Questions & Answers – Round 10 (General)

1) I had little bit confusion for buying Suzuki gs150r bike, because of service centre is not good compared to other Companies. What to do here we are having Honda, HeroHonda service centres , mention which bike to buy. — ANIL

BikeAdvice: Hi Anil, please ensure that you have a good service station of whichever brand you go for as the health of your bike depends upon the service it gets. You can always consider an Extreme or Hunk which are very good motorcycles.

2) A bike or scooter which has very good suspension with self start for my dad who has back pain? Pls suggest me a good one! – NAZAR

BikeAdvice: Hi Nazar, it’s obvious that bikes have much better suspension because of bigger tyres. Scooters have small tyres and hence the scope of travel of the forks is a little less. Here we are taking scooters with telescopic shock absorbers. Traditional hydraulics laden scoots are real bad when it comes to comfort. You haven’t mentioned anything apart from suspensions and self start which is standard on all the bikes nowadays. Mention some more preferences and we might be able to help more.

3) I am a regular reader of bikeadvice since 2 years and I really kinda like the simplicity and userfriendlyness of this site to its viewer and now that I am 18 and being a pulsar 200 maniac want to ask when bajaj will launch pulsar 200 again in the market. –HARSH

BikeAdvice: Hi Harsh, seems like Bajaj has heard you. An upgraded version of the 200 is just out and it comes with 20ccs and 3 horses more along with loads of other goodies in the name of Pulsar 220 DTSi ‘S’. Go ahead and book you ‘maniacism”!

4) A) I am a regular reader of the bikeadvice & this is the fourtn time I am asking a question and I didnt get any reply of none of my quetions asked before. I am a new rider and I am riding bikes for 2 weeks. And now I want to buy a bike i.e. my first bike. I will ride it mostly in city and very few times in highways. I have chosen some bikes and cannot decide which one to go for.

1. Yamaha Gladiator SS.
2. HeroHonda Glamour.
3. Honda Stunner CBF 125 (ordinary version).

The features which I am looking for are:

1. Almost no vibration at higher speeds.
2. Good performance.
3. Engine longevity. (this is why I don’t want to go for Bajaj bikes)
4. Good road grip.
5. Min mileage of 50km/lt.
6. Good braking capability.
7. Low tendency to skid.

Please help me out.
Which is gonna be the best of the lot? –SUVRO

B) Hi, I am a regular viewer of your site and I am from Bangladesh. I like your site because of your good reviews. I am going to buy a bike in 125cc segment because my budget isn’t so. I am about 73 kg and 5 feet 9 inch. I got these options from bike showroom:

1)Hero honda Glamour (Drum) = 115000 Tk
2) Bajaj XCD 125cc = 107500 Tk
3) Bajaj Platina 125cc = 105000 tk
4) Yamaha Libero G5 106cc = 107000 tk
5) Yamaha Alba = 107500 tk.
6) Hero honda Passion pro = 105000 tk.

Bro, my budget’ll be not more than 115000 tk and above those items are remaining at that budget. I’ll have to ride avg 40-50 km (Up down distance from my home to varsity) daily. I need a most fuel efficiency, low maintenance and good power range bike with style in 125cc. This is my 1st ride, so please suggest me a good option with cause because I want a worriless bike. Thank you. Have a nice day. –KAWSAR

C) Which motor bike I should buy in 125cc Yamaha gladiator S, Bajaj XCD 125 or Bajaj discover 135. –SIDDHARTH

D) I want to buy a bike which has better mileage around 60+ and sporty and muscular look and not more than 135 cc engines. Which is better: Honda Stunner, XCD 135, Discover 135, Hero Honda Glamour, Yamaha Gladiator. –GOVIND

BikeAdvice: Hi all,

Honda Stunner: The best and the sportiest looking 125cc in the market today. In fact looks bigger than the mill it sports. Every inch of the bike oozes sportiness. Engine is also probably the best in the segment with power concentrated towards the lower and mid range. Towards the top end it’s little wek though. Returns fuel efficiency figures in the range of 60+ kmpl.
XCD 135 has been discontinued as well along with XCD 125. Pulsar 135 LS has been made available in place.

Discover 135: Has got loads of power and performance is almost comparable to entry level 150ccs.

Hero Honda Glamor: Decent bike with very good fuel efficiency figures backed by Hero Hondas widespread sales and service network. But the engine feels pretty lack lustrous.

Gladiator: Looks almost as big as a 150cc bike. Performance and looks are the bikes USP. Pretty strong towards the top end.

