Hi everyone, I am Abhilash Bharadwaj; Just now completed my engineering course and I would wish you to join in my journey of my passion about bikes and specially Royal Enfield. I had written a review about my first bike FZ16 in the same site for the previous review and was also selected as the fourth best by the judges.

In this article, I would like to write a story rather than a review about my First Love, a legendary machine which is ruling the streets for over many decades – The Royal Enfield – Bullet 350. Passion about Bullet and how I became a owner of a Bullet. The urge to ride this legend was over many years even before I knew it was called a Bullet.

As I was happy riding the Japanese bikes for over 7 years, I got an opportunity to ride this monster in Goa when I was on a college trip. Two of my friends along with me hired Royal Enfield bikes for a day and this was probably the point I fell in love completely with this machine. That was the day I decided that further if I ride a bike it’s gonna be a Royal Enfield.

Along with this, a video named “Riding Solo to the top of the world” by Gaurav A Jani was a great inspiration for me to own a Bullet. The bike which I hired was a 2009 model STD 350 which had a right foot gear shift and it took me time to get adjusted to this pattern. I was amazed with the performance of the bike and its capacity to pull up to 50kmph in 2nd gear.

Once I came back home I started to speak fulltime about the bike its performance and comfort and my parents were fed up of listening to the same story again and again. Finally after convincing them for over a month they agreed to get me a Bullet. Now it was my turn to decide which bull to buy. I decided to go for a 350cc itself as I have plans to do lot of touring and it needs to be economical on fuel.

My Choices Were

  • Thunderbird
  • Classic
  • Bullet STD 350
  • Bullet Electra

As this plan of getting another bike was just for the sheer passion and not for any purpose, I did not have any other options than Royal Enfield and I have observed that people who decides to go for Royal Enfield out of passion will not even compare tech specs of other bikes or do research on fuel economy or even the maintenance cost. In this regard Royal Enfield is a competitor for itself and none others are in its league.

I finally decided to go for a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 because of two reasons

  • My dad insisted me on that because of the Royal Enfield metal badge on the tank.
  • Waiting period of classic was over 10 months and I could not wait.

As all 350cc Royal Enfield’s run on the same engine, I did not have much to worry about. Finally my dad booked for a STD 350 on 9th of November 2010 in Shimoga in his friend’s showroom as he promised to get the bike within 5 months. After a painful waiting period of 4 months (thank god I got the delivery 1 month early) I got my bike on 7th march 2011. I got it packed and loaded on to a train and finally got it to Bangalore.

I named him “Hermes” which means Greek god for travelling. From here on I kick-started the most exciting journey of my life with my faithful and trusted companion a 350cc 4-stroke motorcycle. This bike made me realize that one could also fall in love with a machine and have a bonding. Let me not bore you further with my story so let me speak about the bike, its performance, positives and negatives in brief.

Review of the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 UCE

What one would like

  • Classic and elegant styling
  • Sturdy design
  • Comfort
  • Power
  • Suitable for touring
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Most suitable for Trails

What one may dislike

  • No disk brakes or self starter in STD
  • Handling is difficult for new riders
  • History of high maintenance cost of Royal Enfield
  • Too long turning radius
  • Heavy


It’s not a bike designed or upgraded periodically with the changes in the market or the customer taste. It has the same frame and same finishing as it was a few decades ago but still maintaining the presence in market because of its classic styling which takes us back to 1970’s. The badge on the tank looks great.

Initially I faced questions like is this model still available in market including from the RTO who registered the bike, as it is not sold frequently now a days because of its drum brakes and kick starter many people prefer for other models in Royal Enfield. “Handcrafted to perfection”, the paint work done in the tank is by hand and gives it a touch of elegance.


“God did not create metal to make paper clips and plastic to make bikes.!”. It should be the other way round. This logic is followed by Royal Enfield, it has a sturdy build in which plastic is used nowhere apart from mirrors and indicators. One would feel safe when on a Royal Enfield.


This probably has the best riding position which is balanced between highway riding for long distances and trails or off-road. This makes the riders prefer a Royal Enfield to ride in the highest motor able road at very tough situations in like Leh and cross other passes. “When going gets tough the tough gets going”.


There is no need for me to explain about the power of the bike. The new UCE provides a power of 19.8bhp and a torque of 28Nm. The new engine has better acceleration and provides a stable cruising at 60 miles an hour.

One should know it’s neither a commuter nor a sports bike and know the behavior of the bike and how it needs to be handled. It is the only bike which demands Respect apart from fuel.


The purpose of going for a Royal Enfield is touring, there is no fun riding a Bullet in city traffic like a commuter. One has to tour on this bike to explore its strengths and the highest level of comfort which it provides for the rider and also pillion.

It can carry up to 280kgs of load including the rider and pillion and with proper adjustments can carry luggage enough for a month of riding including tent and other equipments.


