Questions and Answers – Round 20

Hello avid readers, I, Saad Khan, is back with another round of question and answers. This time we decided to keep it a little short to enhance readability. We are also planning to work this way by reducing the number of questions we would publish the articles more frequently.

This would mean that you would get your answer faster and we can include more and more questions. Another thing is that, while you are entering your email ID, please do not misspell it. I receive many bounced-back “ID doesn’t exist” mails.

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1) Is CB Unicorn Dazzler a good bike? What is its mileage? Is it good for long drives? What is the max speed? Is the rear break powerful? — H HARI

BikeAdvice: Hi Hari, Definitely yes! Unicorn Dazzler is a very good and competent bike. It returns pretty good fuel efficiency figures in the region of 48-52kmpl in cities and around 55-60 kmpl on longer roads. Yes, it’s reasonably good for long drives as well. Rather than top speed, it’s the comfortable cruising speed you should be concerned about. You can ride this bike at speeds of 80-85 kmph and the bike would cruise with aplomb. For the records though, you can hit top speeds in the range of 115 kmph on this bike. It comes with rear disc brakes and the second bike in this segment to do so. Overall braking is only next to Apache in this segment- with phenomenal bite and lovely poise under hard or extreme braking. If you are planning to go for this bike, we have our thumbs up for it.

2) Hey bro, I am planning to buy FZ 16. Although I have already read ur review but still can u please tell me more about this bike, specially about mileage part and also about its maintenance. — KABIR

BikeAdvice: Hi Kabir, As you must have read a lot about FZ, we would also call it a game-changer for our market. The prime forte of this (FZ) series is its gorgeous looks and the road presence it carries along. Being a Yamaha, it possesses one of the best engines in the market today. Though it is not one of the fastest in its segment, but carries a pretty respectable performance quotient for the huge tire and muscular looks it carries along. Lovely torque of 14Nm is a big boon in city traffic when your bike is running loaded- frequent need of shifting gears is reduced. Maintenance is regular Yamaha, pretty manageable compared to others in its segment. However, it is not a very frugal machine and returns fuel efficiency in the range of 41-45 kmpl in cities which is definitely low if other bikes of this segment are compared. Nonetheless, let us assure you that no bike in this class or even a segment (or even two) higher will have this magnetic road presence! We like this bike a lot!

3) Compare Hero Honda ZMR and CBZ Extreme. — SURESH

BikeAdvice: Hi Suresh, Segmentwise, there is no comparison between the most powerful Hero Honda bike – Karizma ZMR with the 150cc offering CBZ Extreme. While ZMR is a 225cc bike churning out 17.6 bhp of power and 18.35 Nm of torque, CBZ Extreme is a 150cc bike which produces 14.2 bhp of power and 12.8Nm of torque. Similarly, CBZ Extreme is a sub Rs 68k bike while the ZMR costs over 1 lakh Rs on road. Being a smaller and less powerful engine CBZ Extreme is a more frugal machine as is obvious. Cutting it short, ZMR will provide you all the frills of a higher capacity big bike while the Extreme would take you places in a regular fashion. If you are planning to buy one of these, then set your priorities first. In case you want a powerful bike and have more than 1 lakh rupees at your disposal ZMR is the bike to have and if you want an optimum mix of decent power, good mileage and lesser maintenance costs, obviously at 35k less, CBZ Extreme would be it.

4) What is ur opinion about Honda CBR 250R….?

BikeAdvice: Hi Gautam, We have not ridden the latest 250cc revelation from Honda till now. However, what little perception we could gather about this bike from the foreign media points us to all positives for it. Being a Honda and at a very competitive price tag this bike has all what it takes to be a phenomenal product. Honda has priced it at a very luring tag which is why it managed 1800 bookings in one month. ABS option is also one factor which would definitely find place in more bikes in times to come. We could further comment upon it only once it is out in the open.

5) I need a comparison between Suzuki GS150R and Hero Honda Extreme. — VISHNURAMVS

BikeAdvice: Hi vishnuramvs, Both these bikes are very neck and neck if compared head on. CBZ Extreme is a slightly more powerful and refined engine out of the two. Extreme also scores over in handling and better road grip along with being the sportier of the two. Hero Honda also has a more widespread service base compared to Suzuki and CBZ Extreme is also slightly lesser in price than GS150R. GS150R scores over in the torque and mileage department. While it carries loads with aplomb reducing the frequent need of shifting gears and also returns fuel efficiency in the range of 55 kmpl+ (compared to 50kmpl+ of CBZ Extreme). However, CBZ Extreme comes with the traditional analogue console whereas GS150R sports one of the best looking orange backlit consoles which also houses a digital gear indicator. Consider all these points and take a choice. In case you want a Hero Honda which is also sporty looking and easy to maintain, Extreme fulfils your needs. Head to a Suzuki showroom if you want a more commuter oriented and frugal machine.

