Pulsar NS400 – Three Reasons Why Bajaj Did NOT Use the Bigger 398cc Engine

Pulsar NS400 engine – why not the bigger 398cc mill from the 390 Duke that Bajaj has at its disposal? Here is the answer..

Well, what could be termed as possibly one of the biggest launch of the year is the Pulsar NS400 – which becomes the biggest Pulsar in Bajaj’s motorcycle line-up.

Social media is abuzz with a lot of questions on the motorcycle and a prominent one among them is – Why Bajaj did not use the bigger 398cc Engine for its NS400? Well, if you also had this question here is the quick answer in the following video…

In case chose to ignore the video, here are all the three reasons…

  • Tried & Tested Platform – The 373cc engine has been Bajaj-ified and has lived on this frame for almost 7-8 years – on the Dominar 400. Which means all (or most of) the issues, niggles have been sorted – which clears that Bajaj had an already tried and tested platform – ready for use.
  • Cost – The newer, bigger 398cc engine is definitely better (apart from being more powerful), however, it’s costly. And since Pulsars will always be offered as affordable performers, it did not make the cut.
  • Time – In simple terms using an existing already-cooked platform saved Bajaj a lot of time and hassles – apart from the additional cost. This would have been very important for the Pune based maker since it wanted the motorcycle to be offered at an exceptional price tag.

Bajaj Working on an Updated Dominar 400

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