Questions & Answers – Round 18

Welcome to BikeAdvice again. Here I come back with the 18th round of Question and Answers. Hope you have a good time reading through and I wish our comments come handy when you finally zero in on the bike of your choice.

I would also like to thank everyone who has written to us. I apologize to everyone whose questions have not been included in this round and urge them to write back to us again. For any further queries and questions you can revert back to me at saad {at} Keep writing and happy reading!

1) Hi, I’m a big follower of the BikeAdvice blog. I’m planning to buy my first bike. So Please suggest me a good bike.

My Criteria:

  • Looking in 100/125 CC segment
  • Price range 50K to 60K
  • I’m little short (5’4″), so looking for a bike with less saddle height, and less weight.
  • I will be riding in City (Bangalore) and also this will be my first bike, so I’m looking for an easy handling bike.
  • I’m 29 now, so looking for a decent office commuter bike.

Sorry for the big Criteria list 🙂 Please suggest me a good bike.

I checked Mahindra Stallio, liked the plain look of the bike and digital meter console.

But this is the first bike from Mahindra, so I’m not little uncomfortable about the performance, quality, mileage of the bike (I’m eagerly waiting for the test ride or ownership review in BikeAdvice on Mahindra Stallio). — KUMAR

BikeAdvice: Hi Kumar,
Thanks for an elaborate criteria list. We urge everyone to follow this. This helps us understand your requirements and priorities in a better way. Coming to your query: You have a long list of bikes which you could consider, here we enlist a few of the best ones.
a) Discover 100(100cc): One of the best 100ccs in town with insane fuel efficiency and decent power. Saddle height: 800mm, Weight: 115kgs
b) Pulsar 135 LS (135cc): The best performance machine in this segment. Saddle Height: 800mm, Weight: 122kgs
c) Super Splendor (125cc): Quite a decent and sedate machine from Hero Honda which does almost everything in right proportions. Saddle Height: 775mm, weight: 117 kgs
d) CB Shine (125cc): One of the most agile machines listed here. Saddle Height: 790mm, Weight: 122kgs
e) CB Twister (110cc): The best 100cc machine in India which doesn’t look like one! Saddle height: 800mm, weight: 108kgs
Among all the bikes listed above we feel one of the two Honda’s would suffice to your needs perfectly. If it’s a strict 100cc you plan to own with minimalistic weight and good power, Twister fits the bill absolutely perfectly. Handles like a dream in cities. If you can go a little bigger, 125cc Shine seems to be the best bet. With an awesomely responsive engine and lovely agility this bike is a treat to ride under traffics. CB Shine would be our pick for you.
We would soon take a test drive of Stallio!

2) I am a teenager. Please suggest me bike, which have high fuel efficiency on city roads and the budget is 50000. My pals suggested me to choose bike between Mahindra stallio and Yamaha sz. – SRI SAI

BikeAdvice: Hi Sri,
Yamaha’s SZ is a 150cc bike with greater power and hence could not compete with 100-125cc bikes for fuel efficiency figures. Around 50k we would highlight the following bikes with good fuel efficiencies:
a) Discover 100: This is the bike to have if you want to extract every little drop of the fuel you have put into your bike and transform it into kilometers. The most frugal engine here is also pretty responsive and not a dud. Expect it to return FE figures of over 70kmpl.
b) Splendor NXG: A decently powered 100cc based on the Splendor platform, NXG scores on the durability and reliability front. Decent in power and good in fuel efficiency.
c) Twister (base version): This is the best 100cc in the market today. It looks more of a bigger bike and beats some of them too. Lovely refined engine, fantastic agility and pretty good fuel efficiency figures (of 65kmpl+) make this a favorite here.
If you want the best bike in 50k and can do without self start, base version of Twister it is, which comes without the electric starter and drum brakes. If you are simply not ready to compromise of the fuel efficiency front and want the most frugal engine, head to a Bajaj showroom and get a Discover 100cc. You would save 4-5k in the process too. If you want a bike between these two, Splendor NXG fulfils the gap with its sheer reliable nature. Take a pick!