The purpose this machine was built was for military by Enfield during the world wars. Till date, Royal Enfield is supplying this machine for Indian Army and other defense organizations. So I need not tell how much this bike is suitable for trails and its tough frame with a sturdy build gives confidence off roads. To other bikers other than Royal Enfield: “You can go faster but I can go anywhere”.

Fuel efficiency

With the new engine, Royal Enfield claims a fuel efficiency of 52kmpl under road conditions (not standard test conditions). But in city riding with ignition on in traffic lights and my riding style, my bike gives a fuel efficiency of little above 40kmpl (of which I am very happy about). For a fair review I would also like to write about drawbacks of Royal Enfield.


As Royal Enfield Bullet 350 does not have either disk brakes or a self starter as a option, people riding other bikes may feel little uncomfortable as they have adjusted for lot of comfort on their plastic bikes. It is huge bike which is 7ft long and a wheel of size 19” and a weight of about 180kg with fuel and oil make handling for new bikers a difficult issue and one may feel it not practical to ride a Bullet in city traffic.

Maintenance of RE bikes as observed has been high and one need to care about the bike like a kid and cannot just ride it and forget it. Cost of maintenance has a great issue with Royal Enfield but now they claim their new engines are better in terms of maintenance. UCE bikes lacks in Thump provided by the old cast iron engines.


There is no need to advice any Bulleteers about his riding style or skills as all the Bulleteers would be matured enough in their riding style unlike other bikers with just enthusiasm. “Boys ride toys, men ride Bullet”.

For people who are thinking to own a Bullet; go for a Royal Enfield only if you have passion for a Royal Enfield otherwise it may not be a pleasant ownership experience. All the owners would have faced lot of problems but their passion which is tons greater than problems have made them keep their bike even for decades.


Other bikers may feel Bullet is a piece of crap in a outdated design but only Bulleteers or anyone having passion towards a Bullet will know how one truly feels when he is on a Bullet and on the road leaving the crowds behind. In this bike I have traveled very little of about 1700km in these 3 months.

I am a part of Royal Indians Enfield Owners Club and have done few short rides. But I can assure that it’s a great machine and one would truly enjoy every minute spent with this bike. Hoping to do lot of touring and trails on this bike, I would like to end this review by sharing a quote. “Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out of a car window”.

Before finishing off this review I would like to thank all the people involved in production, design and maintenance of this Legend, all the workers in Chennai plant for giving us a great machine “Royal Enfield”. I am proud of being an owner of the oldest existing motorcycle brand in the world.

“Biking is not all about speed; it’s about Passion, Respect, Love. And sense of Freedom”.

I would like some suggestions from all the readers especially Deepak Raj about any improvements which can be brought about.

I would look forward for all your comments and suggestions. Ride safe, Ride Royal.

Abhilash Bharadwaj

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  1. A very good choice with the Bullet, you cant go wrong with it. But the noise of the UCE engine is no where close to the fantastic cast iron thump.

  2. Well this is a super cool review…..its spellbounding……and the quotes dey r super awesome……dude ur great……..evn am a royal enfield owner n i can understand ur feelings……btw all ur quotes are totally right

  3. i booked my thunderbird twinspark on 8th feb 2011 and on 21 feb 2011 showroom people called me and told that my bike was ready for its delivery…

  4. I owned a bullet for 20 years. I lived with every beat of it. I still love it, cherish the memory of it. My son learned to stand up holding the saree guard, started learning alphabets and numerals reading its rear number plate. He was 3 years old and travelled at a stretch 130 K.M. from Trichy to Salem sitting in the front with out a hick up or complaint – perhapas he just enjoyed it and decided to start his blog named bikeadvice.in-I will come with my bullet story sometimes later when I find some free time. Hello Editor in Chief, please publish this with out editing…

  5. I think TBTS Was better in many ways exept the retro looks. TBTS has disk breaks, good rider position, pillion backrest, cruiser looks etc.

  6. Neat review. I own a Cast Iron Bullet Electra 5-speed since October 2009. Bullet is truly a go-anywhere bike. I totally agree with you that the legendary THUMP is missing in the UCE engines, try fitting the old Bullet 350 silencer or better go for a BSA Goldstar silencer.

    • I am thinking of a pune goldie..
      many of my club fellow riders suggested to go for that only after 5000km.. so waiting desperately..

  7. @Prabakar Any idea what is the fuel efficiency of thunder bird?

    Also surprised to see the fuel efficiency of Bullet under review

    • According to the company the figure of 52kmpl was tested with a TBTS..
      And i think it will give nothing less than 40 to 42kmpl..

    • @hari,
      sorry Mr.Hari, i dont own a TBTS. But i realy love its cruiser looks. My friend owns a TBTS, & he says tat it ill give you a solid 40 kmpl on long trips.

  8. I also like this Great Bike and Continously planning to Purchase it.

    Thanks to Deepak.
    By the way, waiting for some fine review by Kanagu Sir.

