User Review Pulsar 200NS: Rahul’s 153kmph ‘Kronos’ is 50kmpl Efficient; Shares Pros & Cons

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Hi, Im Rahul Ravindranathan, a BSC.IT graduate from Vasai, Mumbai, here with a detailed review of my Bajaj Pulsar 200NS named Kronos. So, sit back, relax or grab a popcorn maybe!

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Before the NS was launched, I was in love the Pulsar 220. But then, news started flowing in about the new Pulsar about to be launched. Then on 30th Jan 2012, pictures started flowing in of the new Pulsar 200NS! And I was like, mind=blown! It looked awesome, never ever thought the next generation Pulsar will look like this, thanks to Edgar Heinrich, who designed the bike and is currently the designer for BMW Motorrad.

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And when I saw the bike for the first time on the computer screen, I almost drooled looking at it. That time I decided, whatever it may be, my next bike will be this one!

When the specifications came into view, I was surprised to see a 23.5bhp from a 200cc mill, thanks to KTM for its inspiration. Triple spark, mono suspensions etc, all these figures made me want this bike more and more. Was just hoping that Bajaj will launch it at an attractive price.

Then in June, the prices came out. Whoppeee, it was just under a lakh!! Bajaj guys know exactly how to attract customers with its pricing! The decision was made, Bajaj Pulsar 200NS will be next bike.


Previous Ride:

I used to ride a Bajaj Discover 125 DTSi which I bought from my friend. I was always a performance junkie, so this bike never fulfilled it. It was basically used for short travelling purposes. But never left an opportunity to go on for long ride on the Discover, sans the small engine. I rode it for nearly 15000kms in 2 years but never really satisfied the urge for power and speed. I was waiting, when ill get to upgrade myself.


Then one fine day, my dad decided to buy me a new bike, as he felt Discover had served me enough. He knew I wasn’t gonna budge from the Pulsar and he did know it costs nearly a lakh at Rs.96,044. So, I was in a 50:50 whether im gonna get to fulfill my dream of owning the NS. Then on 5th August 2013, me and my dad and my friend went to the nearest Bajaj dealer and the Discover was sold off, and voila, the yellow beast had been booked and it was mine!! Yaaaay!

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Then came the excruciating wait! Since it was a Sunday and half the payment was made in cheque, they said I will have to wait until the cheque is cleared. The wait of 24 hrs was so painful, I dint even sleep that night. Then on 6th August 2013, they called me up and said the bike was ready. I was literally trembling with happiness!

Still couldn’t ride the bike since had to wait for the registration. That was another 10 days till I got to ride my bike properly. I had named him ‘Kronos : Father of Zeus’. The run-in took me just 15 days and I couldn’t wait anymore. I wanted to unleash all the 23 horses out! Being a member of BURN (Bassein Urban Riders Network), I was waiting for my official ride with Kronos.

Then on 6th October 2013, we went to Vapi, a 300km round trip. It was then, the true power came into view. Redlining in Sixth gear at around 10.2k rpm, I was doing 153kph (speedo Indicated). I was so happy, because it was the fastest I’ve ever been.
4 months and 4000kms later, it’s still running smooth as silk. Still the second service is pending, due at 5k kms. But the NS never disappointed me. Unlike the 220, this has a linear power delivery, and all the fun is after the 6k rpm! Upgrading from Discover to 200NS was huge in all aspects. All my dreams were fulfilled. I was rapt!

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Completed my 4 months this December, four months of total happiness, fun and craziness. The exhaust note is similar to an inline four at around 5-6k rpm, which is a symphony for ears! Handling is way better than the 220 and be pushed into corners with total confidence. The 23.5bhp, 4 valve, Triple Spark Engine is the best from Bajaj till now.


  • Best part is the handling, can cut corners with ease
  • Amazing fuel economy. If ridden smooth, you get an average fuel efficiency of 50kmpl and still, after harsh riding, the minimum I’ve achieved is 36kmpl, which is still pretty good.
  • Comfortable for long rides. No backaches!
  • Looks are killer. Ya, some people wont like it, but for me, it’s a killer!
  • Performance! 0-60 in 3.6s and 0-100 in 9.8s. Well, that’s FAST!!
  • The radiator provides ample cooling, first in a Bajaj bike!

Pulsar-200NS-Pic-Review (4)Disadvantages (if I really have to say):

  • • Well, the bike is pretty tall, the saddle height that is. Me being 5’10”, still my foot wont touch the ground completely.
  • • The stock horn is weak.
  • • Me weighing on the lighter side, I fell the rear mono suspension a tad too hard.
  • • Eurogrip tyres are not that bad, but still, Bajaj could have opted for MRF or any other.

In the End….

Me and Kronos are one. Finding me without the bike is a rare case. Owning my dream ride is a totally different context. You cant explain how happy and crazy you become.

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Thank you everyone for patiently reading till the end.

Always ride safe, wear a helmet. Happy Riding, Godspeed!
Rahul Ravindranathan

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