Bajaj Hints at Pulsar 400SS’ Launch Yet Again; Is it Really Coming By June?

Bajaj has been consistently hinting at Pulsar 400SS’ launch within a few months from now. Rajiv Bajaj has twice mentioned that they will be launching the Pulsar ‘which they have already shown‘. As we have talked about earlier, Bajaj has NOT showcased the Pulsar 200SS in India officially and they have only kept on display the Pulsar 400SS at the 2014 Auto Expo.


And in another report at Economic Times, Ravikumar, President Bajaj Auto has said that “we also will launch a 400 cc bike under our flagship Pulsar brand“.

Till now we have been considering that Rajiv Bajaj meant Pulsar 200SS, however, this is the third time company’s top honchos have been quoted talking about the Pulsar 400SS’ launch. So, is Pulsar 400SS really coming soon, along with Pulsar 200SS..?

Bajaj-Pulsar-400SS-Pics (20)

According to RaviKumar, Bajaj will launch 6 new bikes within the coming 6 months including the Pulsar 400SS, which means if we go by his statement, it (400SS) should be launched by or before June 2015. After this update, we have started to believe that launch of Bajaj’s delayed Pulsar 200SS will be followed shortly by its elder sibling 400SS, probably within a couple of months.


This is certainly a cheering news for all of you who are waiting for the Pulsar 400SS’ launch after the RC390. The bigger challenge for Bajaj will be to keep a proper differentiation with the KTM’s RC twins to prevent any sort of cannibalization.

The Pulsar 400SS will carry the same 373.2 cc engine from Duke and RC390 and is expected to produce about 40PS or slightly lesser power output, which would still make it a terrific pocket monster! Prices are expected to be real competitive and way below the RC390!

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