Report : TVS Flaunts BMW Influence in its Products; Details and Pics

The TVS stall witnessed much activity today, as it had a handful of new products lined up for display. Two of the products were in the Concept stage; one being a scooter and the other being a motorcycle.


Let’s have a look at the products that were on display.


Talks about a quarter-litre bike arising out of the partnership between BMW-TVS had been heard quite some time ago. And now, the rumor-mongers stand vindicated. At the TVS stall, there was a stunning naked bike in white. Needless to say, it looked quite unlike anything that TVS had designed till date and it suggested of inspiration from another entity. The Draken-X21 is powered by a short-stroke, single cylinder 250 cc powerplant which lies nestled in an exposed aluminium trellis frame.


The bike would be targeted at urban youth who have an eye for raw brawniness and character. The compact headlamp mass as well as the short tail go hand-in-hand with the race ergonomics. The Draken-X21 boasts of technological features like :

  • Full LED Headlamp with DRLs
  • Anti-Lock Braking System
  • Full-function active digital matrix speedometer
  • Monoshock Suspension
  • Reversed Free-Flow exhaust

TVS claims that the Draken-X21 is an inkling of what is yet to come from the RTR lineup. If true, then this has really taken the game to another level for the RTR series.



If TVS managed to stun us with the Draken-X21 concept, they really did shake us with the Graphite scooter concept! Boasting of a styling theme that can be called Ahead-of-the-Curve, the Graphite will surely be a stunner on the streets with its drastic angles and assymmetrical headlamp. That assymmetrical headlamp once again points towards inspiration from another higher entity. 🙂

TVS claims class-leading sports performance from the Graphite, thanks to the Automated Manual Transmission. The AMT technology consists of paddle shifters which quickens the process of gear shifting with unmatched precision, thereby allowing better performance and control.

Other features of the Graphite include :

  • Active matrix LCD Console display
  • In-built immobilizer
  • Smart electronic key



Yes, you guessed it right! This is the bigger sibling of the original vehicle of yesteryears whose product name has become synonymous with Gearless-scooters. This was due for a long time, and finally that it has come, we can expect it to shore up better against the Activa. The design theme hasn’t undergone drastic change, understandably to create an identity with the original brand. It boasts of a larger 110 cc engine, which is claimed to provide best-in-class fuel economy without compromising on power.

TVS will definitely unleash an outburst of bright colours with floral prints to woo the independent woman of today.

Other products at the stall were :

TVS RTR 300 fx – Intended to display the company’s racing prowess, the said bike is equipped with a 300 cc liquid-cooled powertrain. The bike produces flat torque, and delivers 160 bhp per litre. Aluminium has been used widely to lower weight and improve swiftness.

TVS StaR City+ – This bike sees some upgrades in the form of a new digital speedometer, better switches and grab rails and more comfortable seats. The flowing motion themed style of the bike is a very attractive one.

TVS has also upgraded the Wego by including new dual-tone color themes of Red-Black, White-Black and Grey-Black. Some features like tubeless tyres, parking brakes and a stylish new digital speedo have been added too.