Speculation: Royal Enfield to Launch Bigger 750cc Engine in 2025

Royal Enfield Bobber 750 would be the first model to be born out of this new engine platform that is coming in couple of years…

Ever since Royal Enfield buckled up, there has been no looking back. Back during those times, it was only making the age-old UCE 350cc engine. However, it refreshed its 350 platform, created new motorcycle formats on it and specifically for international markets and people who wanted more powerful leisure riding bikes, it introduced a twin-cylinder 650cc engine – and obviously multiple bikes on that.

While it continues to grow these two platforms, there is a big news coming in – that the Chennai based maker is working on a 750cc engine – which would its biggest yet! It has been codenamed ‘R’ and would be derived from the very interesting 650cc motor.

We can safely expect more firepower, higher torque and enhanced fun and eventually new motorcycles – at pretty attractive prices (remember RE’s 650s are the most affordable multi-cylinder bikes in India). According to the report, the first motorcycle to adorn this engine will be a Bobber that has been codenamed R2G. It would be the biggest and obviously the costliest motorcycle in the portfolio and will sit right up there as the flagship.

royal enfield bobber 750
Here is the 650cc twin cylinder engine from the current line-up. The 750 is expected to be derived from this unit…

Development is being underway in Leicester, UK at the company’s tech center and the core focus of motorcycles of this engine could be the international markets and people who intend to upgrade from the existing Royal Enfields.

So How BIG is Royal Enfield…?

The official introduction of the engine as well as the Bobber is scheduled for 2025 – ie two years down the line. Aside this the company is already readying its 450 single cylinder platform and will have motorcycles at multiple points – 350, 450, 650, 750 – and this could complete the company’s ploy of new engine platforms before it moves to the EV segment.

This is an exciting development and with this we should also start keeping an eye on the company’s test mules that may be wearing this big 750, as testing could begin anytime if it has to enter production in the coming two years. Which motorcycle format would you love to see on the 750…?