Revolt RV400 Discounts & Incentives in Delhi, Maha & Other States

Statewise Revolt RV400 discounts & incentives are upto 32,000 with many other incentives as well. This is apart from the push by the central govt…

To give a boost to electric mobility in the country, various Indian state governments are now offering incentives for EV buyers. 

After Maharashtra, now Rajasthan government also provides attractive incentives based on the battery capacity of the EV a person has purchased. 

Leading electric bike maker RattanIndia’s Revolt Motors has appreciated this move by the Rajasthan government. 

Whopping Price Slash of ₹28,000 on Revolt RV400

As per the latest incentive regulations in Rajasthan, anyone buying a Revolt bike will get up to INR 10,690 paid directly to the bank account. 

Revolt RV400 has a 3.24 kWh battery capacity hence that describes the perk amount which also constitutes state GST ie 2.5% of the total price of the two-wheeler EV. 

Also, let’s not forget the FAME II subsidy for EV makers by the Indian central government for procuring electric vehicles. This will enable Revolt Motors to get INR 48,000 per motorcycle that they will produce. 

The net incentive on the RV400 will be INR 58,690. All these perks will make electric vehicles more affordable and adaptable in India. 

Here are the incentive figures offered by the state government of Maharashtra, Delhi, Meghalaya, and Gujarat. The buyers in Delhi, Gujarat, and Maharashtra do not have to pay road tax while enjoying nil registration fees which were officially waived off throughout India by the central government.

Revolt RV400 discounts

RV400 Discounts & Incentives – States

Maharashtra INR 25,000 + free registration + zero road tax
GujaratINR 20,000 + free registration
DelhiINR 16,200 + free registration + zero road tax
MeghalayaINR 32,000 + free registration + zero road tax

Upto ₹44,000 Incentives for Electric 2-Wheelers in Maharashtra

With petrol prices rising astronomically and battery prices declining electric vehicles are seeming to be the best alternative for ICE vehicles. If we consider RV400 from Revolt, riding that will only incur INR 9 per 100 km (claim from the company).

For covering the same distance, a bike running on petrol has to spend INR 250. Naturally, this speaks of the rising demand for electric vehicle manufacturing and buying.

Being the only major electric motorcycle in production in India, RV400 has seen tremendous response every time its booking period starts. Last time RV400 bookings were sold out in minutes of opening of the booking window.

Revolt RV400 Sold Out Within Minutes for the Second Time

Anjali Rattan, Chairman for RattanIndia Enterprises says that these incentives will help India achieve its goal of 50 Lac EVs over the next five years pretty soon.

Shortly, more than 20 Indian states will be offering such incentives and discounts for developing and buying electric vehicles. This will further accelerate the adaption of EVs in India.