Govind, had you to choose between these bikes, Stunner would have been automatically the choice, however with the launch of Pulsar 135, we would also urge you to check out that bike considering the promise it shows in its early days of life.

Siddharth, you might also want to have a look of the new Pulsar 135 else Gladiator is the best bike among the ones mentioned by you if you want a complete package

Kawsar, since you are looking at a 125cc bike you can discard Passion, Alba and Libero G5, since they are 100ccs. If you get Bajajs Pulsar 135 in your price range, go for it since XCD 125/135 have been discontinued by Bajaj here in India. And if not, than we are left with only Glamor. Do check out if Bajaj is launching the Pulsar 135 in Bangladesh soon. It’s a very promising bike.

Suvro, we apologize for a delay in reply. Anyways, the best among your mentioned lot suiting your preferences would be the Honda Stunner, however, it does vibrate at higher speeds! Also test drive Gladiator, its also one lovely piece of machinery and a tad better than Stunner towards the top end performance. However in cities and congested traffic, Stunners engine feels more at ease.

5) A) I am planning to buy a commuter bike in the range of 50k and I am considering between Bajaj discover 100cc or hero honda passion pro. From the point of view of the mileage, maintenance and resale value which one would be a better option? –NIDHIN

B) I am planning to buy a bike between Yamaha G5 & HH passion PRO. Advice on the basis of lesser maintenance and better fuel efficiency. –PRAVIN MAJALE

BikeAdvice: Hi Nidhin/ Pravin,

Discover 100: Probably the best 100cc currently in the market with some astounding fuel efficiency figures (of ~ 70 kmpl) and decent power.

Passion Pro: Age old horse, still reliable but unnecessarily costly. One of the best looking 100cc in town. Expect fuel efficiency figures to hover around 65 kmpl
Libero G5: The bike with the best feel. Feels powerful with the most responsive engine. Best bike to ride among all. FE figures: 65 kmpl

Nidhin, Discover owners have been reporting slightly higher fuel efficiency figures. Maintenance is an affair wherein you take care of your bike it will take care of you. Resale value, down the line, Hero Honda would sell at a marginally better price than the Discover. Our recommendation: the new Discover 100 from Bajaj.

Pravin, among both the bikes mentioned by you, we would recommend the Libero G5 over the Passion just because of the fun the bike instills while riding. Fuel efficiency, maintenance costs of both the bikes would be similar. Just that Passion Pro is exorbitantly priced for no good reason!

6) I own a Pulsar 200 DTSi and I am interested in fitting the rear disc brakes on my bike. Is it possible?. –KETAN

BikeAdvice: Hi Ketan, You can install the rear discs on the Pulsar 200 but you would either need to change or alter the rear swing arm to accommodate the disc assembly. Disc brake setup would cost you around Rs 3k.

7) A) Which scooter is batter Mahindra rodeo or Honda active. –NARAYAN DUTT
B) What are the main advantages to buy access in comparison of activa deluxe? also I want to know the current prices of both? –MANISH NIGAM
C) Which two wheeler between TVS wego, Mahindra flyte, Honda aviator is best in all aspects as I intend to purchase one. —AJIT KASODEKAR

BikeAdvice: Hi Narayan/ Manish/ Ajit,

Mahindra Rodeo: The most fun to ride scooter among all. zippy and light, extremely easy to cut through traffic. Comes loaded with some fantastic innovative features along with a digital console.

Honda Activa: The old war horse still sells much more than the competition. Still sports the most refined mill out of the lot. Decently zippy but feels heavy and uneasy. Best fuel efficiency figures in the range of 40-44 kmpl.

Suzuki Access: The best overall package among scooters. Lovely torque delivery which ensures two heavy people (or heavy load) can be carried with ease. Only drawback is the lack of sales and service support from Suzuki.

Honda Aviator: Recently revamped with the 110 cc plant, engine characteristics remain the same as Activa. However, with its high saddle height, anyone under 5 feet 7-8 inches would feel a little uncomfortable. Pricewise also the bike is on the higher side, looks lovely an fresh though!

TVS Wego: A lovely little package by TVS. Comes loaded with 12 inch tyres along with telescopic shock absorbers and a nice responsive engine.

Manish, Access is an overall better scooter than the Activa. Access sports a more responsive and extra torque laden engine along with telescopic shock absorbers whereas the Activa still does job with the conventional hydraulics which are real bad! Only in the after sales support and fuel efficiency figures, an Activa is better than the Suzuki. So if you have a Suzuki station nearby, go straight and book the Access. Activa Dlx costs close to 47k and Access costs around 49k (both on road Pune).