  9. oneting is true brother only people with true passion for RE go for it orelse if u wanna show off never ever tink abt it my sincere advice…i own tbts n i know how much care n love it needs….
    Hey abhilash if am nt wrong even ur dad once posted a review abt bullet right???
    n a great review man…n could u please explain wat made u go for UCE as most people in love with CI wont even tink abt owning a UCE….

    • Yup.. my dad has great memories with the name Royal Enfield..
      He started his career working in a bullet showroom..
      I tried desperately for a old CI bull but could not get it below 60k for a 15 year old model, so i thought of goin for a new one as i’m gonna retain it for really a long time..

  10. A good review by abhilash. I have owned 4 bullets since 1983 (i was 19 then). I just purchased a new twin spark electra, done only 3000 kms. Though there were some mechanical glitches but thanks to the are team and the head of service, all has been taken care of. Some of the problems were because of the negligence at the assembly point. I would like to believe that spark motion in bombay central is the best service point here. They are knowledge able and know the bike inside out like no other. Once you ride a bullet you would always ride a bullet, and no other.
    I have just given away my bike to a friend, because he wated one and could not wait for the delivery, and i am now in two minds to either the buy the new 500 cc or wait for the 650cc re coming in this year or just go ahead with a harley davidson.
    Cheers to all bullet owners.
    Jahangir yar khan

  11. Its nice to see that here….. the review and comments are with grown up man. Otherwise I find when someone review other bikes (ZMR, Pulusr, Apache, R15 etc)… Comments comes in ‘for and against’ in such a way as that seems to be the noise of fish-market posted in writing. Everyone play their own tune, no respect for others view….That way Indian Men only ride Bullets… this is not for kids…..

  12. First of all congratulations on your bike and wonderful and awesome review I have read. Yeah, want to own one Enfield and will own some day. Thank you once again and enjoy the baby……Cheers!!!!!!

  13. i am proud owner of Royal Enfield thunderbird…its like love at first sight when it zoomed over me while commuting to my office…i didn’t even look for any reviews and suggestions…i just went up to southern motors at chennai and booked it…after a waiting period of three months, I brought the beast to my stable..like a real beast, it took a while for me to tame it…whenever i took it for a ride, i felt being like a king…i couldn’t believe myself that i rode it over 20000 kms in a very short period of time by daring to forgo the warranty…lucky for me, it didn’t give any major troubles…

  14. I never had a chance to ride bullet on highways, but did off-roading and loved the ride. The comfort was great and the best part is, the bike is stable on the uneven, muddy and small stones covered stretch. Coming to review, it is both emotional and practical. It has covered all the practical points of the bike, narrated in an emotional tone. Great review and have happy biking Abhilash 🙂

  15. Great review… Especially about the line which say about plastic bike. My manager owns 2 of these (machismo 500 & Classic 500). Even he says the same about the plastic bike… Losers commute WE (bullet owners) RIDE. I booking my bullet next month…:)

  16. hi abhilash
    dude fiirst of all congrats for choosing the right bike and also welcome to the RE extended family. u hav written a fantastic article n actually penned wat i feel everyday. after going thru ur writing i hav realised that we the owners of RE go thru the same kind of feeling and probably thats the reason we r an extended family. keep up this spirit n hope to see u someday at some point of this world. till then happy thumping……

  17. Hello Mr. Abhilash,

    I am Root and I have owned my Harley for 14 and half years and I’d first of all like to tell you that you ‘ve good writing skills, and i can see your love towards your bike by respecting and loving it and let me tell 1st my relater has an enfield and I love it. But I am not seeing the same for other bikers which can be seen with your immature comment in advice part by comparing other bikes with toys, so I’d like to tell you first of all try giving respect to other bikes as a matured rider. Let me tell each and everybody loves their bike as you love so try giving respect to other bikes which may be cruising, racing or even the city bikes. And if you truly like to be a biker then be a biker.

    And also I will agree with your words as you say biking is not about only speed but it is also respecting, loving your bikes and I’d also tell you respecting other ones too and of-course you cant love others I think! I know you love your bike as everybody does but that should not be coming in wrong ways. And I would like to tell you that main part of every bikes i.e engine are made of metal and believe me they are not plastics and let me say I can see plastics in your bike for your wellness.

    I really felt bad by knowing your thinking towards others bikes as owner of two different bikes which was your dreams. Each and every bike has its own limits like it may be legends of biking like harley or yamaha or honda.

    Hope you will understand what a true biker does and if not let GOD give peace to you!!!!!!!!

    Finally I’d like to tell all bikers one thing and that is love only your owned bikes, respect other bikes and enjoy riding and respect other sports also as said by Ernest Hemingway.

    You start the game with a full pot o’ luck and an empty pot o’ experience…
    The object is to fill the pot of experience before you empty the pot of luck.

    Harley Root.

    • Hello Mr. Root

      Let me clarify few things to you.
      1. Enfield has been a part of this country and grown up with this culture for ages and we Indians respect it. ( in the same way how Harley has been a part of USA)

      2. On a Enfield 500cc bike with no engine modifications Indian army has set a record of travelling with 54 militants on a single bike for over 1km (earlier record was 47 men on a 1200cc Harley by Brazilian army).

