Pulsar 200AS: New Pics & Details; List of 5 Differences With Pulsar 200NS

A recent spurt of pics of Pulsar 200AS (along with some other upcoming motorcycles), caused quite a furore and surprised everyone because nobody saw it coming and Bajaj never hinted about it in the past!

Bajaj-Pulsar-200AS-Pics-Blue (1)

Few more pics of the new very interesting Pulsar 200AS has cropped up via unofficial Pulsar 200AS Facebook page, which reveals a few more details about the bike. 

Pulsar 200AS: Changes Against Pulsar 200NS

First up let us list the changes compared to Pulsar 200NS.

  • New Half-Fairing: This is the single biggest change on the motorcycle. If you are unaware, despite being older in almost every aspect, Pulsar 220 (with a semi-fairing) outsells new-gen Pulsar 200NS, month on month! Discover 150F, which is just another Discover is selling pretty well. So, now you understand how a fairing can add to a bike’s selling quotient in India? And Bajaj has done a pretty good job of adding that half-fairing and it gels well with the overall body of the motorcycle. Hero, are you taking note…?

Bajaj-Pulsar-200AS-Pics-Blue (4)

  • Projector Headlamp: Yes, projector headlamps are back on the Pulsar! One big downer for all Pulsar 200NS fans was that it gets conventional bulbs but the new Pulsar 200AS (and upcoming Pulsar 200SS) do come with them.
  • Possible High Suspension Travel: Though we are not sure about this at this point, but the front suspension appears to be slightly higher with more travel. We hope this goes true, justifying the Adventure tag of the new Pulsar.

Bajaj-Pulsar-200AS-Pics-Blue (2)

  • Different Registration Plate Holder & No Hugger: Look at the back of the motorcycle! It doesn’t carry the more contemporary registration plate holder of the 200NS, instead borrows the traditional rear from other Pulsars. Also notice the absence of rear tyre hugger.


  • No ABS & No FI: There is no ABS ring and we can clearly see the fuel knob which confirms that this motorcycle comes without ABS and is carbureted.
  • No Speedlines: This Pulsar 200AS comes with the older design of Pulsar 200NS which was offered in single colors. It doesn’t get the flashy ‘Speedlines’ treatment, which we like….  🙂


Interestingly, against our belief that Bajaj has taken the Pulsar 200AS (and other motorcycles) to Indonesia, these appear to be taken at Bajaj’s test track at Chakan. But why only Indonesian media…? What is cooking..?

We await to get a few answers from Bajaj, meanwhile do share – Will you prefer the new Pulsar 200AS over the new Karizma R…?

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