3) I am planning to buy new Hero Honda glamour within a week can u pls help me by telling whether it is worth to buy it or should I go for any other bike as I want a bike which can be used for a long time, I don’t like switching off to new bikes in every six month ? – ROHIT SHAH

BikeAdvice: Hi Rohit,
Glamour is a nice bike providing everything in decent margins. If you like the bike you can go for it safely. Rest assured it would be a good buy. On a different note, let us also keep you informed that there are more modern and better bikes available in the market in this segment/at this price range. For instance, Shine from Honda is a better bike with better power, more torque, superior refinement and greater agility at similar prices and nearly equivalent fuel efficiency figures. Test ride both the bikes and zero in on the one which suits you the most.

4) I want to know about the 50cc Scooty. — DIMPLE

BikeAdvice: Hi Dimple, TVS Scooty Teenz is a 60cc scooterette which is capable of churning 3.5PS of power and 4.5Nm of torque and weighs 83kgs and comes at an on road price of around 31k. Its nearest competitor is the Mahindra Kine which is a 71.5cc scoterette capable of producing 3.9PS of power output and 5.0 Nm of torque and weighs 82kgs. We would also suggest you to go for either of these if you are looking for entry level extremely light scooterettes. If you can wait or go for something bigger/better, our advice would be to wait.

5) I am planning to buy a new bike. But I am confused to choose which one is buying. My expectation is it gives more mileage, and less cost. i have some choice , splendor+, discover, splendor nxg, pulsar 135cc. so please suggest me which is good? — MAHESHA

BikeAdvice: Hi Mahesha,
The most fuel efficient and least costing bike among the ones mentioned by you is the Discover 100 from Bajaj. It returns fuel efficiency figures around 70kmpl+. Splendor NXG is also one fabulous bike and returns almost similar figures. Though it is slightly costlier, we would suggest you to go for the Splendor NXG as it is fresher and better than Splendor plus and more durable than Discover from Bajaj. Pulsar 135 is a more powerful bike and hence less frugal and costly. It doesn’t fit your criteria so you can safely discard that.

6) I want to purchase ruff and tuff 150cc bike with fully loaded (i.e.: rear disc brake, good performance etc). Which one would you suggest me? — SUHAS HEGDE

BikeAdvice: Hi Suhas, Currently we have 3 bikes in the 150cc segment which provide rear disc brakes and could be called as ‘fully loaded’:
a) Hero Honda Hunk: Recently upgraded with goodies like tubeless tire, digital and good looking console and rear optional disc brake, Hunk has always been a good bike to ride providing a big bike feel.
b) Honda Dazzler: New launch from Honda which co-exists with its sibling Unicorn, Dazzler is a pretty good bike with awesome handling and road grip. Looks are a little let down though.
c) TVS Apache RTR 160: Has been the performance king for quite sometime now. Good performance but lacks the refinement of the above two and vibrations at mid and higher revs spoil the party.
Hunk and Dazzler share similarities because of the same engine but Hunk outscores Dazzler in the looks department. TVS Apache is by far the best performance machine here in this segment. Also, braking of Apache’s petal discs is one of the best in the business. However fuel efficiency of Apache would be a little lower than Dazzler/Hunk. Expect 50kmpl from both Dazzler and Hunk and anything around 45-50kmpl from Apache. Take a pick

7) I am confused between Honda Activa and Suzuki Access 125 which one is better as far as mileage, good ride and maintenance is considered. — PRASAD

BikeAdvice: Hi Prasad, Both the scooters are absolutely potent machines we have. We would tilt a little towards the Access simply because of its more responsive and bigger more powerful engine, telescopic shock absorbers and plusher ride. Though Activa is the largest selling scooter in India with immense proven durability, pretty refined engine and better fuel efficiency it doesn’t have the pulling power, load carrying capability and the most important shock absorption capability of the Access. Also waiting period for Activa is pretty hefty in majority of cities as of now. Maintenance of both the scooters is somewhat similar.

8.) I currently have a Pulsar 150 cc 2008 model & I am thinking of exchanging my bike with Thunderbird 350. So plz suggest me if my decision is correct or Not. – TASLEEM KHAN

BikeAdvice: Hi Tasleem, Thunderbird is a completely different bike from what you have been riding since 2008. Positives would include: absolutely different experience, much more power and immense torque which would carry even heavy loads with utmost ease without the need of changing gears frequently, grand road presence and more comfortable rides. Cons would include: at least 30-35% lesser fuel efficiency, a slightly rougher engine, more vibrating and crude than Pulsar, higher cost of ownership since Enfields are known to be more demanding and obviously higher upfront cost.
Our advice would be to definitely go for it if you have the means and love the ThunderBird. It’s a different bike and you would love every bit of it.

