Ride on – Fearless, into the night on a Pulsar N250

The human heart is a quarter litre marvel, as is the new Pulsar N250

The walls are whispering,
Stay quiet for a moment and hear
what they have to say,
There’s a ferocious power in town!

When the day has been cruel to you,
The night can offer you solace,
a moment of clarity as you ride through the town,

on your Pulsar N250,

flying past the trees, the skyscrapers, giving
out a sigh of relief after realizing
that you are blessed to be right where you belong.

The walls, the streets, the windows,
They all seem still,

But they move, they run as the rider on the Pulsar N250 speeds through.

The city of angels, the city of dreams,
Its calm nights, its soothing winds,
you can be someone who has lived here all his life,
and still find something new,

something more to explore, and something to chase.