Ajit, Flyte shares the same Rodeo engine. Among the ones mentioned by you, go for Wego if you want something fresh and new with all the features, Flyte/ Rodeo, if you want a complete package at very competitive prices and Aviator if you want to look better and pay more for that. Our advice, consider between Wego and Flyte/Rodeo.

Narayan, better is a relative term. However, going by the literal term Activa is a better engineered scooter whereas, Rodeo is a better package to buy.

8 ) I am planning to buy a Honda Stunner (non PGMFI). Could you pls let me know how will it cost me on road in Mumbai and how worth will it be to own that bike. This would be my first bike, I saw many reviews on ur site and on others too but not able to make up my mind if it is good to own. I am basically looking in the 125-135 CC segment with a price not more than 60000. —RAMPRASAD HARIHARAN

BikeAdvice: Hi Ramprasad, No doubt that Stunner is a fantastic bike with its scintillating looks and a lovely engine. Honda would be launching the 2010 model shortly in the showrooms. Their might/ would be a slight price hike we guess and we expect it to be around 60k+ on road Mumbai. If you have made up your mind, go ahead and buy one, however do consider trying the new Pulsar 135 LS as well which falls in your price bracket and is a technically advanced bike.

9) Apache RTR 180 or Pulsar 180 (2009, which one is suitable for long drives). My height is 5’9″. —NIKHIL

BikeAdvice: Hi Nikhil, For longer drives Pulsar would be slightly better and relaxing than the Apache 180. Apache’s riding stance is extremely sporty and this might cause some pains to the wrists and back on continuous long rides.

10) A) Please suggest me an executive category bike between 100cc-135cc.I’m a 42 year old businessman and on an average I ride around 30-40 kms a day. My requirements are good looks, great mileage, smooth and dependable engine, riding comfort, decent service back up in Kolkata and fantastic resale value.. Price not a factor. I have shortlisted a few. Hero Honda Super splendor, Honda Shine and Hero Honda passion pro. —ABHIJIT SEN

B) Hi sir, I have shortlisted the following 4 bikes, please advice what you suggest. Rate them 1,2,3,4. Honda Shine, Passion PRO, TVS Star City, TVS Flame. — SWARUP BHUSARI

BikeAdvice: Hi Abhijit, among the bikes mentioned by you Honda Shine steals the show by a good margin. The bike is relaxed, light for ease of ride and handling. Engine response is fantastic which makes it a feather light bike to breeze through the traffic. Expect the bike to return fuel efficiency figures of 62+ kmpl on Indian type of city driving. It’s a Honda so has to be dependable. HMSI has a good service back up and is expanding at a rapid pace so we don’t think you would face any issues in a prominent city like Kolkata. Resale value might not be as good as the Splendoes and the Passions.

Swarup, Shine is a better alternate for you as well. It’s a very balanced bike with an optimum blend of fuel efficiency and good power. Our ratings would go somewhat like this: 1) Honda Shine, 2) TVS Flame, 3) Passion Pro, 4) TVS Star City.


BikeAdvice: Hi Rajneesh, people have this perception about Bajaj that their bikes are unsafe which is absolutely baseless. The sheer number of sales figures clearly tell the command this brand commands among the masses. However, there are certain areas where Bajaj needs to improve and quality of parts used being one of them. Pulsar 150 is one of the finest bikes in the country and returns fuel efficiency figures of 50 kmpl plus in true Indian style of city traffic.

12) A) I am a student and my father sold my old bike CD100 SS & now I am planning to purchase a 150cc bike. I am confused between CBZ Extreme, Hunk, Unicorn and Pulsar. I am inclined towards Pulsar but my dad doesn’t like Bajajs because of the reliability factor. Kindly advice– RUPESH
B) Which is the best between Pulsar 150 and Extreme average and enginewise? –VIKAS GUPTA
C) Is honda going to launch any new unicorn? Which is the best bike to buy in 150cc segment – ABHISHEK BHAT?
D) Hi, I have planned to buy a 150cc bike & I stay in Thane (Mumbai). Which one will be a better buy among Pulsar 150, Honda Unicorn, Yamaha FZ-S and Suzuki GS150R? Also mention the mileage in cities for all the bikes mentioned above. — HRUSHIKESH
E) Hi, I want to purchase bike of 150 cc of good average & low maintenance my choice Unicorn, GS150R and cbz –YUSUF ALI
F) Hi, I am planning to buy a 150 cc bike. I have shortlisted CBZ, Hunk and Unicorn. Which one of them will be the best deal? Daily I drive about 30 kms. Please, also tell me mileage of these bikes and performance. –RANJEET
G) I want to purchase a bike but I am confused between pulsar 150, cbz xtreme .This will be my first bike I used to ride bajaj scooter. So I want bike with style as well as mileage too (55+).so guys plz help me out!! –SANTOSH

BikeAdvice: Hi all,

Honda Unicorn: Indias most refined engine which has been hasslefree and smooth for all these years. But the bike is underpowered and lack of power is evident once you ride the bike. Looks are also plain and staid and the bike desperately needs a ‘real’ upgrade. Mere sticker upgrade might not do much for the bike this time. Expect mileage to be around 55 kmpl.

