Raghav Shares His 11 Months Ownership Experience on Pulsar 135 LS

From a bike to a religion and from a religion to a mania the Pulsar stands as a warrior. The DNA of every Pulsar has an attitude and a warrior like hard spirit to live free and ride.

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So friends I am writing this review after owning this bike for nearly 11 months and after riding 4200 kms The Pulsar 135LS has a sporty sexy look that is sure to set your pulse racing even before you ride it! Many of my friends advised me to buy Pulsar 150 but i decided to buy this beast and my decision became correct also 🙂 🙂

When i was in class 1 i saw Pulsar for the first time.Then after years of waiting finally i bought this engineering marvel, Pulsar 135Ls. Guys believe it this bike is really awesome and if you ride it smoothly without harsh driving then this bike can deliver mileage of 65 km/l and i am getting it too.

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So coming on the bike i will elaborate all it’s features one by one so –

Engine and performance –

The heart of the Pulsar 135 is an engineering marvel, the World’s first 4 Valve DTS-i engine, which provides greater power. The bike boasts a high power to weight ratio it has the ability to go from 0 to 60kmph in 5.1 seconds and fuel efficiency that is comparable to 125cc bikes. So it can be said that It has power of 150cc bike but fuel efficiency
of  125cc bikes.Mileage is an important factor due to increasing petrol prices..

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Comfort –

The Pulsar 135LS is a perfect city bike that gives you great riding comfort and handling in city  traffic. A good ground clearance, high power to weight ratio and upright seating posture makes the Pulsar 135LS ideal for navigating our Indian cities.

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Features of the bike –

Bikini headlight ,LED tail lamps, all make the bike attractive.The bike also boasts of a fully loaded digital console with a digital speedometer and a number of sensors that provide data to the rider, like fuel level, neutral blinker, odometer, low battery display and self-cancelling indicators.The clip-on handle bar comes fitted with pass switch, electric start and an engine kill switch.split seats, split grab rail, add a cherry  to the awesome Pulsar 135LS Pulsar 135 LS oozes style. there’s nothing in the bike that goes unnoticed.

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Nitrox Suspension is good enough but personally i feel this model should be given gas filled nitrox monoshock suspension . Battery is good enough 12V full DC

Exhaust –

ExhausTEC (Torque Expansion Chamber) technology provides high pickup at low rpm thus the need for frequent gear shifts. The technology improves engine torque at low rpm.

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Braking System –

A 100/90×17″ rear wheel and a 5 spoke strengthened alloy adds to the looks and require less maintenance.The 240 mm ventilated font disc brake ensures quicker and safer braking each time.

Still more details you can google it out :v

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Based on my usage of bike i am giving out some important tips –

  • Every Day Wipe your bike.
  • As there is no choke in this bike in the morning kick start should be done do not apply self start.
  • Maintain an optimum speed and avoid harsh braking
  • If you want to race then please turn your bike towards a highway do no race in city roads.

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My personal suggestions towards improvement of this bike –

  • I feel this model should be given gas filled nitrox monoshock suspension
  • Petrol tank is only of 8 ltrs it can be increased off.
  • Rear Disk brake can also be given

So friends finally coming up to the conclusion if you want a mileage giving good looking sporty bike in budget then this bike a boon for you.Many people tell to purchase Pulsar150 but personally i think it is better that Pulsar150.

Thank you 🙂 🙂

– Raghav Sridhar