Revolt RV400 Launched at Rs 3499 Per Month; Range of 156 km

Revolt RV400 price is based on a very unique monthly instalment plan. It is on offer in two variants…

Revolt Motors is a Gurgaon based mobility company which has its manufacturing facility in Manesar, Haryana. It has a production capacity of 1.20 Lakh units commissioned for Phase 1. It says that it has been working for the last 2 years on its products and today it officially launched the first two products under its banner – RV400 and the surprise RV300. We are talking only about the RV400 in this story. You can read about RV300 here.

What is RV400?

RV400 is a claimed to be India’s first Artificial Intelligence enabled electric motorcycle which has an ARAI certified range of 156 km and a top speed of 85 km/h. It comes with features like..

  • On-board charging – You can simply plug your motorcycle to a regular 15 ampere socket to charge your motorcycle’s battery.
  • Detachable Battery – The battery can be removed easily. You can take it to your home or office for charging. All it takes is less than four hours, as Revolt claims.
  • Battery Swap – You can swap your nearly-empty motorcycle’s battery with a fully-charged battery at the nearest battery swap station. Or you can also pre-order the charged battery for convenient home delivery.
Revolt RV400 Price

It is available in two colours – Rebel Red and Cosmic Black.

Android/IOS app

The RV400 also comes with a Revolt mobile app which offers host of features to the end user. You can view the real time bike information like current battery percentage, mode and estimated range it can cover; order a charged battery from the nearest swap station; trip details like average speed, total distance covered along with the time taken to cover it and real time bike diagnostics of the battery and ECU.

Revolt RV400 Price

Another interesting feature of RV400 is the artificial sounds it can make for the feel of ‘motorcycling’. These can be customised from the Revolt mobile app. You can also limit the area of movement of the motorcycle through the Geofencing feature – a handy tool to prevent thefts and very useful for parents. The app can also provide ECU updates through OTA.

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Revolt RV400 Price

Revolt has introduced a very unique and attractive monthly pricing model for its electric motorcycles. The RV400 is available in two models..

  • Base RV400 – Rs 3499 per month
  • Premium RV400 – Rs 3999 per month

There is no downpayment involved here, no lease or anything else – you get full ownership of the motorcycle from day one and these monthly payments are valid till 37 months. If we add up everything, Base RV400 will cost 1.29 Lakhs whereas the premium version will add upto 1.48 lakh!

This is an all inclusive price and Revolt is also offering some very interesting launch offers along with its products. You can pre-book your Revolt motorcycle at the official website as well as Amazon for Delhi at a payment of Rs 1000. Pune will get the motorcycle soon. In the next few months, Revolt has plans to venture in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Chennai.