      3. Anyone would be proud to own a machine which shares history of this great country.

      4. I too had 3 bikes before and I definitely loved them.

      5. And finally i would like to tell that ‘ you would not have mentioned you are owner of a Harley if you dint feel that its different from the Japanese and it shows that u are proud of owning a Harley which also has a history of over a century.

      Anyway, thank you for your suggestion.

      • Hi Abhilash,
        Neat write up here mate. I enjoyed reading it and could related to your experience as a fellow bull rider. I again agree with you on the pride and history associated with the RE brand (well thats the reason it still sells without much technical enhancements). However I want to highlight what Mr Root was trying to convey here. I think he just meant that we being bikers ‘must’ have respect for other riders and their rides. No matter how metal or plasticky they are:) Just like you I have owned few other bikes (and ridden way more than that) and still like them for what they have to offer. Now I love Enfield for what it is:) A pain to maintain compared to new Jap bikes, but thats what makes me like it even more. So as we praise or show our affection for the Bull, lets not look down upon other rides. Thats all. And to end with, Kudos for your post and I will eagerly wait for your future posts:)

        God speed,

  18. Can anybody help me out in this,
    Iam riding splendor from couple of years, but i like bullet and i want to own it. But my concern is about weight and handling bullet while riding… is it so heavy and tuff to handle while riding?

    • if u r carrying your splendor it would be tough for you to own a enfield, but on the other hand if you are riding it then you are eligible to own a enfield of which you will be proud.

    • Definitely not..
      One thing to keep in mind is the rider need not push the bike. So its easy to ride a bullet as any other bike but needs a longer turning radius.

  19. My heart starts thumping when ever I see a Royal Enfield around. I got the same feeling when I read your story Truly amazing, written very nicely……
    I would not stop here just by praising your words, I have a small story to share..
    Although I can’t write so well, but I feel, that I don’t need good vocabulary and greater grammatical skills to express my love, Respect for the Bull.

    Before starting my story, Let me tell you people that I am not an owner of Royal Enfield.
    My love affair started with this beast some 7 years back when, I completed my high school studies and my parents for the first time thought of giving a “Serious thought” to get me a two wheeler. At that time my love for this beast was not so true, it was more of a infatuation, but some thing was there.
    Although I didn’t got my beast at that time, as I was not a good rider. I realized that I don’t deserve a RE.
    Years rolled on my love for her grew stronger and stronger, I completed my MBA in 2010, still not an owner of a Bull, and you guys would be amazed to know I had never ridden a Bull till July 2011.
    It was 1 July 2011, I rode my sweetheart for the first time, a very close friend of mine arranged a Bullet and we two went on a biking expedition, I was just a 400 km run uphill.
    I have no words to describe my first date with my sweetheart‘s cousin sister (read someone other’s Bull). It was simply amazing, best ever moment of my life. We came back after 3 days riding downhill this time. You could not differentiate the thumping sound of the bull and my heart.
    Today 9 Sept, 2011 ,I still don’t have my own bull, but I have something that keep my charged and excited all the time and that is MY LOVE, MY RESPECT and MY Commitment for the BULL.

    Ankit Malhotra

  20. hi Abhilash First of all Coingrats for the Bullet Bike its really Amazing, Abhilash can u plsss let me know the Keychen of bullet shape from where u bought these .give me the address na plss

    • It was not a key-chain. Its basically a fired cartridge of a double barrel Gun.
      I just joined two of them to get metal cap at two ends.

  21. KEEP TRIGGERING UR bullet toughts abhi…..aftr looking on to ur words i eel pitty why i selled my 97model engine….hav to get an engine soon….thanks abhi for ur inspiration…..

  22. abhi ,,small clarification…ur bike seems to be left footed gear, wheather right footed gear is available in the market? and if u know please share the price of standard 350cc right footed gear machine…..

    • Thank you MC Prasad,

      All the models now with UCE have left footed gear.
      Now right foot gear shift is not available in the market.

  23. Mr. Abhilash,
    I am planning to buy a RE Bullet 350cc. Please advice me which model will be suitable for me. I owned Rajdoot for 8 years and for last 10 years on Yamaha YBX. Will I face any problem to handle the great machine at Kolkata Roads? Should I go for the second hand bike or a brand new one? Looking forward to your kind advice.
    Best Wishes.

    • Mr. Parthasarathi

      All 350cc bulls are same now.
      so you can select any of the bikes depending on your riding style and taste.

      Pre-owned Bullets should be carefully selected by consulting a proper Mechanic.
      They are cast Iron engines (Should spend more time for maintenance but feel wise they are the best compared to the UCE)

      Its very Easy handling once u get used to it (Takes hardly 2 or 3 days to get used to)

      Ride Safe Ride Royal

  24. Dear Abhilash,
    My Problem is same as of you or many other Enfield Lovers…
    From my Child hood I have Passion about this bike, STD Model is my only choice,
    Bro. Request you to please write me back that, is it possible to install disk brakes and self starter in this 350 UCE STD model with out changing Front MUD GARD and shock Absorber.
    Thanks and lots of regards….
    Narendra Singh

    • Sure, you can change to disk brakes at the cost of about 7k and you can install a Self starter.
      Only front hub will be changed and nothing else.


