also bullet owner and u know my bike no is mh 08 x 9999…..

    he tell me r u fitting the magwheel of classic ????

  33. Hi,
    I had bought a Bullet Electra 5s on Aug. 2007. My bull gives me 25km average per liter and if i raise then below 20. i am doing all my servicing with authorized service center of Bullet at P.R Enterprise at Mahim Mumbai. Please advice how to increase the average of my Bullet.

  34. Hey friend…

    Keep up the great heart of sharing good thing with others…

    Great sharing….. Can u help me in suggesting on, which engine oil suits the Bullet Electra 350-5 gears(2007 model)…?

  35. Hi Abbas,

    Sorry for being late…
    In case you have an older version of bull with the chain at left side, then I don’t see any reason to stop you going for it. For tyres, I couldn’t find one for the new model owned by me. But as per Gary’s comment # 27 above, it should be fine for the older models atleast.

    Good luck mate..


  36. gary,
    Nice one i also have the silver elctra but i want to know the difference in manufacture of the ullets supplied to army and to the normal citizens, they say its made of heavy guage to MAKE IT MORE RUGGED IS IT SO………WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE

  37. hi gary…
    i want ur help..
    i m using bullet electra 2006 4s…nd using a heavy rear tyer…..what does it effect my bull engine….avrg doesnt matter…nd other one is tapper problem ,it always making noise ..tik..tik…tik….even i used to tight them in every 3-4 days….what i do…thanks…
    nd really thanksfull to u..because u r a true guide for me to know my bull well…..take care…

  38. Hi all,
    I have purchased bullet electra 5s 2011 model, i am facing a serious problem with bike,
    when i increase speed after changing gears, it dies,
    Does any one having the same problem???

  39. Hi Gary,

    I want to own a bullet with left side brakes since i believe that the beauty of the bullet is its left side brake option which makes it unique and different from other bikes. Could you please let me know if it is available in the market or not

  40. @Deep, the left side break Bullets (according to me the only real Bullets) have been discontinued. You can still find a used one and get it overhauled. I bought a 1980s model a few months back and its a great feeling to ride it:-)

  41. hi to all, I want own a bullet 350 (used older model) . As bullets are very common in Punjab , can i get an average bullet under 25k…. definitely i’m expecting a mileage of around 35kmpl..

    thank you

  42. hey,,,

    dude someone told me that, insted of buying a brand new bullet,get a old one of around 30000 nd modify it.

  43. Hi Men.. &.. No Gentlemen because only rugged men drive Royal Enfield.. I own a 1998 STD RE, that is amazing.. I am very curious about: shanthakumar’s comments posted on February 7, 2011 at 1:37 pm regarding difference between Royal enfield given to civilians and army. As I am planning to buy one Enfield sold in auction by army…. Please comment..Thanks and enjoy THUMP….

  44. Nice article….am planning to buy one ……but these days the wait time is around 3 months..I have asked for a test ride for electra 350 and the UCE 350 ( not the classic as its a single seater). Will decide after the test drive on which one to pick

  45. sir,
    i own a thunderbird twinspark 2010, i need to change from tube tires to tubeless ones, suggest me on tires also is it really required to move to alloys from the rims with which i’m acceptably comfortable ?? If yes, suggest me alloys also..

    i cant extend my budget more than 8k… Reply asap, its urgent… planning a solo spiti in september..

  46. gary boss,
    your reviews are awesome. I rode a machismo before for 4 years and now i am having electra silver. I have a question for you if u could help me bullet was working properly before, recently it started missing, like I drive and decrease acclerator it sometimes gives a sound like “jiss” i hope u understand… past it happened only one two time , but now it misses often, i got it services but still the problem is there…..
    can u tell me why it happens.
    thanx in advance.

      • dear rdx
        i am using the bullet for 8 years now.
        dnt worry ur bull is absolutely fine.
        needs a servicing, put engine oil as castrol gtx
        very good oil..service ur carbureator, keep ur engine idling slow but continous. else every thing is ok. if u have point setting then no problem but if u have direct setting then do by a expert mechanic and not the local people.
        ur missing prob will stop imid. as u service ur carbeurator.
        Also 1 personal advise to every 1, fill petrol from Hp or club hp petrol pump, its good coz bharat and indian oil mix additives to the existing petrol, which effects the engine immersely.