6) I am from Bangalore. Very soon I am planning to buy a bike, But I am very much confused which one to go for. Please advise me any bike except Pulsar & FZ. I am looking for :-
1> Cool look.
2> Mileage (for my daily office use which 60km daily).
3> Fast Pick up.
4> At least 150 CC engine.
5> Seating comfort (for occasional long trips). — SAURABH

BikeAdvice: Hi Saurabh, You missed out mentioning the most important factor – budget! Nonetheless, what we could gather from your query is that you are looking at a 150cc bike which comes at optimum performance-mileage quotient and since your running is slightly on the higher side, we would recommend you to choose between the following bikes.

1) Hero Honda Hunk: One of the coolest looking bikes in the segment with a wonderful and refined engine which is pretty good in performance and smoothness. This bike is comfortable and can carry you for long distances with ease. Recently upgraded, it comes with tubeless tyres, digital consoles and an optional rear disc brake. Fuel efficiency ranges from 48-50kmpl.

2) Honda Dazzler: Not so catchy looking, but Dazzler sports one of the most refined and smooth engines in the country today. Engine is agile and performance is pretty quick. The best thing about Dazzler is its poise, braking and handling characteristics. It sports a 110mm rear tubeless tyre which provides tremendous road grip. Fuel efficiency lies in the region of 50kmpl.

3) Suzuki GS150R: A commuter looker with a fantastically torquey engine. This bike is one of the most fuel efficient bikes in this segment. Expect it to return 55kmpl in cities and 60kmpl on highways. Decent in performance but very comfortable for long rides which is enhanced by the presence of the 6th gear which acts up as an overdrive.

Since you plan to do more than 20k kms in a year which is considered high running, you would need a smooth and refined low maintenance engine/bike which is powerful and fuel efficient at the same time. Test ride all the 3 bikes we have listed above and take a pick based on your comfort levels with each and the proximity and quality of the nearest service center.

7) I am planning to buy new Splendor PRO bike. As this is the first bike that I am going to buy, need suggestions and reviews about it. — K R NAGARAJAN

BikeAdvice: Hi Nagarajan, Splendor has been the single largest selling unit model in the world for the past many years. It symbolizes an epitome of reliability. The bike is pretty basic in itself and uses a very traditional engine, however the reliability it possess is far better than other bikes in the segment. Being conventional, it exudes an “old” feeling. In case you have room, also consider Splendor NXG which is a little costlier variant of Splendor Pro but is relatively a better bike. It carries over the same engine but produces slight more power and torque which ensures a smooth ride.

8.) I am planning to buy Hero Honda CBZ Extreme. Will there be any upgraded version launching soon. — KALYAN

BikeAdvice: Hi Kalyan, Yes, we have been hearing an upgraded version of the bike but it has been many deadlines which have crossed in between. So in case you are contemplating buying one, you might want to go for it. By the way, why don’t you consider the same engined Hunk. It has been recently upgraded and looks huge and well built.

9) I am going to purchase a new bike. I have in mind TVS Apache. What about TVS Apache? — JINU

BikeAdvice: Hi Jinu, Apache, since the day they were launched, have been performance kings – the 160 in its segment and the 180 in its! Recently refreshed, the 160 comes with the hyper-edge badge with more graphics and sporty edges. Other positives include fantastic handling, great power delivery and presence of digital gizmos. Negatives include a relatively harsher engine which produces vibrations at higher-mid to higher revs. Fuel efficiency of Apache RTR 160 is in the range of 43-48 kmpl whereas the 180 is frugal till 40-44kmpl. Our recommendation: Go for either of them. They are two of the most enthralling machines in their respective segments.

10) I would like to know which is a better bike in terms of mileage – passion pro or CBF stunner. I understand that CBF is 10k more than passion pro, but my only concern is mileage and comfort. Daily I commute 16km on the bike. So I would like to know the better one. And also please tell me which has a better resale value in future. Your help is greatly appreciated. — VIVEK

BikeAdvice: Hi Vivek, Passion is a tried and tested engine which returns mileage in the range of 62-68 kms to every liter where Stunner returns something in the range of 58-65kmpl. However here is where the comparison ends. On almost all other comparable parameters Stunner is a better bike. It is a bigger engine which is much more powerful and the ride quality is pristine. Stunner handles better, performs better, looks better, ride better, feels bigger and better, has better road presence, better build quality etc. Passion might witness a slightly better resale value in the future. Our choice would definitely be the Stunner from Honda.

11) I am confused in Discover 100cc & Honda Shine 125 cc. Kindly recommend the better one among these. — HEMANT KUMAR

BikeAdvice: Hi Hemant, Both of these are very competent machines. While the Discover 100 is a 100cc bike which is less powerful than Shine, it is more fuel efficient than Shine. Shine is a 125cc bike which is more powerful, agile and pretty well built. Expect Discover to return fuel efficiency figures in the range of 70-75 kmpl, Shine would run for 65 km to every liter. Overall build quality, engine feel, ride quality of Shine is better. So if mileage is your prime criteria, go for Discover it is really a good bike in its segment. However, if you are ready to compromise a little on the fuel efficiency front and can pay a little premium for a bigger and better engine, head right to the Honda showroom.