  25. Hi Abhi,
    I love this review. Very well written. Your words will inspire any bullet rider/owner. I am proud to own my 1993 model 350cc std for last 7 years. Wish luck to all bullet lovers…

  26. Thanks for the reply… your bike crash guard is different.. It neatly fits into the grove . In most guards the below clamps are parallel to ground.. So the upper bar is slightly below.. So there is a gap between the bar and frame.. In your case the upper bar touches the frame.. if you observe closely (as per the photo 7) .. Please let me know where did you.. (contact or dealer name or shop name).. Thanks once again

    • I got the crashbar in the same place where i got my bike

      Apollo Enterprises
      Muslim Hostel Complex Sir M.V. Road Shimoga – 577



  27. Hai Abilash

    Have You Ride Cast Iron Engine- 350??? If not Ride it Then You will Undestand What Are the Diffrence. In my Visibility UCE bullet like a Chinese Bike This UCE no have actual BULLET POWER & PERFOMANCE THAT’S WHY I ADVICED YOU RIDE CAST IRON BULLET

  28. Hi Abhilaash…………….great riview about bull…………thaanks……..may I know how is the milage perfomence of your bull……..?

  29. Dear Abhilash,
    Even i won a RE 350 bike, just like u… it is one of the meticulously built machine. i had a 81 model bullet which i sold off due to mechanincal issues… this new UCE is really good and fine to do with. this really makes every one see and turn on me when i go on this road…. sould really accept that Royal Enfield is the king of highways and it is the symbol of manhood… enjoy riding. keep posted…. happy riding

  30. Hi Abhilash..gud review. I have booked my classic 350 and waiting for the delivery this week. As its same engine like urs plz tel me the milleage.
    Do and Dont for the better milleage.

    thanks in advance.

    • Dear vinodh,
      mileage as said by RE is 53km. for this u need to ride in 40-50km speed. if u go beyond 75km, u will get 40km and not more than that. adjust the carburettor’s fuel flow so that u get good mileage. all the best

    • Mileage with goldie silencer –
      37kmpl in city
      43kmpl on highway

      Just ride hard and safe buddy 🙂
      Never worry about the Mileage !!

      Just accelerate slowly during run-in

      • Bro
        I have a enfield machismo.CI engine . My problem is the engine gets very hot even if I run it less than 2 kms and takes more than half an hour to get cool.moreover the mileage is not even ten. I love riding this but this mileage burns my pocket . Can some one please help.

  31. Bharadwaj I really experience what is RE STD 350. Thanks for u r review which compelled me to book RE STD UCE 350 TS 300 kms away from my home place though showroom is 5 kms from my residence only for a promise of delivery in one month. Everyday I was being interviewed by atleast 5 people (men & women) even for one month since i started moving with my darling.

  32. Hi Abhilash..gud review.
    My name is Den and I am from Kerala.
    I got the same 350 STD last week. I rod it around 250 Kmtr. But the thumb is not much satisfied. I want to change the silencer after touching 500 kmtr. Dear abhi pls advise me which would you prefer? the old Bullet 350 silencer or BSA Goldstar silencer or company short bottle one. (I want good thump without effecting huge mileage change)

  33. Got my Dream Bull Royal Enfield 350 STD which has completed its service in Defence now am proud to Raid on my roads.

  34. Hi Abhilash,

    Nice review. I have booked my classic 350 and waiting for the delivery next month. My dream, I want to go leh ladakh with my bullet. In June I will go to Valley of Flower, Uk.

    keep writing…:)

  35. HI

    I purchased my first Royal Enfield at the age of 21 , that time it was a passion of young blood ,
    & I enjoyed the same up to 3 years n due to some reason I sold it !

    After 13 years

    Now my son is 6 yr old & in spite of so many sporty option available in the market , one day he said
    Dad “ I like this DUG.. DUG.. DUG.. sound”

    Believe me , I don’t know why but I booked one “Royal Enfield” std. 350.

    That’s Life circle

  36. Hi Abhilash,
    I need your valuable advice.My friend is selling 96 model bullet 350 cc & intrested to buy.Reason for selling his bike – He met with an accident & got his legs factured.There is no one who can use this bike so he decided to sell.

    Kindly suggest what is the suitable price to buy this bike.bike needs re-paint work.What is the repainting cost & labour charges i know its very city to city but gives me the idea.

    • Hi Vimal,

      >Cost of the cast iron bull depends on the buyer.
      >So u decide wat price u think its worth.
      >One of my friend is quoting a price of 70k for a 1991 model in good condition.
      If u r buying from a fren of yours then 40 – 45 k will be a good deal keeping in mind the restoration work.
      >It may cost you approx 30-35k for complete restoration of the bike.