9) I am venkatesh from Chennai and I want to buy Honda Shine. Before buying please clear my doubt. I am 6.2 feet tall, and 85 kg in weight. Please tell me whether this bike is suitable for me or not? — VENKATESH

BikeAdvice: Hi Venkatesh, Though Shine is one of the best 125cc bikes in the business today but at your build we would really not recommend it. You should be considering a 150cc bike which has better torque figures to carry you and any pillion (combined weights of around 150kgs) easier than any 125cc bike. You can consider Discover 150 from Bajaj which sells at close to 52k on road, Yamaha’s SZ which sells at 55k on road or Achiever from Hero Honda which is priced at around 60-62k on road.
Our suggestion: If you are already stretched on your budget Discover 150 would be the most suitable bike for you. It has got ample amount of power/torque to carry you around places with ease and with its lower weight it is easier to handle and flick through traffics. If you want a more agile, reliable and powerful bike and can spend a little more Achiever is one very decent family bike. And if you want a bike which is fresh in the market with similar features, Yamaha has recently introduced SZ which, by all standards is a lovely VFM machine. We would recommend you to take a test drive of Shine and then all these bikes to experience the difference yourself. Our pick considering your height and physique would be the SZ.

10) Hi, I am going for my first bike i have two option ,apache rtr180 or pulsar 180. What is the top speed of these two bikes My friend had attained a top speed of 120 on pulsar 180.Can it go more? Please suggest considering mileage and performance which is one best. — VIJAY

BikeAdvice: Hi Vijay, Top Speeds should not be a factor while considering two bikes! Nonetheless, just for records, owing to lesser weight (Apache is 10kgs lighter than Pulsar), more power/torque and relatively slimmer tires Apache is a little better in performance. It is quicker to both 0-60 and 0-100 dashes and also clocks slightly higher top speeds. Pulsar 180 could do something over 120kmpl (true) whereas Apache 180 goes all the way till 125kmph (true). Handling and braking are also two factors which go heavily in favor of Apache. It is sheer fun to drive this bike and the racing dynamics and sporty characters enhance the overall experience of biking. That apart, Pulsar scores over in the engine refinement, ride quality and slightly lesser prices (in most cities). Add to that better fuel efficiency figures. Pulsar returns a mileage of 41-45 kmpl on city driving with the highway figures close to 45-50 kmpl where Apache is good for 38-44 kmpl in cities and 42-48kmpl on highways.
It is one of the closest fought battles and it boils down to what you want to own. If you want to own a more performance oriented sporty machine Apache is the bike for you. For almost all other preferences Pulsar satisfies.

11) I am 6 feet 1 inch tall, and 95 kg. I need a 150 cc bike between Honda unicorn and Suzuki gs150r or any other bike. My budget is 70000 and my daily travel is 40 km. — KRISHNA

BikeAdvice: Hi Krishna, Both Honda Unicorn and Suzuki GS150R are commuter oriented family bikes. Though Unicorn is more refined and possesses a good composure, it is the segments lowest powered bike. Our recommendation would be the Suzuki GS150R. It has got almost half a bhp more power than Unicorn and more than half a Newton Meter of torque advantage. Its majorly the torque advantage which would be more cushioning for you. Fuel efficiency of both the bikes stand almost similar at around 50-55kmpl in cities. GS150R also comes equipped with a gear indicator and digital gizmos which Unicorn lacks. We would recommend you the GS150R over both Unicorn and even Dazzler.

12) I want to buy pulsar 220F in newly launched orange color. Is it funny? I checked it in the showroom and it was looking stunning. I just want to ask whether u will recommend me this color or not as i m 5’8″ medium built and 23 years old. Will it suit my personality or it is meant for still younger bikers? i will be very thankful if get some advice on it as i am very confused. – ASHISH KESARI

BikeAdvice: Hi Ashish, Have you seen the orange colored 220 in flesh? If not better go and check it out. Its personal to comment on looks. However, from our view the bike looks fresh and different from other Pulsars. At 23 years, you are a ‘youngster’ anyways. It is definitely meant for people of your age group only. Rest of the specs and everything else remains the same so it’s the same performance monster underneath. If you like it, you should definitely go for it.

