Bajaj Pulsar RS200 Spotted in White!

You may be a fan or a hater, but you do have to give it to them this – the Pulsar RS200 does make heads turn! Despite the fact that a few quality issues have cropped up, RS200 is a hot pick these days. Buyers, however, were put off with only a choice of two color options – Red and Yellow. A few days back Bajaj included the best-yet Demon Black paint scheme, the third option in the palette and maximum sparkling new, unregistered Pulsar RS200s you see on the streets, more often turn out to be this color.

Well, just when we thought things look settled, we have stumbled upon a new YouTube video which features a brand new Pulsar RS200 in white color scheme! Spotted at a dealership in Mumbai (going by the temporary registration  number), we are not sure if this is a standard offering from Bajaj and we have come across a few dealers offering custom colors charging about Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 extra.

The RS200 in white sports a Race Sport logo on the fairing just like the one seen in the existing colors. It is also devoid of all the sticker overkill which sometimes become an eyesore and we have the well-design combination of black to go along with.

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Pulsar RS200 White Color

Even if it may not be a company offering, this gives us an idea of how good a pure white flabby Pulsar RS200 can look. Bajaj, any plans?