      Ride safe

  37. I am in a doubt to buy which bike, but now no dbt, going to book a new Bullet 350
    Thanku for the informations, shall i know the total money that i should spend for buying a bullet

  38. Hey Abhilash,
    Very nice review. Would be an understatement to say that ” I love the RE”, actually learnt my two wheeler driving on an RE (my uncle’s). Since then it never left me. I did book a Classic 350 a month back and expecting it by Dec 2012 or Jan2013. Would like to know more about the “Royal Indian Enfield club” and if I can become a member of it now itself or need to wait till my classic 350 arrives?
    Let me know.

  39. Hi Abhilash
    Congrats for your bull. I am also its fan. Looking for some advice. Confused bw std and electra. Is electra worth 10k more.? Is std comes with left side gear shifting? What is uce in layman’s language?

  40. Is it true that modified silencer should be used only after 1 year atleast from the day of purchase so as to let the engine setting take palce in its own time? when I went for change of silencer with a single mufler modified 1 the mechanic advised me so. my bike is classic 35o, 2 months old, 1200 km run. please advise as I am not satisfied with its sound.

  41. Hii..
    M a rookie rider .. And m very much passionate abt RE bikes..
    Especially the standard 350..
    This wud be my first bike but m a little hesitant to buy a bullet
    Reason I have never rode a bullet so far..
    But the DUG.. DUG.. DUG.. Sound is very pleasing
    Nd even my dad says go for a bullet instead of going for karizma
    I hv rode stunner nd yamaha r15 of my frnds nd even apache
    Nd test rode a karizma just 2 days back
    I found karizma r butter smooth..nd went with the decision to buy it..
    But all r saying to go for a bullet..
    Will it b a good choice to buy bullet as ur first bike..
    Plz help.. Confused badly..

  42. Hi abhilash,
    I just test rode a bullet
    Royal enfield classic and electra.. The standard model was not available so could not get the chance to ride it.
    The showroom guy says all the bikes have same engine nd specification
    And as u mentioned.. The standard doesnot have self start and front disc..
    The riding experience is pleasant..and can’t b expressed in words..
    Is it true that the specification and the engine in all re bikes
    Standard classic electra and thunderbird all hav same engine..
    If its true ..then wud go for a standard.. Nd bullet gives high maintenance I have heard.. Is it true..coz it has got maintenance free battery..
    I think u just need to prevent it from rusting coz its complete metal..nd need to oil it a little more because of the large engine and open chain..
    Plz help..me in making choice between classic standard electra and thunderbird..
    Thanks and regards,
    Amandeep Singh Virdi

    • Hi Amandeep,
      Its true that all RE bikes run on the same engine.
      So go for the one which u like the most in terms of looks.

  43. Hi Abhilash,

    Congratulations for your new Bullet. Nice article, very well written pro’s and con’s of the bike.Thanks for narrating every posible aspect of the bike.I too have booked Electra Twinspark, waiting for it.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Lohith Rao Kumble

  44. Congrats Abhilash, Ur bull looks really awesome 🙂
    And the review you wrote is very impressive, really liked it. I was smiling all through while reading reason being I wud feel sometimes if I am too obsessed about this legendary mean machine 😛 nice to see so many guys equally or much more crazily in love with this charming legacy 🙂
    Well my love story with RE is a pretty long may be some other time but I am glad to share that after a long wait of exact 6 months , I am a proud owner of Royal Enfield Electra, my first ever bull.of my own 🙂 And its been only 20 days and I have already clocked 1200 km ;-).
    My brother had opted for a Tbird and i also had been riding it often for 1.5 year and its undusputedly the best Indian cruiser, comfort is matchless. But I hav always been mad about Electra since it has both , old days charming style with latest features like disk brakes and self start. Its presence on road is simply mejestic 🙂
    Abhi has already said so many nice things about the legend that I think I should share some learnings from first hand experience.
    . I saw many guys confused about which RE to go for, I recently read somewhere that though all the RE bikes are fitted with USE engines now but RE standard and classic C5 come with a heavier crank than Electra and TBird which may reduce the pick up slightly but a better perfomance on long rides..plz confirm with some expert at showroom. If thats true , this might help.you to decide as per you preference.
    Secondly I feel the rear tyre with which Electra and Standard come with, is simply not a justification with such massive bikes. I find the tyre quite thin (3.25) which neither goes with the person that a bullet carries nor it is safe , specially on wet roads. So i changed to Duro 4.0. It has improves the stability and manuverabilty a lot and of course my bull looks a lot more meaner now ;-). You can go for a 3.5 as well wchich is fitted in Tbird.
    Thirdly I agree with Abhilash that real thump you can get from a CI engine only but its not easy to.maintain one. Also if you wish to go on rides to explore new places, reliabilty plays an important role. I have heard that CI engine would leak at high spead.
    Talking about comfort..I believe Standard, Electra and Tbird are more comfortable from the lot for long rides. Classic, Desert Srorm or Classic crome are good for short distances. I have seen here in Mumbai people replacing the original seats to more comfortable ones of these bikes when the go for long rides. But cant deny that classic serious bikes look beautiful and complete with the original seats only 🙂
    Also an advice to those who are soon going to join the family, dont be disappointed if you find your bull not comfortable enough, it takes a bit to be comfortable with a RE bike. Also in India ergonomics of a bike is designed keeping the average height as 5.8 inches in mind. So you might be.taller or shorter than that , so you can try some small adjustments like bringing the handlebar a little closer to your body or try sit in an upright position mostly . Some.people use Yamaha RD 350 handlebar to make it really comfortable for long rides as its high rised and fits perfectly on a bull and costs you around 300 bucks. Not a bad deal at all I must say.
    I can go on and on talking about this legend.
    would love to hear about the performance of UCE engine on long run, some dos and donts, useful tips..all.wecome. Please do share.
    Hopefully I could be proved some help to some at least.
    Want to end with a quote,”Four wheels can move body but two wheets move the soul”
    Ride safe.