13) I am confused between Honda Activa and Honda Aviator. Kindly guide me which one is better? Aviator is available in 20 days and Activa has a long 9 months waiting. Does it mean that Activa has more demand than Aviator? People still prefer Activa more than Aviator? Technical features of Aviator are strong but why is demand for Activa more! – NAITIK MEHTA

BikeAdvice: Hi Naitik, People have this misconception that “If a bike has a longer waiting period it is more in demand” While this holds somewhat true in Activa’s case but it’s not true always. Moreover, it’s capacity constraint at Honda facilities which is making Activa so long in waiting periods. Coming to your query Activa is the largest selling scooter in India and it is a wonderful product, no doubts about it. But it has also to do with people’s perceptions. Though Aviator boasts of the same engine from Activa and is similar in character, we would not suggest it to you simply because it is exorbitantly priced. Why don’t you widen your criteria and include TVS Wego and Suzuki Access125 in that. Under all practical comparable parameters these scooterettes are as competitive as the Hondas. Among the four scooters we mentioned, Suzuki Access is probably the best of the lot. However, it is lesser frugal than Activa/Aviator owing to a bigger and more powerful 125cc engine. We would strongly urge you to look out for other scooters, 3-9 months waiting period simply doesn’t make sense!

14) What would be the mileage of Yamaha SZX. I will be buying this bike coming Feb. 2011. — GOPI

BikeAdvice: Hi Gopi, Expect SZ to return fuel efficiency figures around 50kmpl+ under typical city driving conditions and over 55kmpl on wider longways.

15) a) What is the actual mileage of Yamaha YZF R15 in city an on highways? — SAM
b) What’s the Ground clearance for Yamaha R15, FZ & Fazer? – RAHUL SHAH
c) Is d white color of Apache prone to fading after some time? — SHANKY

BikeAdvice: Hi Sam, Rahul, Shanky, This technical marvel from Yamaha returns anything around 38-42kmpl in cities and the frugality increases to 40-45kmpl as you go on longer and wider highways which don’t require frequent gear changes and stoppings. These figures would decrease in case you rip your bike a lot and always play in the higher revs.
Rahul, all the three bikes mentioned by you are 160mm higher in ground clearance.
Shanky, we have not heard any such issue regarding the White Apache RTR 180s and considering the repute of other colors from TVS, we expect the white color to be as durable for the Apache RTR 180.

16) Sir, suggest me a bike between Honda CBF Stunner self drum or new passion pro. — KUNAL

BikeAdvice: Hi Kunal,
We really don’t think it needs any bigger clarification here. Stunner is a bigger and better bike than Passion Pro. Apart from higher fuel efficiency figures (Stunner: 60kmpl, Passion: 60kmpl+) of the Passion (owing to a smaller and less powerful engine), Stunner outscores the Passion on almost all practical parameters. Passion doesn’t justify its premium price tag and should have been priced more reasonably to make sense. Go ahead with Stunner, it’s the better choice of the two

17) I have to buy a bike in price range of 55,000/- . I need good looks and also long lasting fuel efficient. It should also have some resale value. Please advice.
My Choice.
1. Super Splendor
2. Honda Shine
3. 135 dtsi Bajaj. — Subhamay Fouzder

BikeAdvice: Hi Subhamay, Super Splendor: It is a decent bike which does its duty without making a fuss about it. However it is and feels underpowered than the other 125cc bikes in the segment.
Honda Shine: One of the most agile machines in this segment, zippier than other and feels ‘fun’ to ride in cities.
Pulsar 135: By your query we assume you are talking about Pulsar 135 as XCD135 has been discontinued by Bajaj long back. Pulsar 135 is a little expensive and crosses the 55k budget limit you have mentioned so lets not talk about it.
We would strongly suggest the Shine as it looks better than Super Splendor; is durable and fuel efficient (Expect 65kmpl). Resale value of Honda bikes is generally high so it fulfills your purpose as well.