  47. your bullet is awesome black alloy is very nice……..showroom ke bahar lagvae h alloy kitna kharcha pda bro??????………..on road price kitne thi apki bullet ki???

  48. Hi, Gary,

    wonderful review. I am not fully tech savvy but die hard fan of bullet from childhood, willing to buy new one. I am very much attracted to classic 350, can you give more information about maintenance charge, Mileage in city and highway. Or any other information u would think which will help new buyer. Hoping for your reply. Thanks brother. 🙂

    Thank you!

  49. Hi Gary

    This was the most informative review and good practical comments that everyone have shared…. thank you for those 🙂

    I have booked a classic 350 with a 11 month waiting in mumbai. Now the problem is that most of the royal Enfield enthusiasts give a good review….. and that is because they take all the problems they face like oil leaking, missing beat and other issues as normally “will have to face” kind of a thing.

    I am an owner of a Honda Unicorn since past 7 years (first lot without self start) and i have actually abused the bike terribly (infrequent services, non maintainance and so on) without having to face any issues at all.. mainly because i was never bothered about giving time to the bike…. but it has stuck with like a brother and just can bet my life on the bike kinda thing

    Now shifting to an Enfield i know that it will need a lot more time and effort and am kinda ready for it… but then the main question is about how reliable is it eventually?

    Recently i met a friend riding the classic 500 and had to sell it in less than a year after he bought it. He was almost in tears because of the hardships he had to face (the poor guy’s engine gave up on him in almost 6 months.. the pistons got stuck or something)

    i have listed the practical issues that he told me…

    1. the engine issue… the bike was in the garage for more than a week to rectify. poor guys engine had to be opened up after just six months of buying it and the average dropped down from 25 kmpl to 15 kmpl after that !!
    2. the rear suspension is quite low with not so good shock absorbers and every bump on the (mumbai) road is very badly felt
    3. the wiring for the tail light goes from under the rear mudguard and he had got the rear shock absorbers loosened to reduce the bumps. it so happened that due to this the tires would hit the mudguard and that damaged the wires over the months… while riding if he switched on the headlight or used the indicator the bike would just die (and it took almost three months for the Enfield mechanics to just REALIZE what the problem was; forget solving it.
    4. Leaking oil from the engine top/cap

    Then there was more but thats all that i can remember for now though

    Definitely there are problems with the 500cc FI engine but in terms of reliability it makes no sense spending so much and then you are down in the dump. The way i look at it, is that buying this bike would mean that i would like to use it for more than the next ten years surely and maybe this would be the last bike i own… but with so many mixed and drastic reviews i am absolutely scared to invest not only money but also the time and most importantly the extra effort that will go with it…. (coz frankly putting the effort to improve/upgrade something in the bike is fun.. but to put double the effort to solve something that should obviously not have gone wrong is heart breaking)

    Can you or anyone please give an insight as in what would be the issues/difficulties that we would have to face after buying this bike so that we can make a proper decision and be ready for the worst and not end up crying over it after we bought it… because even though there is a high possibility that one person was just unlucky, but eventually if anything at all that we are not prepared for happens, its a 100% loss for us

    Please advice
    cheers 🙂

    • Bro…Ur friend has told u the truth..Riding re is a great fun but giving it unreasonable time and that tooo for fixing its problems really gives pain.I had a plan to buy re clssic but dropd the plan and got avenger 220….. as its very very comfortable n very reliable.I went to two different showrooms in kolkata n got reviews from my senior office collegues who own re 80’s model… Un fixable Oil leakage,chain problm, rusting, sudden dead engine,skidding problem,wiring problem mostly self start r sum of the common problems n ya u wont find even a fule gauge……. n getting a good mechanic to repair it is n issue….. Thouh i love re but i cant go on spending my blood money for unreasonable repairs or say company defaults…. Plz get to know from the real re owners … Just looks n thump mesmarizes u for some time but in long run u will regret for buying a costly faulty piece of metal n in kol re std is rs 111000/-,re electra is rs 123000/-, n re classic 350 is rs 135000/-… Very costly for poor me.