  45. Hi all,

    I booked classic350 on June-26-2012, guys waiting period is 12 months 🙁 its quite difficult to wait a year…. so now i am planning to go for c500 because we ll get with in 6 months.. i love classic style. Except classic 350 all other models are 6 mothns waiting period. so please advice for which Model i should go? My option is Bullet std,TBTS and c500. please advice friends

  46. when i was kid my uncle was using bullet, so that time i was so small infront of that bike. when ever my uncle kick start, i use to close my ears due to thump….. 🙂 latter on after my primary school days i stared riding bikes. . IN those days my DREAM was to ride bullet once in life time. That much great i was feeling about Bullet. Now m working so i can bare petrol expensus and i can make my childwood dream true….. FINALLY i booked Classic model and waiting friends.. 🙂

  47. yesterday what happen is ..i kicked my bike and suddenly i saw a small spark near the engine. i dnt know what has happen..the bike did not start… till now it has not started… i dnt know what to do.. i am totally messed…pls tell me some thing.., how to start it.. as the showroom is also so far.. pls tell me a way..

  48. Hi Rakesh,
    If u really like classic styling then i would suggest to go for C500. Std is timeless beauty and TBTS is the most cimfortable among the lot. My bro has got Tbird and I hav got Electra and I hav noticed that though Tbird is a great bike but u dont get the real feel of riding a Bullet. So I wud say C500 or Std.
    Good Luck.

  49. Hi guys my black bird bullet the 1997 old type. right side gear which is my best. I just love my bird you know. guys you’ll should take a ride on this type as well.

    Black Bird.

  50. With all due respect, this (whatever machine described above) is **not** a real “Bullet”, but an impostor! There is only one real Bullet and that is the 4-speed that existed until a few years back. RE has shot itself in the foot on this one and killed the goose that was laying its golden eggs — and for over 60 years at that. The ironical thing is that by doing so, it has in fact INCREASED the demand for the CI bikes substantially, not to mention an increasing incidents of thefts involving these prized beauties! The author here speaks of mileage — well the fact is that 40kpl can be obtained even on a 4-speed if properly tuned and properly ridden. And as for speed, the fact (sad one albeit) is that even a lot of so-called “highways” these days are increasingly resembling “Main Roads” in many parts of the country, given the amount of traffic (vehicles and people) — and of course there is the time-honored presence of the “pot-hole” at every other rev … so WHERE in the world does this so-called “better speed” for a UCE make any difference? And in any case, speed is just another synonym for “death”, so enough said on that!
    All in all, I don’t see the point of this bike other than allowing the showroom mechanics to rip-off gullible customers as they please. The old Bullets are the ones that “turn heads” — will that EVER HAPPEN with this impostor? No. Bullet (4-speed) is the King — Always was, and Always will be! Yeh Bullet Meri Jaan Manzilon Ka Nishaan!!

  51. I bought an Enfield Bullet- Electra in August 2011. I did all its free services. I mainly focussed on its mileage. After riding more than 14,000km steadily across Thiruvananthapuram city and MC Road, I could achieve mileage of 50 to 52 km per litre of petrol, riding at an average speed of 45 to 50 km per hour as recommended by the bullet’s manual. Recently my bullet began to produce some small, but frequent noises from the engine portion. I went to an uncle who taught me to ride the bullet. He suspects some problem with the small chain inside the engine… I think I made a big mistake – I rode the bike at 45 – 50 km per hour speed in the 5th gear, for achieving maximum mileage, which might have led to this damage to the engine…

  52. Hi Aditya,

    This is like 3rd time i am reading your review on RE STD.
    I appreciate your way of furnishing things in simple yet interesting way.
    Since it has been 2 years now after you have been with hermes, i would love to know more of your experiences.
    I have been riding a 1956 enfield since 3 years and planning to go for a new STD,
    i am looking forward for some more reviews from you.

