Bajaj to Start Launching New Pulsars from Next Month: Rajiv Bajaj

Bajaj Auto has a long list of motorcycles waiting to be launched in the Indian market. Months have come and gone but new Pulsars have remained elusive. The word is that these long awaited Pulsars will start hitting the Indian roads right from next month.


As per an interview with CNBC-TV18, Bajaj’s MD Rajiv Bajaj reveals that the company will be launching the first new product focused towards the ‘sport’ segment in March and the onslaught will continue till June this year.

Upcoming Bajaj’s Motorcycles

Now let us list what all ‘Sports’ products are awaited.

  1. Pulsar 200SS
  2. Pulsar 200AS
  3. Pulsar 150NS
  4. New Avenger

Bajaj will have to squeeze these 3-4 motorcycles within the coming 4 months, if we go by Rajiv Bajaj’s word. They may start with Pulsar 150NS which is the next-gen Pulsar and will sit over the regular Pulsar 150 on sale currently.

New-Bajaj-Pulsar-180-NS (3)

Then they have two variants of Pulsar 200 – the Pulsar 200SS and 200AS. The Pulsar 200SS is expected to be launched first followed by the Adventure Sports version. The 200SS is expected to get a slight little boost in power along with the possible introduction of fuel injection and an optional ABS. The 200AS may continue with the same mill and tune of the 200NS.

Bajaj-Pulsar-200SS-ABS-Red-Pic-Indonesia (6)

The surprise revelation by Rajiv Bajaj was the new Avenger which, he says, may also be launched by or before June this year. (More Details)

And the onslaught doesn’t end here, Bajaj also has the 400SS as well as the 400CS in pipeline. There are tiny little chances of the company introducing the 400SS as well but what we are sure is that the 400 cruiser sports is NOT launching anytime very soon.

Bajaj-Pulsar-200AS-Pics-Blue (2)

Let’s hope Bajaj finally keeps its word this time and launches as many models from this list… We will not mind any new Pulsar 200AS like surprises as well 😉