12) I have 2 options – Hero Honda Passion Pro and other one is Glamour. .I am not concerned about the cc but I need to know which one is better in performance. — SACHIN BABU

BikeAdvice: Hi Sachin, both the bikes you mentioned exist more because they are built for fuel efficiency and durability and not for performance and hence, on that front both of them are strictly decent in their respective segments. Comparing both of them, obviously Glamour, being a bigger capacity and more powerful bike, is better in performance and load pulling capability. In fact, Glamour is a better bike overall if you are to choose one among these two. In case you are also seeking for options, also look at CB Twister and CB Shine from Honda which are better bikes than both the bikes you mentioned from Hero Honda.

13) I am confused between cb Unicorn and gs150r. Which one should I buy? I need a 150cc bike which is low in maintenance with good performance. — MONISH

BikeAdvice: Hi Monish, Both the bikes you mentioned are really very neck and neck with each other on almost all parameters. Both of them are the most fuel efficient 150ccs (GS150R is slightly more frugal owing to an extra sixth gear). Maintenance reported are also similar for both the bikes, so check the proximity of respective company service centers near your place. Performance of GS150R is better than CB Unicorn. It possesses 13.4Nm of mammoth torque which is very handy in carrying heavier loads with utmost ease. On the other hand Unicorn’s engine is really unmatched when we talk about refinement of the engine. The area where Unicorn is outclassed is its dated instrumentation where GS150R has a very neat looking digital console which also has a digital gear indicator. Amongst these two, GS150R would be our choice for you. How about the CB Unicorn Dazzler..?

14) I was going to purchase a Suzuki gs150r in about 2 weeks time but then after all the complaints I heard about the servicing I decided to choose another bike. Why is it that a company of such high standard such as SUZUKI cannot even service a bike properly?

BikeAdvice: Hi Vijay, It depends upon service center to service center. Although, not immensely great, but Suzuki is a decent service provider. Check with people who have owned Suzuki motorcycles from the service center you intend to get your bike serviced. In case you face problems you can contact Suzuki personnel directly and report your issues to them rather than fighting it out with the dealers.

15) Why is the price difference in Shell petrol and normal one (Govt bunks)? Is it worth filling at Shell? What about the mileage? Which is the best suited petrol for the bike – Shell, HP, Bharat Petroleum Or the Indian Oil? — EMMANUEL

BikeAdvice: Hi Emmanuel, Our government provides subsidies to oil companies. Shell and Reliance are privately owned companies and hence are not covered under that scheme and hence you notice the price difference between petrol and diesel prices of other petrol pumps and Shell petrol pumps. Shell definitely provides the best fuel for our machines. It is not as adulterated as what we get in the regular pumps. Shell also has a premium range of fuels which is costly but really good. We have noticed immediate changes in the response of an engine while it is running on regular petrol from the conventional companies compared to Shell petrol. Its definitely a smoother and quality experience, however, whether the mileage increase or not is a debatable issue. We would recommend you to test it at your end and if you feel you get enough in returns for the extra amount you pay per liter then rest assured, Shell is a quality product. No need to go for the premium petrol of Shell, go for the regular one. Also ensure that you do not mix it up with other petrol in your bikes tank and give it ample amount of time and quantity to best ascertain the results.

16) I want to purchase a bike having speed, power, good looks and average about 35kmpl. So I have three options i.e. KARIZMA R, PULSAR 220 AND FZ-S. Please tell me which bike is best among these three. – RAVI JANGIR

BikeAdvice: Hi Ravi, FZ is a smaller 150cc bike, so let us strike it out from the list. That leaves us with the Karizma R and Pulsar 220 DTSi. Among these two Pulsar is definitely the fastest and quickest made in India bike currently. It is better than Karizma in performance, ride quality and maintenance. Karizma scores over in the engine refinement and durability part. However, Karizma’s spares cost an unjustified moon and though it would not be as frequent a visitor to service centers, it will ensure empty pockets whenever it goes there. Fuel efficiency of both the bikes would be in the range of 35 kmpl. Considering the overall package, we would definitely recommend the Pulsar 220 over the ageing Karizma.

17) I am going to buy a bike but I am confused between Yamaha FZ and Apachie 160. Which bike going to help me in long term? — JITENDRA

BikeAdvice: Hi Jitendra, While Apache is performance king of this segment, FZ is a definite trend setter in terms of looks in not only in this segment but the whole Indian market scenario. And since you are looking at a long termer, Yamahas are known to make more durable machines. FZ should be it for you.

18) If I drive my bike in reserve for long time then what will happen for that? If any problem will occur for my bike? — PRADEESH

BikeAdvice: Hi Pradeesh, driving in reserve will not harm the engine or anything of your bike. Just that it might lead to pushing it to the nearest petrol tank in case it skips your memory. We would recommend you to drive your bike at the ‘On’ position just to keep yourself away from these worries of frequent fuel filling at stations.

– Saad Khan