Repsol Lubricants Enters India with GP Petroleums

If you do not follow racing then chances are you may have heard about ‘Repsol’ through Honda’s Unicorn Repsol edition which was launched many years back. Fast forward to 2016 and Repsol, the lubricant maker is finally available in India. The Spanish oil major is a name recognised for its lubricants for road vehicles as well as race machines around the world. Their collaboration with the Honda MotoGP team has won them several championships. Their research and development team has learnt a lot from this collaboration, results of which have translated into better products.

Repsol has been brought to India in partnership with GP Petroleums which is a subsidiary of Gulf Petrochem Group. This Group is a UAE based player in the oil industry. The partnership will focus on the highly competitive two-wheeler market in India. In the next few years they will also try to carve out a significant market share in the passenger car and heavy duty segment.

Repsol in India a

Here’s what Mr Carlos Pascual, International Manager Lubricants, Repsol, had to say:

“Our maiden entry into the world’s fastest growing economies is a very strategic one.  Repsol is one of those companies who have credentials to survive in  highly competitive landscapes. Partnering with GP Petroleums Ltd, a brand with strong presence in the Indian lubricant market, has given us a firsthand advantage in this sector. With our strengths together, we extend our capabilities to globally distribute a wider variety of products.”

Repsol in India 2

Repsol plans to introduce its full range of products in the Indian market. This includes synthetic, synthetic blend and premium mineral base oil products to cater to

  • two wheelers (Repsol Moto Rider 4T 10W-30, JASO MA2)
  • passenger cars (Repsol Elite Neo XTI 5W-40, API SN-Fully synthetics) and
  • heavy duty vehicles (Repsol Diesel Turbo THPD MID SAPS XTI 15W-40, API CJ4 )
  • In no mood to fall behind in the world of scooters they will be introducing Repsol Motomatic 10W-30, JASO MB

The collaboration believes that despite being highly competitive, lubricants is one of the few sectors which is growing, not just in quality but also in quality. GP Petroleums will be developing a separate network and dedicated team to promote the Repsol brand in India.