CBZ Extreme/ Hunk: Both the bikes borrow exactly the same engine from Unicorn albeit with a better tune. Both these bikes share similar tuned engines concentrated for a lovely power delivery with different clothes. Both of these can easily be called as a better version of Unicorn. Mileage is slightly lower at around 50kmpl.

Suzuki GS150R: It is a fantastic mix of power and mileage with a considerably better load carrying capacity due to a better and well sorted torque and power curve which has power at all rpms. Expect a mileage of 55kmpl from the bike under normal city driving. The added sixth gear acts as an overdrive. It comes loaded with one of the best looking digital consoles in the country as well which the above mentioned Hondas lack.

Bajaj Pulsar 150: India’s best selling higher capacity bike for the past many years. Has almost everything to offer at absolutely the right price. Comes loaded with typical Bajaj goodies and gizmos along with a hooligan engine with the power well spread throughout the band. Expect mileage in the range of 50-55 kmpl.

Yamaha FZ: The best looking bike in the segment loaded with some “firsts” for the country. Revolutionized the way how bikes were perceived and has loads and loads of road presence along with a superb mill which is agile as well as lively. Higher price and lower mileage are the downsides, though. (Mileage – 40-45 kmpl)

Santoosh, since mileage is a bigger issue, we would recommend the Pulsar 150 for you since it is a little more frugal than the CBZ (though you might not get 55+ in real city conditions). Expect the bike to return something in the region of 50-55 kmpl.

Yusuf, all of the bikes mentioned by you are fantastic in their own regards. Since fuel efficiency is a major concern for you we would recommend you the Suzuki GS150R. And since all these engines are proven ones low maintenance is expected out of all of them. It also depends upon how you maintain and service your bike.

Hrushikesh, if you can go for a higher priced bike and do with a lower mileage and want to look different from the crowd, the Yamaha is just for you. And if mileage is a bigger concern, than you can choose between Pulsar 150 and Suzuki GS150 depending upon your taste and availability of service centers.

Ranjeet, we would recommend you to choose between Hunk and CBZ Extreme depending upon the bike you like more in looks as internally, both are almost similar.

Abhishek, even we are a little tired of waiting for a revamped Unicorn now. However, we do expect HMSI to launch an upgraded version of Unicorn but no idea about any specific time frame. Best bike depends upon what you perceive is better and your priorities. For some the most fuel efficient bike is “the best” and for some others, the best performer. So enlist your priorities and preferences.

Vikas, Pulsar scores in the fuel efficiency department whereas the CBZ scores in the engine department.

Rupesh, you can always go for the CBZ Extreme or Hunk if your dad is hard bent on not going for a Bajaj.

13) A) Hi, I am planning to buy a Fazer, Please suggest me how is its performance on the road, should I go for it or there is any other bike I can go for,
please give me a good suggestion. — ELIAS
B) I am deciding to purchase a bike but a bit confused between two options yamaha fazer and pulsar 220 dtsi…? Please help me out. –ABHAY THAPA

BikeAdvice: Hi Elias & Abhay,

We do not find a single practical reason of preferring the underpowered Fazer if you have got the Pulsar 220 DTSi as an option. In almost all the ‘practically worth considering’ factors, the Pulsar 220 DTSi scores over the expensive Fazer, though looks of the Fazer can be called as more catchy than the Pulsar. Unless, looks is the ONLY criteria you are looking at, Pulsar 220 DTSi should be your stead. And now since Bajaj has launched a sports version ‘S’ at cheaper rates, you can also consider that.

Elias, according to us, Fazer is an overpriced and underpowered bike. Unless looks is what you ONLY looking at, Fazer might not be a good buy. It is essentially the same FZ with a half fairing. It feels more underpowered owing to the same fact. Although, Yamaha is promoting it as a tourer but it doesn’t have anything over the existing bikes in the same price bracket. If a Yamaha is what you are looking at, than probably an FZ would make more sense. Else you always have the options of Karizma R and Pulsar 220 DTSi in the similar price range.

Answers by Saad Khan