Pulsar 200NS Coming to a Dealer Near you Soon

It has become a kind of a trend with each Bajaj’s launch; the hype it creates is so powerful that many people get converted then and there. Similar was the case back in 2009 when Bajaj shot up the Pulsar 220 by removing the Fi and reducing 10k from the price of the bike. Servers were running at full potential, pages were filling with speed of light and everything repeated itself when Bajaj unveiled the newest Pulsarism – the Pulsar 200 Naked Sports.

Pulsar 200 NS has been one Bajaj bike which has seen staunch haters turning to admirers for the company and possibly, many of them, actual buyers in the times to come. After the glimpse of what is coming their way, many people have deferred there decisions to buy a bike. The response has been so huge that Pulsar 200NS is expected to hit the market with a huge waiting time (according to Bajaj’s standards).

The wait is not long: Pulsar 200NS should be making its way to the market by the end of March and should be available to the mass market max by April first week. According to our estimates, Pulsar 200NS should be costing 95k inclusive of everything! In Pune, Bajaj’s home turf.

The bigger points of consideration, however, are:

  • How would Bajaj market and segment its Pulsar series
  • Would Pulsar 200 be able to continue Pulsars dominance in the premium segment in the longer run especially with the ever increasing competition?

Pulsar 200 NS seems to have almost everything going right for it till now but there are a couple of things which Bajaj should consider before launching it for the masses.

  1. All the Pulsar 200s till now have been found with Eurogrip tyres. On a premium bike like this, Bajaj should offer better set of tyres – at least the regular MRF Nylogrip Zappers.
  2. Headlight of the bike is a disappointing 35W. Bajaj should get it with 55W similar to Avenger to make it a good night ride as well, if not the projectors!

Saad Khan
Team BikeAdvice