New Pulsar 200SS Sneaked in Black/Golden Shade

Bajaj currently offers the Pulsar 200NS in three dual tone colors and an all-black theme. Needless to say that the all-black theme is and has been the best offering on motorcycles…!


The display units of the upcoming sportier fully-faired Pulsar 200SS has been snapped so far only in dual-tone colors like red-white, yellow-white and blue-white and amidst all this hullabaloo of the new Pulsar 200 Adventure Sports, we also get a sneaking glimpse of a new Black color on the Super Sport which gets some brushes of golden streaks on the body.

This reminds us of the Limited Edition R15 which was launched sometime back and carried the same combination but had a lot more of that golden tinge.

This may also mean that an all-black color may NOT be on offer on the Pulsar 200SS. It must be remembered that these pics are snapped at Bajaj’s Chakan test track in India and it appears that this showcase event only included Indonesian media and no one from India was called, for reasons best known to Bajaj!

We just urge Bajaj to launch the new Pulsars now, it has been too much of a time waiting for them now…