  50. Hi Guy’s…

    Happy to see somany Bull mania’s are there around, mee too a bull mania since my childhood and still same level of craze carried forward, i have 2nos of Bulls, 1960 G2 Engine made in England the Real King and another crown prince 1985. actual birth should be 1972 to 1975, he is an Ex Military auctioned and registered outside in 1985.

    I had never enjoyed Electra [ all electra uses excuse me including Gary] I am also against the new RE bikes which is right side Brake, electric start and few other latest technologies.
    I strongly recomend / suggest any body wish the real enjoyment of RE Bullet should be a Point start one with spokes wheel,

    coments on my thoughts are most wellcome. certainly all the coments will be from a Bull owner, all the Bull owners are my friends / mates. I love RE’s and like’s anybody who own a RE Bull.

    all the best…

      • Gary

        I know you are desperate to sell your electra, and you think i spoiled your trip.
        still i challenge, electra was an failure chapter. real RE manias love only the point start machines, pls raise your hands if any body join me.

        happy Bull ride to all Bull manias… imean Bull Owners.

  51. Hi everyone,
    I really join shivan’s comments. A real bullet ride what I enjoy is old re 350 with point set & spokes wheels. A bullet rider from the age of 10 & of my 22 yrs of riding 1000s of kms, I’d strongly advocate for shivan. but the real task is tuning in for the best performance has nowadays become a very rare, short of tasty mechanics working for performance.

  52. mujhe bike chahiye standard 350 or electra 350 2nd hand 4s .delhi., ya punjab number ho cl kr k bta dena 9871871149 name hai mera GURMEET SINGH GILL

  53. hi guys.. i own bullet electra 2009 mdl. silver color. earlier i had standard converted to electra 2001 mdl. tat ws blak clr. my new byk ie silver clr gives max avg of 30. as for as i knw tat electra gives max of 35-38km/ltr in city…. i just wanna knw hw can i increase the avg…. and i dnt find any gud and experienced mech in bangalore…. thanks guys

  54. HI….gary….
    i am planning to get R.E but i am confused with classic 350 and electra 350 please suggest me with +’s and -‘s….

  55. Hi Gary,

    Going to have the Classic 350 by the end of this month. I want to change the seat of Classic with the same of the Thunderbird. I think and feel that the seat of the TBTS is more comfortable and nice looking than that of Classic.
    Is it possible? If yes then how much will it cost?

  56. pls suggest me whethr to go with bullet classic 350 or electra UCE, keeping in view the consideration for frequent offroading.

  57. i like bullet electra because its average is very good and in looks electra is better tha standard and now its cost is1,40,000 and standard cost is 1,10000 [including everythi ng]

  58. Hi Gary/ALL

    Thanks for the review/comments.
    Knowledgeable to know only ROYAL ENFIELD can have such detailed blogs :).
    I have a StD UCE 350 with Twin-Spark Engine(New 350) and I want to upgrade my tyres from tube to tubeless.
    Can you please suggest the right dimensions and company of tubeless types?

    Also I heard about problem for parado alloys with chain on RHS.Can you please brief more on the same.

    Will appreciate the response.

  59. Hi..
    Could you please provide me a reference of a good modifier for electra who could offer a reasonable rates. Major modification expected as of now are:
    Aloy wheel
    Tubeless tire


  60. sir, I purchased new Enfield( Electrea – 350 Twinspark-, When Raiding i feel that an Engine sound like Diesel Bullet, I have Ride 1500 kms,
    why what i have to do please make clear
    thank you

  61. Dear Gary,
    I have booked Electra Twinspark on 4th January 2012 in Mumbai and have been told to wait for 6 months for the delivery. Thanks and may God Bless you for sharing the information.



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