  53. Hello,

    I must say , very nice reviews written by ABHILASH. And i can also understands your feelings for the bullet, because i have the same too.

    I have just finished my Computer Engineering, and i have booked RE Electra 350.I will get on 25 November,2012.
    I just love bullet’s sound , sturdy looks and Most important Its ROYAL Style. i simply love BULLET.

  54. Hi Abhilash,

    This is like 3rd time i am reading your review on RE STD.
    I appreciate your way of furnishing things in simple yet interesting way.
    Since it has been 2 years now after you have been with hermes, i would love to know more of your experiences.
    I have been riding a 1956 enfield since 3 years and planning to go for a new STD,
    i am looking forward for some more reviews from you.

  55. Wat to buy…… RE STD350…Or….Bajaj AVENGER220…… I m frm a hilly area….Cold climate..N….Long rainy months…..Wat to do frens…Plz advice…..

  56. Hi Abhilash,

    It is a very nice review,i enjoyed reading it. i am huge fan of RE from my child hood, i like the THUMP of RE.
    I am planning to buy an RE350 (a used one). Can i please know how much can i spend on it. i really am addicted to RE.

  57. Im not riding bike since long time and I dont have much experience in riding bikes. But now a days I started loving this stupid enfield and I want to buy it. Just tell me is it possible or I should have enough riding experience to own an enfield??

  58. Finally m dream will soon come true only becoz of my dad lov u dad for gvng me a royal feeling few more days need to w8 for my std 350 woooooooo

  59. Awesome review.!! I found this while searching for the merits and demerits of royal enfield. Btw reason for searching was that today i visited my nearest RE showroom because of the same passion u told above and within 1 month i m going to book my mechine. My plan is to buy either STD or ELEKTRA.! But which one will be better?? Plz reply to this.
    And i its my dream going to come true once i own this legend. Plz show me the prons and cons of elektra too.. I m confused among these too… Thnk u soo much for this review!

    • Hi Sanjeev kurup,

      It depends on your taste. I mean which one looks better for you go for that.
      The difference is just the self start, disk brake and the gas filled rear shock absorber.
      Go for the one which you like.

      Happy Thumping

  60. Hi, Abi… Nice writing….
    I just want to knw one thing dat which one is best!
    RE Standard 350 or RE Classic 350.?
    Hope you have done a ride on both models… which one is good in riding? Both engine specs r same, only difference is der in crank weight, style, & in mileage…also different in self start, disk break, back wheel size…
    Considering ds all which one you like
    Standard or Classic?

  61. Hello Abhilash,I loved how u described the things,just one thing to ask,is it really possible to install selfstarter in Bullet std 350 and how much it would cast?Plzz dont ignore to reply …:),thanks bro…:)

  62. Hello! Abhilash, I m highly impressed the way U’ve described the sandard 350. I too have a dream to owe a STD 350. What is the onroad price of it presently?

  63. I too is owning a royal enfield 1986 model. And this is the onee that help me to travel a distance of450 kms. I love my bullet. And my bullet is my identity…

  64. Hi Abhi,
    Am from shimoga District and presently in bangalore. I had a 1976 RE Bullet which i had got it from my uncle, but sold it recently due to heavy maintainence & improper documents. I do use pulsar since last 11 years and recently Purchased Kawasaki Ninja 650. But none of them excite nor give the feel of a Royal Enfield. Me planning to go for a Standard version of RE same as yours. Coz i like its old looks. How is the kicker smoothness? Am not worried abt fuel efficiency. The reason i dont want to go for a electra with discks and self start is my cousin has one and it doesnt tempt me as its looks are not so convincing.

    Need your inputs on this.
    1. How smooth is the kicker.
    2. Can we install a self starter on this Std model.

  65. Hi Abhilash
    I am really happy to share this with you that I was in a confused state so as to which one to go either go for STD 350 or CLASSIC . After reading your beautiful review i decided to go for bullet standard 350 . And another happything to share is that we recently rode together to nandi hills from bangalore . I dint realise that it was the same Abhilash whose article i had read before booking one . I hope u saw ur pic clicked by me its on royalindians FB page . Will meet u in person in the next ride .

  66. Hello bro
    I am planning to purchase a1984 model 350cc STD ci bullet cost around 85000 after seeing bulleters review am totally confused . which engine is good the old Ci or the new UCE. please suggest me which should I go . UCE riders saying that the thumb is not much satisfied. if I purchase the UCE model is it possible to get old ci engine THUMB. which silencer should I prefer UCE? the old Bullet 350 silencer or BSA Goldstar silencer or company short bottle one.I need perfect old ci thump in New UCE bullet without affecting mileage too . please suggest me . Jimmy

  67. Hi Abhilash,

    Thanks for sharing these Valuable reviews. I like your quote “” Boys ride toys, Men rides Bullet” . I have also Booked the same model and waiting for the delievery . In my opinion if you are riding a Bullet than there is no need of self starter in the same because it’s not a toy it’s a Men machiene (as stated above by you).

    Anshul Bhardwaj,


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