Pulsar RS200 Alloy Wheel Issue – Bajaj Responds: Mohsin Deactivates Facebook Profile

The issue of Bajaj Pulsar RS 200’s alloy wheel shattering¬†and separating from the motorcycle has brought a shroud of fear in the hearts of many motorcycle riders. Bajaj Auto, has over the years transformed itself from a small time scooter maker in a third world country to one of the most profitable motorcycle maker of the world.

As we mentioned a few days back, Mohsin Patel (the injured) was travelling on his 700 kms new Pulsar RS200 and while doing speeds of around 80 kmph he had to brake hard because of some sudden movement of a truck in front. As per Mohsin, during this hard braking, the alloy wheel broke off and got separated from the bike. The rider and his wife, who was sitting pillion, sustained injuries, and is he is consistently sticking to the point that there was no frontal impact.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 broken alloy wheel 1

With so much of media attention Bajaj Auto has paid heed to the incidence and have started an inquiry into the matter. In an official word released yesterday, Bajaj said that in their initial findings, it has been understood that alloy wheel breakage in this accident is only possible if it has gone through a massive external SIDE impact!

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 broken alloy wheel 7

Bajaj also says that the company has sent a team to investigate into the matter and add that on the Pulsar RS200 they use ‘P’ rated tyres which means they are safe till 150 kmph. However, they claim that they have tested the tyre-wheel combination extensively beyond this limit as well. It may be noted that Pulsar RS200’s claimed top speed is 141 kmph.

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 broken alloy wheel 5

On the other hand, we tried to contact Mohsin Patel, had a word with him yesterday but he remains unavailable today. For some reason, he has deactivated his Facebook profile. We managed to speak to his family members over the phone, who added that Mohsin is admitted in the hospital and has undergone a surgery of his shoulder. His wife is also not in danger but has a knee injury.

We are keeping a close eye on this and will keep you updated as and when things progress. Meanwhile, here is what Bajaj had to say…Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 crash official statement